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Apex Home Gym

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Jeff

The Apex Home Gym has an excellent reputation for delivering on its promises.

Just a few minutes a day will give you a total body workout. This gym has numerous exercises to choose from. It offers low-impact cardio workout routines to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

You’ll have everything you need from a professional gym in the safety and convenience of your own personal home gym.

This versatile gym is suitable for toning and strengthening your upper and lower body. If you don’t want to build muscle, but want a leaner appearance, the apex gym has you covered.

It also assists with body sculpting and weight loss. It boosts your energy levels and contributes to the overall well-being of your health. You’ll be able to maintain a balanced exercise regimen.

Let’s have a look at the Total Gym Apex G5 Home Fitness and see why it’s the most ideal home gym for you.

Total Gym Apex G5 Home Fitness (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

Apex Home Gym

The Total Gym Apex G5 Home Fitness machine is one of the best exercise equipment on the market. It is extremely cost-effective and allows you to have an effective workout in the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking to burn calories, improve your flexibility or build your muscles, this gym has got you covered. It will help you accomplish this and more.

Your core and major muscle groups are constantly kept engaged. The inclined gliding board and your bodyweight will add to the resistance you’ll feel during exercises.

When stabilizing yourself on the moving gliding board, you’ll be working your muscle groups, especially your core area. The smart design of the gym ensures that you’re constantly burning calories and losing fat.

The workouts are quick and easy. Faster workouts have been scientifically proven to have a greater impact on losing weight than long drawn-out exercise.

A mere 10-20-minute workout, 3-5 times a week will help you reshape your body.

It has ten adjustable resistance levels for your convenience.

It also has all the exercises you need in one gym equipment. The equipment glides smoothly and comfortably. It enables fluidity in movement and effortlessly transitions from one exercise to another.

If you like the sound of smooth operators, the Keys fitness gym is an ultra-smooth and slick moving exercise machine. It is one of the best multi-best gyms on the market.

The Yukon home gym is another great multi-station gym. This gym is extra strong and sturdy. If you’re keen on group exercising, this home gym can have up to four people exercising at the same time.

Whether you’re looking to stay lean and fit, lose weight, build muscle, tone or just reach your ideal body weight, you’ll be able to with the apex home gym.  

This is a great buy for those looking for low-impact home exercises. This machine allows you to start out slow and steadily and work your way up to the level most suitable for you.

The Bio Flex home gym is a great alternative exercise gym for those looking for safer and less strenuous gym equipment.

It’s designed so that you can change between exercises and resistance without having to get off your seat. This is perfect for those concerned about placing any extra pressure and strain on your joints.

The machine tones your body while increasing your fitness level and building your muscles. It gives a total body workout.

The Stamina Power Tower home gym is an all-in-one home gym that provides great exercise equipment to develop toned and sculpted muscles. This is a good gym to consider as it also provides bodyweight training.

This is convenient if your focus is weight training and toning. It would be a great addition to your home gym setup.

With more than 80 exercises it’s like having an entire gym full of exercise equipment in just one machine. If you like variety, check out the Bioforce home gym, which offers over 100 different exercises.

This innovative gym is equipped with an ergonomically designed glide board with a padded headdress. The frame is made of steel and is sturdy. It has auto-lock height adjustments.

apex home gym

The gym comes with an instruction manual that provides creative and challenging ways to use the machine. This gym allows you to customize the workout that works for you.

The machine comes with useful accessories, like The Total Gym TV, which provides 24/7 access to streaming workouts from any device.

The training card deck comes with a holder, it showcases over 80 workouts and 30 workout programs. It is mounted to the gym for your convenience.

The multi-purpose design of the home gym enables an unmatched strength-cardio-stretching infused, complete-body workout for anyone between the ages of 8- 80, regardless of gender, or fitness level.

You’re able to choose between a full-body workout or a specific upper or lower body targeted workout.

Without a doubt, the Apex home gym will take your exercise routine to the next level. It has everything needed for a successful fitness journey. This budget-friendly all-in-one fitness gym won’t disappoint.

The gym arrives assembled and ready to use. It can easily be folded and stored away. If you’re looking for easier storage, consider the Bodyboss home gym 20.

When folded it is small enough to store beneath your bed. It also has the added benefit, like the Apex Home Gym of accommodating age and fitness level.

Another home gym machine that accommodates smaller spaces is the Impex powerhouse fitness home gym. It is designed with a weight stacking rail to save storage space.

You’ll be able to easily stack your weight plates when you’re not exercising, solving the problem of taking up extra space.  

The apex gym weighs a total of 87 kilograms. The manufacturer warranty is 1 year.


  • 10 resistance levels
  • Maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs
  • Low-impact cardio workouts
  • Over 80 different exercise options
  • Suitable for anyone between the ages of 8-80, regardless of gender or fitness level


  • This exercise gym is not equipped with wheels. This might make storing the gym away slightly tedious
  • If you have a limited amount of space, this gym might not be suitable for you. You’ll need at least 10ft available in length to comfortably place the gym

Detailed Analysis

apex home gym machines


When in use the home gym is 93 inches long, 43.25 inches tall, and 15.5 inches wide.

When you’re ready to place your gym in storage, the folded length is 50.5 inches and the folded height is 8 inches.

This Apex home gym is slightly long. For a more safe-saving exercise machine option, the perfect home trainer and Impex competitor home gym are great alternatives.

Both are easy to store, and when in use do not take up too much space. Ideal if you have a limited amount of exercise room.


The Total Gym Apex G5 Home Fitness machine comes with a variety of useful accessories that will help enhance your fitness journey. It has a wing attachment; and an above-average squat stand. It has a leg pull accessory that stretches and strengthens your leg muscles.

Two stability mats are included, as well as an owner’s manual and exercise & nutrition guides to help you along the way.  It also includes an instructional DVD with helpful tips and exercise routines and lastly a Total Gym TV access.


The Total Gym Apex G5 has 10 levels of fitness. A padded rolling glideboard with a pillowed headdress for added comfort.

It includes a cable pulley system with embroidered nylon straps, a versatile wing attachment for both the upper and lower body. As well as dip bars, which target your pectorals (pecs), chest, shoulders, and triceps.

The squat stand works your thighs, glutes, and calves. The larger than usual design of the squat stands to aid in the functionality and add comfort.

It has two mats that add stability to both ends of the gym.


This gym is versatile and easy to switch between exercises for different muscle groups. The resistance levels provide great options. They’re easy to adjust.

This gym is great if you’re living in an apartment or if you just want a silent machine. It is extremely quiet. There is no possibility of disturbing neighbors or flat-mates.

The machine glides smoothly. It is designed for both muscle training and toning. It delivers as well as provides a low-impact cardio workout.

This compact and effective home gym has provided people with great results for over 40 years.

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