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SOLE Fitness Overview – Customer-Focused Fitness Manufacturer

Last Updated on May 28, 2017 by Jeff

Company Profile Overview

SOLE Fitness manufactures a broad range of cardio equipment including treadmills, indoor bikes such as the SB700 Indoor Cycle, SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycleellipticals such as the E35 and E95, and rowers.  Their machines offer monitor screens, heart rate monitors; pre set programs for heart rate or calorie burn or interval training. You can adjust incline, resistance, and speed. Almost everything any other top of the line range of exercise equipment company would include. However, SOLE set themselves apart in their focus on the customer.

SOLE started the concept of ‘In Room’ and Hotel gym exercise equipment. This was their niche. But times have changed and now people have home gyms and SOLE expanded to retail. This fact alone tells you that SOLE equipment is built to last since their equipment wasn’t originally intended for home use by one or two people but for many people, all day, every day.

SOLE FitnessThe Customer Comes First

When you purchase an exercise machine from SOLE fitness you get free delivery if you live in the contiguous US. You also get a free 30-day free trial with your machine, so if you don’t like it, no problem, they even pay for the return freight. Full money back guarantee, including buyer’s remorse!

Don’t have any one to help you with the heavy lifting, for an extra fee you can get ‘Inside Ground’ delivery where they will place it in the room of your choice. Can’t work out how to put it together. There is a clear link to ‘Assembly Videos’ on their website, no trying to interpret basic diagrams. Still think this is beyond you, well pay a bit more and they will deliver it and assemble it in the room of your choice. Any other issues, well there is also a ‘Troubleshooting Videos’ page to help you.

SOLE have already excelled and you’ve only just received the machine. But their commitment to their customers doesn’t stop there. They also include support such as Warranty Registration and Servicing & Parts. Not in the contiguous US, or the US at all. Well SOLE Fitness has also partnered with distributors in 28 other countries.

Equipment For Everyone

SOLE also understand not everyone is a serious athlete who knows what their looking for, and while they can throw around impressive terminology like “erector spinae rotation”.. They’re very clear why they don’t which is that their aim is not to sell their products to people with degrees only. They want every person to have accessibility to quality equipment. Yes they have a team of people who have worked out things like biomechanics and ergonomics. But you don’t need to research a whole extra field to work out what to look for. It’s already in all their equipment.

SOLE hasn’t just put thought into the fitness equipment either. They’ve though further than that for the home user, like do you have beautiful polished timber floors or porcelain tiles? Well maybe you want the mat to protect your floors. Maybe you have carpet and want to protect your machine from the fibres, you can use the mat for that too. They even offer LCD TVs to place in front of your machine so you don’t have to turn your actual TV up to maximum volume, or stare at a blank wall.

A Strong, Transparent Fitness Company

SOLE are a refreshingly transparent company in the market. So many companies will try to convince you their product is better based on features alone. But where so many people are doing the same thing SOLE stand out because rather than just telling you about the benefits of their machine, they take away the risk. You can buy their product, try it out, and if you are genuinely not happy with it they’ll give you your money back plus shipping. Only a company that is truly confident in what they offer will do that.

There are many companies claiming to provide the best exercise equipment around. But as with any purchase, it’s not about what the product offers you, but what the company offers you and any company that offers a money back guarantee must believe in their product because if it wasn’t all it was made out to be, everyone would send them back and they wouldn’t make a dollar. And this is how you know that SOLE Fitness supplies high quality equipment.

In today’s modern world where health is more and more of a focus for everyday people there are many options to consider. The fitness equipment industry is fierce and can see a lot of cheap, low quality products released for what seem like reasonable prices. However, gym equipment is rarely treated delicately, this is where people work hard and push themselves and their equipment so those dodgy treadmills and exercise bikes barely endure.

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