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  5. 10 Things Preventing You from Succeeding at Losing Weight

You know how amazing it feels when you first feel motivated to do something new. Change seems possible and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. Your weight loss journey may be one paved with difficulty that you weren’t first aware of. It may take you longer than you imagined to achieve your preferred level of physical fitness. With that in mind, pacing yourself is key.

If you go full throttle at the start, you may eventually run out of steam and lose interest in becoming fitter and healthier. You may even be faced with obstacles that prevent you from losing weight easily. Whatever the case may be, you must remember that they call it a journey for a reason.

You’re in no race and certainly don’t want to be the reason why you can’t lose the last few stubborn pounds you wanted to shed. Self-sabotage happens to many people who want to achieve great things. It’s easier to make excuses than it is to do the work. Physical fitness is one area of your life that you can’t slack off and still expect to see results.

That’s why it’s important to recognize the things that may currently be getting in the way between you and your ideal self. The following ten things prevent you from succeeding at losing weight.

Problem #1: Not knowing the magnitude of the commitment you’re making.

Some people view physical fitness as something you do until you reach your goals. Then, you’re able to be laxer in your approach because you’ve finally lost a considerable amount of weight. That isn’t the case at all! In fact, you’ll be working just as hard as you initially did to maintain your current weight. Physical fitness is a lifestyle and wellness as much a state of mind as it is something you can measure through a series of tests. Both are assets that you can carry with you for the remainder of your life.

Problem #2: Failing to set enough time in the day to work on your goals.

You mustn’t be so busy that you don’t care for yourself. Your needs matter. If you don’t take good care of your health and body, you’ll pay for it later on in life. Sure, work matters. It’s a means to an end. It should not, however, be why your health deteriorates. Think of working out as a sort of non-contractual health insurance policy. It helps you deal with stress productively, stay fit and trim, and prevent deadly disease.

Problem #3: Joining a gym that is a far distance from your home or workplace.

When your motivation is lacking, the last thing you want to do is drive half-way across town to go the gym. Find a location close to where you live or work. Then stop by it first thing in the morning before you do anything else. There will be no excuse to not work out that way. It’s also a great start of your day because it allows you to put your needs first not last.

Problem #4: Viewing exercise as a chore or a bore.

It’s neither! If it is, you’re not enjoying yourself and won’t stick to a routine. The important thing to remember about exercising is that no one is forcing you to do it. If you choose activities that are physically challenging and fun, you’ll look forward to working out. Switch things up to keep them interesting. If one activity doesn’t excite you anymore, try something new.

Problem #5: Thinking you can eat anything because you’re working out.

Sure, you’re burning extra calories but if you consume more calories, you’re cancelling out the progress you’ve just made. The idea is to burn more calories than you eat. If you find that you’re more hungry than usual, learn the nutrient and caloric value of certain foods and consume more nutrient-dense, low-calorie options regularly. Also, drink plenty of water because you may be mistaking hunger pains for thirst.

Problem #6: Insisting you don’t need a personal trainer when you do.

If you’ve never worked out consistently and aren’t sure how to start, hiring a professional helps you achieve your goals faster. Sure, it costs money but it’s well worth the expense to do things right. A personal trainer is a fantastic asset to have access to. Don’t skimp out on the cost of hiring a professional. It could mean the difference between permanent and temporary weight loss.

Problem #7: Skipping your workouts because you’re on vacation or it’s the holidays.

Even if you’re not at your home gym for the week, you can easily find ways to work out wherever you’re visiting. There are recreational and fitness centers all over the globe. You can also take advantage of free classes or exercise programs that are donation-based. Walking wherever you go is also an easy way to ensure that you’re burning calories the way you should. Put on your fitness tracker and trainers before exploring the city you’re visiting.

Problem #8: Not sharing your goals with someone you trust.

An accountability buddy when trying to lose weight is essential. They’re someone who supports you throughout your journey. They make it a point to keep in touch and ask you how you’re progressing with your goals. This person serves as a mentor and cheerleader which is exactly what you need to stay motivated. Recruit a close friend, family member or co-worker to be your fitness buddy today.

Problem #9: Taking an all or nothing approach to weight loss.