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4 Dishes to Prepare on Meal Prep Sunday

Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Jeff

Plan a Delicious and Nutritious Week, Today!

“Meal prep Sunday” has become an increasingly popular trend thanks in large part to the time and money savings it offers. However, as anyone who has ever broken their diet out of cravings or convenience knows, planning your meals ahead of time can also have some sizable health benefits, too.

The problem, of course, is what to make! There are tons of options out there, but finding the holy grail (i.e. a meal that tastes great, is cost-efficient to prepare, and that is capable of lasting several days without becoming stale or throwing off a funky odor) is a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of four great meals you should consider making next time you do meal prep Sunday.

Easy Omelettes

Step one, break some eggs into a Tupperware, add seasoning, and beat well. Step two, chop the omelet meats and veggies of your choice, fry lightly, and then store in a separate Tupperware. Step three, make fresh, delicious, fully-loaded omelets in a matter of minutes using the ready-made ingredients in the two Tupperware.

Guiso De Lentejas

Stews, like fine wines, can actually get better with age – and this classic Argentinian dish is actually a wonderful candidate to pair with a red wine, especially a Mendoza Malbec. Begin by frying small cuts of beef with diced onion, garlic, and green pepper. Once the meat is thoroughly cooked, dump the skillet into a pot of boiling beef broth, along with lentils and large chunks of potato and carrot. This soup can last for at least a week and pairs well with rice, bread, and other starchy treats.

Veggie-Fried Rice

Fried rice makes a fantastic candidate for a meal prep food because chefs actually prefer to use day-old rice for frying. (This is because the loss of moisture that occurs when rice is left out helps the grains fry individually, rather than becoming a mush.) In addition to preparing your rice, simply chop any veggies you want to use and store them in a separate Tupperware. (We recommend water chestnuts, snap peas, and tiny corn, but to each their own.)

Spaghetti with Italian-Style Meatball Sauce

Cooking the meatballs in the sauce is the way to go for this delicious dinner! Tomatoes, garlic, and finely diced onions are the only real “musts” for a good Italian style sauce, as long as you add plenty of oregano. (Mushrooms, green pepper, and zucchini certainly don’t hurt, though.) Meatballs are fairly easy to roll from ground beef – just make sure they are left in the sauce for at least 40 minutes in order to cook thoroughly. Cooking your noodles to 80% completion can help you save even more time if you’re looking to leave your food as close to ready as possible. 

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