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Does the Elliptical Burn Belly Fat?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Jeff

Does the Elliptical Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat is a nuisance for most of us. Whether your belly fat is hiding your long-awaited six-packs or you just can’t zip up your favorite pair of jeans, your midsection fat is the culprit, and the time has come for it to go.

So, can you really get rid of that stubborn stomach fat by using an elliptical machine? We’ll answer this question and explain all you need to know and do for a smooth, flat stomach.

Can You Burn Belly Fat by Using an Elliptical?

Yes and no. If you’re asking if you can lose your belly fat by eating healthy and exercising on the elliptical, then the answer is yes. However, if you’re asking if the elliptical can target and burn off your belly fat, then the answer is no.

Gone are the days when people believed that they can make specific parts of their bodies lose weight by using specific machines or doing certain exercises. Spot reduction has been proven to be a complete hoax, and doing core-centered exercises will result in nothing but some stronger core muscles.

You can only lose your stomach fat once you drop your whole body weight by burning off the excess calories. Your love handles will disappear when their turn comes around, so don’t worry too much if you don’t see progress at first. You can also help your body lose the unwanted fats by adding fat burner supplements in your diet if you want. According to an article from Westword, these supplements boost metabolism, burn stored fat, reduce fat absorption, and suppress appetite which will help you get your desired results in combination with a healthy diet and workout plan.

Thankfully, the elliptical machine can speed your weight-loss journey as it’s an excellent way to burn calories and build muscles. Since it utilizes muscles located all over your body, you end up losing the extra weight because these muscles consume lots of calories as they work.

Benefits of the Elliptical Machine

Easy on the Knees  does the elliptical help burn lower belly fat

One of the best things about the elliptical is that it provides low-impact cardio exercise. Constantly running on a treadmill can seriously damage your knees, especially if you’re on the heavier or older side.

On the other hand, the elliptical doesn’t impact your knee joints as the foot pedals constantly support your feet. Your own weight propels you rather than hinders you when you use an elliptical. Consequently, you spare your knees and ankles from any damage, wear, or tear that could happen to them from continuous impact.

A few ellipticals, like the Sole Elliptical E35, were engineered with pedals that can be turned inwards by 2° to reduce ankle and knee strain by conforming to the body’s natural form. 

Tip: You always want to keep a good posture while on the elliptical. Don’t stand on just your toes or heels. Instead, your whole foot should be touching the pedal as you move, with your chest out and shoulders rolled back.

Full-Body Workout  using elliptical to lose weight

The thing that most people aren’t aware of is that the elliptical doesn’t just work the legs. It also works the arms, back, and core when used correctly.

Some people ignore the handles of the elliptical and move the machine solely with their leg power. However, when you push and pull on the handles, you end up engaging your upper body as well.

The more muscles you use, the stronger you become and the more calories you burn. So, don’t let go of those handles and use them to your advantage.

Stronger, Leaner Bodydoes the elliptical help you lose weight

With an elliptical machine, you can alter the resistance or inclination for a more intense and challenging workout. 

By increasing the incline, the posterior leg muscles are engaged more. And if you adjust the foot pedals to point downwards, you work your quads even harder. Just by going backward, your hamstrings and glutes take the brunt of the workout.  

If you increase the resistance, you exert more energy to move forward, and ultimately, you build strength and endurance as you try to defy the force working against you. So if you feel like you aren’t getting enough of a workout on the elliptical, then crank up the resistance and inclination.

Some ellipticals, like the Sole Elliptical E35, come with up to 30° of incline. In contrast, some like the Schwinn 430 Elliptical and the Schwinn 470 Elliptical, don’t have as high of an incline but come with 20 or more Eddy Current Brake resistance for the user to experience different intensities.

And if you really want to work those legs, you can get the Proform Hybrid Trainer, a cross between an elliptical and a bicycle. This 2-in-1 machine allows you to diversify your workouts without spending too much money.

How to Use the Elliptical For Maximum Benefit 

Keep Your Hand on Those Handles how to use the elliptical to lose weight

Like we previously mentioned, gripping and utilizing the handles will significantly increase the worth of your elliptical workout. In addition, the pushing and pulling action will activate your biceps, triceps, back, chest, and core muscles. And always remember; the more muscles in action, the more fat lost and done by.

Mix It Up does elliptical help lose weight

Don’t just stick to the same routine in the elliptical. You won’t reap any benefits when your body has become used to the exercise. Moreover, you’ll eventually get bored and will come to dread exercising.

That’s why it’s important to vary your exercise routine. You can adopt a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, for a change, for example. This program has been shown to burn loads of fat, especially visceral fat, which is the fat around your organs. 

A HIIT on the elliptical entails you either pedaling faster, raising the resistance, or increasing the inclination for a short period of time, followed by an active recovery phase. That means you’ll still be moving but at a much more comfortable pace as you regain your breath and energy. 

Also, remember to challenge yourself and your body by increasing the workout’s difficulty every two months or so.

Add Strength Training elliptical lose weight

For all the lovers of cardio out there, I’ve got some sad news. Aerobic exercise isn’t and shouldn’t be the only kind of exercise you do. While you can burn quite a good amount of fat on just the elliptical, it’s better to lift some weights and build some bigger muscles for the sake of keeping those few extra pounds off. 

Bigger muscles need to burn lots of calories to function. So, with bigger muscles, you’ll find yourself more easily maintaining your weight and even losing some more.

Final Words

Losing belly fat is never easy, and many people struggle to do just that. The secret is to stick to a healthy diet and workout regimen. On the elliptical or otherwise, no amount of exercise will do you any good if you keep eating junk food and drinking alcohol and soda.

Still, if and when you decide to go on that belly-slimming journey, the elliptical will be a better option than other forms of cardio. It has almost no impact on your joints and will give your whole body a good workout.

So, we advise you to get an elliptical and start toning up that stomach right now. We know you’ll immensely enjoy yourself, and we wish you the best of luck.