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XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer Review

Last Updated on March 2, 2018 by Jeff

xterra-fitness-fs-2-5-ellipticalElliptical Overview:

The XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer has everything that you’ll possibly need in an elliptical machine at an excellent price. Among the best ellipticals for the money, you probably won’t find a better one with these features anywhere near this price point. For under $400, you’re getting 24 levels of digital magnetic resistance that can be adjusted with the push of a button, 24 programs on the computer console that includes 12 pre-programmed workouts, and best of all, this elliptical has an integrated receiver that allows you to use a chest strap heart rate monitor. This provides a hands-free and more accurate heart rate measurement while you’re exercising. You typically need to pay three times as much to have this feature.

The XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer is a well constructed elliptical as well. It has a heavy-duty steel frame and a 22 lb rear-mounted flywheel that keep it well grounded during your most intense workouts. The design provides a smooth, realistic elliptical motion that feels like you’re exercising in a gym. This elliptical is a great overall piece of exercise equipment.

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Technical Info:XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer



  • Height: 50.8”
  • Width: 25”
  • Length: 63.8”
  • Item weight: 116.6 lbs
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs


  • Heavy duty steel frame and 22 lbs flywheel ensure a smooth and secure stride motion.
  • 24 electronic levels of resistance to get the intensity that you need without interrupting your workout.
  • Multi-grip handlebar controls so that you can be at a comfortable position while working out.
  • Stationary lower handles with heart rate grips allows you to train in your target heart zone.
  • Built-in receiver allows you to use a chest strap heart rate monitor.
  • Ergonomic 14” stride with oversized pedals provides a smooth, comfortable elliptical motion in forward and reverse.
  • Integrated audio jack and speakers for MP3 player so you can listen to your own workout tracks.

xterra-ellipticalComputer Features:

  • Large dual-color 5”x2.5” LCD display is easy to read.
  • 24 workout programs including:
    • Manual
    • 12 Pre-Programs
    • Rolling
    • Valley
    • Fat Burn
    • Ramp
    • Steps
    • Obstacle
    • Intervals
    • Plateau
    • Climbing
    • Off Road
    • Hill
    • Fastrek
    • Watt
    • Body Fat
    • Target Heart Rate
    • Heart Rate Control (55%, 65%, 75% & 85%)
    • User (4)
  • Display readouts include:
    • Speed
    • RPM
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Odometer
    • Calories
    • Watt
    • Heart Rate
    • Program Level


  • Frame: 5 years
  • Parts: 1 year

Shipping and Assembly:

xterra-fitness-fs-2-5-elliptical-trainerShipping costs will vary for the XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. Howev
er, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

Assembly of the FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer is pretty typical. It comes with an illustrated step-by-step manual to walk you through the process. Due to the number of pieces it is going to take about to 2 hours, but it is not difficult.

What We Love About the XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer:

Heart Rate Monitoring

That you can find an elliptical under $400, with the ability to use a chest strap heart rate monitor is impressive. This is a feature that you usually need to spend around $1,000 to get on a piece of exercise equipment. The chest strap monitor is known to be a more accurate measurement than using hand grips. It also allows you to keep exercising without having to worry about checking your heart rate on the grips. This really is a nice feature to have, especially at this price point.

Computer Programs

The XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer has 24 workout programs to choose from. This is another unbelievable feature at this price where most competitors elliptical don’t provide any programs. There are 121 pre-programmed workouts that simulate different training terrains, as well as heart rate training programs. If none of those interest you, you can always design your own workout in any of the four user programs or just workout in the manual program. With so many exercise options, you will never get bored on the XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer.


Again at a price range where most elliptical are providing single digit resistance levels that can only be adjusted by a tension knob, XTERRA is giving you 24 electronic resistance levels. This resistance can be adjusted with the push of a button on the console. With 24 levels of resistance, you’ll be able to find that exact intensity that you’re looking for.

What Isn’t So Great:xterra-fs-2-5-elliptical

The biggest drawback on the FS 2.5 Elliptical is that it only has a 14” stride. This is a short and for taller users, it may not allow you to have a full stride and prohibit you from getting the intensity that you’re looking for. At this price range, this is a pretty typical stride length. With all of the features packed into this elliptical, we would have thought XTERRA Fitness would have provided a longer stride length, but I guess they need to keep something for their upgraded models.

Final Word on the XTERRA FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer:

For the price, the XTERRA Fitness FS 2.5 Elliptical Trainer may be the best purchase you can make. It has everything that you need…a solid construction, 24 levels of electronic resistance, 24 exercise programs, and excellent heart rate monitoring options. The only thing that is falls short on, literally, is its stride length. At 14” it may not fit everyone, but if it does, you can’t go wrong.