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Does the Stationary Bike Burn Belly Fat?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Jeff

Does Stationary Bike Burn Belly FatHaving a stationary bike at home and using it to exercise is an excellent way to get a full-body workout every day. The thing is, what if somebody wants to target belly fat? Will a stationary bike help with that? We’ll see

Short Answer

The answer is yes. Stationary bikes are definitely capable of burning belly fat as they exercise your entire body in one setting and further help with toning it.

How Do Stationary Bikes Burn Belly Fat? 

Heart Rate 

First of all, as we’ve said before, stationary bikes tend to engage your entire body; your arms, back, core, and, definitely, legs. Hence, you’re getting a high-intensity workout in the comfort of your own home. 

What’s great about this high-intensity workout is the fact that it’s low impact as well. So, you’re not harming your joints in the process. As a result, you can train for an extended period and reach higher levels of resistance and incline.

Consequently, you find that your heart rate is going up, which will increase the number of calories burned per exercise.

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Exercising properly stimulates the release of endorphins in your body, and endorphins help with reducing stress and burning excess fat. Moreover, as stress levels go up, the body starts to increase its fat stores as a protective mechanism. Endorphins will deal with that.

How to Encourage Belly Fat Loss  does cycling burn belly fat

There are some tips and tricks that we’ll talk about which help immensely with boosting the process of losing belly fat. They’re all easy steps that you can follow through with in order to reach your goal fast.


Consistency is crucial when it comes to any type of exercise, not just bicycle exercises. If you’ve had one exercise session, then you forget about it for a week or two; you’ve done and gained nothing.

Subsequently, you need to have your exercise time built into your daily routine. Not every day has to hold an intense workout that goes on for an hour and a half, you can get in 30-40 minutes of cycling, and you’ll be good to go.

The key here is to get on the bike every single day.

Incline Feature  cycling to lose belly fat

This feature isn’t available with all stationary bicycles. Nevertheless, if you do have it, you must make good use of it. When you activate the incline feature, you’re putting more pressure, in a good way, on your body to get through the exercise.

You’re not just cycling; you’re cycling uphill, which will engage your core area even more, and focus on belly fat.

Mixed Exercises

We’ve just mentioned how important it’s that you exercise every day, and we’ve also said that it doesn’t have to be intense exercise every time. 

The thing is, mixing different cycling techniques is incredibly helpful when it comes to shedding belly fat. Hence, you can include a high-intensity workout one day followed by a longer session of cardio followed by a steady-state exercise, and so on. 

This way, your body won’t start to protect its fat stores as it doesn’t really know what is happening just yet.

Diet lose belly fat foods

This point doesn’t have anything to do with the stationary bikes; still, it’s essential to weight loss. In order to get rid of those few extra pounds, specifically the ones centered around your waistline, you’ve got to follow through with a healthier lifestyle. 

We in no way mean that you should starve yourself; but, you must find the right balance in regards to the food items you choose. Integrate more nuts, fruits, vegetables, and all of that good healthy stuff into your day.

If calorie deficit is what works for you, then go for it. Some people prefer the keto diet or Paleo; experiment a little bit and find your own rhythm. The end result is that you must make better choices in regards to what you fuel your body with.

Increase Resistance

With any type of exercise, you must move forward. Consequently, try to up your resistance a little bit every day. If you find that you’re cycling easily without any strain on your legs, core, and glutes, then you’re not doing much.

Hence, you must increase your resistance gradually so that you’re always making an effort on the bicycle without harming yourself.

Aerobic Exercises  aerobic exercise for belly fat

When you start doing the same exercise over and over again every day, you’re bound to get bored. So, the best thing to do is change things up a little bit and switch to another type of exercise that will also target belly fat.

The simplest way to go about that is to include some aerobic exercises into your routine as well. You’ll find tons and tons of different exercises to do online that target the waistline and that entire area.

This will also help strengthen your core, and you’ll find yourself progressing even faster on the bicycle when you include these workouts.

Find the Right Bicycle

Last but certainly not least, look for a bicycle that fits you. The market is chock-full of stationary bikes today; different sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and capacities. 

Consequently, do your research, and find the best stationary exercise bike for yourself and your space. Some excellent models present on the market today include the lemond stationary bikes, the schwinn 130 bike, and the nautilus bike.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a stationary spinning bike will definitely help with the problem of belly fat. Nevertheless, it’s not magic; you’ve got to put in the effort, be consistent, and include healthier choices when it comes to food.

It’ll take some time for you to get used to the idea of exercise; yet, once it becomes a part of your routine, you’ll unquestionably see impressive changes that are bound to spur you on.