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Personal Trainer AppsHave the power of technology at your fingertips and transform the way you work out in 2019! 

The benefits of having a personal trainer are enormous. But what do you do when you don’t have access to one? Can you get the same results from mobile apps? Will they take the place of a skilled professional by helping you achieve your fitness goals? 

Depending on the length and difficulty level of your goals, you could very well get the instruction you need from an app. So, how do you know which ones provide the best results and the ones to steer clear of? It’s always recommended to try the free or lite version of a paid app before sinking money into it so you know if it’s worth the financial investment. 

Here are 10 ridiculously awesome apps that are like having a personal trainer: 

  1. Find What Feels Good: Yoga with Adriene. If you’re a fan of her YouTube workout videos, you’ll love what her app offers. Find What Feels Good: Yoga with Adriene offers guided instruction and videos specifically created to address a variety of physical and mental health issues. If you’re feeling extra anxious or want a boost of natural energy, you’ll find videos within the app that specifically help with those things. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. The app itself is free to download but you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee to continue using it after the trial period is up. 
  1. MyFitnessPal. Monitoring your progress as you continue with your fitness journey is essential. The MyFitnessPal app for iOS and Android allows you to record calories consumed and burned as well as the type of physical activities you’ve engaged in. It’s a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals and have a visual record of your achievements. The app is free to download and use. An ad-free Premium version is available for an additional cost. 
  1. Nike Training App. Over 100 workouts created by Nike trainers and athletes are at your disposal with this popular iPhone and Android app. You can customize your experience by choosing options that align with your goals. You also have access to tons of expert tips which makes your journey even more incredible. It feels like you have access to the best trainers in the world because you essentially do. Every type of activity you engage in can be recorded in the app. It’s also compatible with your Apple Watch so you can focus more on your workout and less on your phone. 
  1. 7 Minute Workout. Great for the days where you don’t have extra time to exercise, this app provides you with high-intensity workouts that you customize to meet your body’s needs. It’s available for iOS and Android users. You can switch things up to keep them interesting and break a sweat in a short amount of time with a truly effective training program accessible from your phone. 
  1. 8Fit. If diet and exercise remain a challenge for you, you’ll find this app extremely valuable. In addition to providing you with customized workouts, it also gives you access to over 900 recipes. You can make the experience personal which is one of the things that makes this app remain as popular as it has been in the past with iOS and Android phone owners. 
  1. Keelo. HIIT enthusiasts love this app which maximizes every minute of a workout with high intensity interval training. In less than 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, you can get the results that you desire. There is a 14-day free trial for iPhone and Android users. Test it out and see if you feel the burn that you ordinarily get from your HIIT workout routine. 
  1. Runtastic. Keep track of the runs, rides, and other forms of exercise you engage in with this wildly popular app. Monitor your progress and step up your game whenever you see yourself slipping. Real change is attainable when you keep a close eye on the achievements that you’re making. Runtastic works on Apple and Android devices. The brand offers a number of different apps to choose from. Many are compatible with your fitness tracker, too, making them doubly effective. 
  1. Sworkit. The beauty of this app is that you get to customize the type of workout you want to engage in and the amount of time that you spend doing it. The Sworkit app is available for iOS and Android phones. It offers suggestions for every type of athlete from novice to advanced, too. The level of difficulty is determined by you. 
  1. Strava. A GPS running and cycling app, Strava allows you to monitor your progress, join challenges, and improve your physique with little effort. It’s available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It offers you a community that you can join and share pictures to as well for extra motivation. If you like the idea of exercising with a group or love a good self-directed challenge, you’ll find this app very beneficial. 
  1. Fitness Buddy. With over 300 workouts to choose from, this one app can keep you very busy. If you’re primarily interested in strength training, you’ll find the animated exercises very helpful. You can track sets and monitor your progress without any real effort. It’s far more accurate than pen and paper. This app can be used by iPhone and Android users. 

Most of the apps listed here are low cost or offer a free trial. Before committing to any one fitness program, try it out on several occasions to see if you like it. That way, you’re not spending any more money than is needed to find the right fitness app to utilize on a regular basis. 

Train better than you have in the past. You don’t need to access your gym’s most expensive personal trainer to see results. Simply downloading one or more of the apps listed here gives you a foundation that promotes change. See for yourself just how effective of a tool your smartphone or tablet can be while working out. You may be surprised at the results you receive from the applications you’ve chosen to use.