NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical Review

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NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical ReviewLet’s get started:

With many settings and customizable preferences, the NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical provides that fast-paced yet personalized workout that you need without having to leave the house. With a money back guarantee and warranty provided, you can invest in this top of the line workhorse of an elliptical trainer with confidence.

NordicTrack loaded the C 12.9 Elliptical with everything needed to get the most effective workout while keeping you coming back for more. It includes a digital display that helps you customize your entire workout, a 0-20 degree adjustable incline and an 18-20” adjustable stride. Of course, this elliptical provides even more for the user like a 7” web enabled touchscreen that allows you to always be in control, workout apps built in, a fan for cooling off and so much more. It’s clear NordicTrack has researched and deeply understands what their customers want and need.

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Technical Info:NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical


  • Height: 64.5″
  • Width: 26″
  • Length: 80.25″
  • Item Weight: 220 pounds
  • Max User Weight: 350 pounds


  • 30 lb. inertia-enhanced flywheel for smoother, more efficient and quieter performance.
  • 24 different digital resistance levels for you to choose from and set.
  • Built in heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart rate during a workout.
  • Front mounted easy to roll transport wheels, so you can bring the elliptical wherever you’d like.
  • Quick touch handle controls, so you can control everything while working out.NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical handles
  • Autobreeze workout fan keeps you cool and calm during every workout, easily turn it on and off from the control center.
  • 0-20 degree power adjustable incline, so you can choose which level you want to workout at.
  • 18-20” power adjustable stride length to keep you moving longer.
  • Computer Features:
  • 10” HD touchscreen for easy access.
  • Bluetooth compatible sound system, just plug in and turn up and go.
  • 35 workout apps help you keep on track, get in shape and play right on the tablet – all of which are designed by personal trainers. You can
  • customize your workouts based on calories, heart rate, intensity and more.
  • iFit® enabled, opening the doors to a whole world of live training sessions with elite trainers, on-demand studio sessions, and much more
  • Wireless heart strap is provided to keep track of your heart rate without the pesky wire that normally comes with it.NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical pedals
  • Display read outs for the large screen include:
    • Calories (Cals & Cal/Hr)
    • Distance
    • Pulse
    • Resistance
    • RPM
    • Stride
    • Time
    • Speed


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 Years
  • Labor: 2 Years

Shipping & Assembly

  • Shipping can vary. NordicTrack may free shipping on the product depending on promotions and time of the year.
  • While the NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical does come with a lot of pieces, the easy-to-follow instructions are going to guide you through the process. It may take a few hours to get it up and running, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Certain stores also offer assembly for an added price, but this not absolutely necessary.

NordicTrack C 12.9 EllipticalWhat We Love About the NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical

Apps and Connectivity

The NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical provides you with over 35 different apps that you can enhance your workouts. Each of them can be customized to your specific workout goals. The iFit® compatibility also works to provide the highest quality workout tracker. You can customize your entire workout routine with the connectivity that this series of NordicTrack Ellipticals. The ability to change up workouts every day is really endless, making this an ideal investment for those looking for a high intensity, effective workout that will never get boring. The app will automatically adjust the machine to where it needs to be with each and every workout.

Customized WorkoutsC 12.9 Elliptical

Being able to customize the machine however you’d like with many features provides additional benefits. Changing out the incline, stride, resistance and more, you have a way to get a wide assortment of workouts in one machine. If you’d like to take it easy one day, you can change it. The best part is that the elliptical will remember the choices that you make, so you can ensure that the machine remembers who you are and what type of workout you’d like next.

NordicTrack EllipticalOther Considerations:

The Adjustable Pedals

Remember, to prevent slipping or injuries for anyone, it is important to wear shoes while using the elliptical. This will provide more traction when doing high intensity workouts.

The Price

This is an investment in your health and though it is in line for what you’re getting, it can be on the high end depending on your budget. While NordicTrack is a big name in the industry and they’re known for providing quality, the price might be a bit high for those looking for an elliptical. That said, for the features, it’s worth it to spend a bit more here.

Final Word on the NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical Trainer

NordicTrack is a great, respected name in the workout machine industry and the NordicTrack C12.9 Elliptical lives up to their track record. As one of the higher series models you’re getting some extra features. You can’t go wrong with this excellent elliptical. Rating: 98/100.

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