Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical Review

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Elliptical Overview:

The Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical is the more affordable option within the Bowflex series of front-drive elliptical trainers, for which there is also the Bowflex BXE216 Elliptical. The BXE216 is designed to provide a durable and smooth ride with a heavy 30-pound flywheel, which is rare to find for this value in the category of at-home ellipticals. The BXE116 also comes with 9 built-in workout programs that allow for customizable programming tailored to countless goals, ensuring you never get bored. Given the quality of the parts, the Bowflex BXE116 is angling to be one of the best offers on the elliptical market for $1,500 or less.

The BXE116 also comes with a generous, bur fixed, stride length of 22”—about 2 inches longer than the standard at-home elliptical. For shorter trainees, this would be an important factor, since the stride may feel uncomfortably long. All in all, the BXE116 Elliptical is a well-rounded, goal-oriented elliptical that is space-conscious, versatile, and durable at an excellent value compared to its competitors on the market for the same price.

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Technical Info:


  • Height: 70”
  • Width: 31”
  • Length: 77”
  • Item weight: 263 lbs
  • Max user weight: 375 lbs


  • Up to 25 resistances at the tip of your fingertips and easily accessible on the console to adjust the intensity of your workout.
  • Power incline up to 10% allows for you to adjust the intensity of your workout easily on the console.
  • 22” generous stride length is longer than most people’s natural gait, allowing for flexibility in the height of the trainee.
  • 30lb effective flywheel system ensures a smooth and low-impact experience.
  • Switch SelectTM Cushioning System allows you to adjust the pedal angles for comfort or additional and target muscle activation.
  • Moving handlebars with multiple grip options allow for total body workouts involving upper-body programs.
  • Each Bowflex model comes equipped with a heart rate chest strap for monitoring to further target your workouts and control the intensity.

Computer Features:

  • 7.5” full-color backlit display screen keeps you work out programs right in front of you in vivid detail.
  • Syncs with Free Results SeriesTM App, making it easier than ever to track and record your goals and progress.
  • Bluetooth compatibility allows for hassle-free, wireless stats sharing and recording.
  • Integrated speaker and sound system allows you to enjoy your music as you work out.
  • 9 pre-programmed workouts created by top-level fitness professionals and targeted to your specific goals.
  • Display readouts and user feedback include:
    • Total calories burned
    • Burn rate (per minute burn rate calculator)
    • Resistance
    • Distance
    • Heart rate
    • Time
    • Speed


  • Frame: 15 years
  • Parts: 5 years
  • Labor: 2 years

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the Bowflex BXE116 may vary, but you can usually get free shipping at – click here to check.

Like most ellipticals, the Bowflex BXE116 comes with a number of parts and wires to put together. Fortunately, it also comes with a step-by-step assembly manual. So, while it’s going to take you a little time to get together, somewhere around four hours, it’s not going to be too difficult.

What We Love About the Bowflex BXE116:

Workout Versatility

In addition to providing a smooth and comfortable workout with little to no impact on the joints, the Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical comes equipped with nine built-in workout programs and a rich user feedback console. These programs are extensive and allow training for multiple different goals, such as heart rate training, fat burn, 5k, intervals, and more. Plus, with the 25 levels of built-in resistance as an option, you pretty much have the ability to get a different workout every time.

Heavy Flywheel

The weight of the flywheel on an elliptical machine determines how smooth the workout experience will be. The Bowflex BXE116 has a 30-pound flywheel to provide a smoother and more durable ride, allowing the equipment to take more abuse than lighter ellipticals in general. This resistance system is far superior to what other brands offer at the same price. Along with the 25 levels of built in resistance, this elliptical is angling to be one of the highest performance ellipticals for under $1,500.

Other Considerations:

Unadjustable Stride

Unfortunately, the long 22” stride on the Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical is not adjustable, making it less ideal for short trainees. The pedal incline could help offset the stride in some cases, but for most short trainees, or for families who will be sharing the equipment, it would be better to get an elliptical with an adjustable stride such as the Bowflex BXE216.

How the Bowflex BXE116 Compares to the Bowflex BXE216

The Bowflex BXT116 is a premium model from the company among their results-series Ellipticals, which includes the more expensive BXT216 model. In comparison, the BXT216 has a heavier flywheel at 35lbs, as opposed to 30lbs for the BXT116, allowing for a slightly more durable construction given the heavier base—ideal for heavier trainees. The BXT116 also has fewer built-in programs and a fixed 22” stride, but all in all, they are very similar, high quality machines that will deliver similar training experiences.

Final Word on the Bowflex BXE116

The Bowflex BXE216 is angling to be one of the highest performing ellipticals within the $1,500 or less category. With a long stride, heavy flywheel, 9 built-in fitness programs, and a large, full-color screen, this elliptical has everything you need to have fantastic workouts without worrying about too much wear and tear over time. For shorter trainees however, the fixed 22” stride may prove to be uncomfortably long. Overall, for the value, this is an exciting offering for trainees who are looking for an effective, low-impact workout on a high-quality machine.

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