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NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike Review

Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by Jeff

NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike ReviewLet’s get started – Indoor Bike Overview:

The NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike is a standout among stationary exercise bikes and features several built-in workout apps (32), resistance levels (24), a complimentary wireless Bluetooth chest strap, a slightly higher warranty, and most of all, an upgraded entertainment console with a 7-inch, full color, web-enabled touchscreen.

Overall, the NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike (NTEX76918) is a great value, especially since it is equipped with some of the latest and greatest technology. All of the electronics are under a three-year warranty. The web-enabled touchscreen allows you to surf the web as you normally would, read emails, or watch your favorite entertainment.

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NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike ReviewIf you’d rather use your own personal device, you can attach it securely using the built-in integrated tablet holder. With an iFit Coach subscription, you can experience the full benefits of this bike with unlimited training help from certified professionals. These programs are designed for different fitness goals, from weight-loss, to calorie burning, to endurance, and more. With a 19-pound flywheel, or anchor, you can expect a smooth riding experience, however it would not be suitable for experienced trainees looking for high-intensity workouts.

NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike ReviewTechnical Info:


  • Height: 59.4”
  • Width: 24.9”
  • Length: 43.6”
  • Max user weight: 325 lbs

Computer Features:

  • 7” web-enabled color touchscreen provides loads of entertainment and enables you to surf the web as you normally would, keeping you engaged and motivated during your workouts
  • 32 built-in workouts
  • Workouts include calorie burn, intensity and performance training programs to help you reach your fitness goals
  • 24 digital resistance levels are quick, easy, and quiet, thanks to SMRTM Silent Magnetic Resistance technology
  • An integrated tablet holder provides a secure space to attach your own personal tablet for unlimited entertainment and iFit Coach compatibility
  • Includes 1 year membership to iFit. The iFit Coach provides infinite workouts and takes you all over the world with Google Maps access, helping you towards achieving your fitness goals
  • Auxiliary music port allows you to connect your device and workout to your favorite music on 2” built-in superior speakers
  • AutoBreezeTM workout fans adjust to the intensity of your workout to help you keep cool and comfortable
  • OneTouchTM controls let you easily and quickly change resistance levels without stopping your workout
  • Complimentary wireless chest strap allows you to connect your own Bluetooth device to monitor your heart rate while you workout

Warranty:NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Upright Bike Review

  • Frame: 10 year
  • Parts: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year
  • NordicTrack also provides a 30-day money back guarantee

Shipping and Assembly:

  • Shipping for the Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike is free from the NordicTrack website (here).
  • The NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Bike can easily be assembled at home using the provided instructions.

What We Love About the NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike:

High Tech

The Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike (formerly GX 4.6 Pro) upright stationary bike comes with a premium entertainment console, boasting a large, 7-inch web-enabled touchscreen and 32 built-in, preset apps created by certified personal trainers. For the price, this is a great value. In the 32 programs, you’ll get focused workouts based on your fitness goals, ranging from fat loss, to calorie burning and endurance. If you have a tablet and are willing to pay for an iFit Coach subscription, your options become limitless. With iFit Coach, you’ll get infinite workout programs, so you’ll never get bored. In addition, it comes with Google Maps compatibility so you can virtually bike around the world. In addition, the ability to surf the web seamlessly puts your social media, email, and other entertainment at the tips of your fingers while you work out. For trainees who value entertainment, this bike may be a great option for the price.

NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike ReviewOther Considerations:

While the NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike can certainly be great for everyday workouts, beginner trainees, or even trainees undergoing physical therapy, it may not serve up very high intensity workouts, as compared to bikes like the GX 3.5 that are closer to road bikes.  For more intense bikers, you’ll want to look into indoor bikes like the Grand Tour Pro that has a heavier flywheel to ensure a smooth and stable ride while really cranking out an intense workout.

Also, if the premium entertainment is not a mandatory for your workouts, you could save a couple hundred bucks by taking a look at the GX 4.4 Pro, which has lots of built-in workouts, but lacks as large or as responsive of a screen.

Final Word on the NordicTrack Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike:

The Commercial VU 19 Exercise Bike (replaces the GX Pro 4.6 Bike) offers a great value as an entertainment-packed upright bike for entry-to-mid-level trainees. With a 7-inch web-enabled touchscreen, a comfortable and oversized cushion seat and pedals, and loads of built-in programs, you’ll get a smooth riding experience to help you get started towards your fitness goals. There is the possibility that over time, as you progress, you may outgrow the capabilities of this bike. If you are looking for a long-term bike that will be able to accommodate your fitness improvements, you may want to look into a more advanced bike. Additionally, if you don’t need the high-tech entertainment, the GX 4.4 Pro could also be an option for you. Rating: 96/100.

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