SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike Review

Last Updated on April 25, 2020 by Jeff

SOLE-Fitness-B94-Upright-BikeLet’s Get Started:

The B94 Upright Bike is another well built piece of exercise equipment from SOLE Fitness. This top rated stationary exercise bike is designed for residential use but not too far removed from SOLE Fitness’s commercial line. This bike has a 26 lb flywheel and an overall weight of 123 lbs that provides a smooth cycling motion that will remain grounded during your most intense workouts. SOLE Fitness is so confident in this that they back the machine with a lifetime frame and brake warranty, three year parts and electronic warranties and a one year labor warranty.

The SOLE Fitness B94 has most of the features that you would expect to see including 20 levels of Eddy Current Brake resistance, a fully adjustable seat to fit most body sizes, 10 basic workout programs, MP3 compatibility, cooling fan and water bottle holder. The one thing you might not expect to find at this price range is heart rate monitoring not only through handlebar pulse grips, but this bike is also telemetry enabled. In fact, SOLE Fitness provides a chest strap heart monitor with your purchase of the B94 Upright Bike.

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Technical Info:


  • Height: 55”
  • Width: 23”
  • Length: 44”
  • Item weight: 123 lbs
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs


  • 26 lb flywheel ensures a smooth motion and transition between resistance levels.
  • 20 levels of Eddy Current Brake resistance.
  • Pulse grip heart rate monitoring and chest strap heart rate monitoring capable (included).
  • Fully adjustable, gel-cushioned seat moves forward and backward as well as vertically.
  • Custom, oversized pedals with a two degree inward cant to prevent aches in your knees and feet by aligning the joints in their correct posture during a workout.
  • MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Built-in cooling fan.
  • Water bottle holder to keep you hydrated.

Computer Features:

  • 9” LCD console.
  • Standard Workouts (6)
  • Hill
  • Fat Burn
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Interval
  • Fitness Test
  • Custom Workouts (2)
  • Heart Rate Workouts (2)
  • Display readouts include:
    • Resistance Level
    • Calories Burned
    • Time
    • Distance
    • RPM
    • Pulse
    • Program Profile
    • Speed
    • Watts
    • METs


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 3 years
  • Electronics: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 years

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as, will provide free shipping.

The SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike does not come completely assembled, but most of the major pieces are together. From start to finish, one person can get this bike together in about an hour using the fully illustrated step-by-step manual and tools provided by SOLE Fitness.

What We Love About the SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike:

Heart Rate Monitoring

The best selling feature in our opinion for the SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike is that they include a chest strap heart rate monitor. Well, that in itself doesn’t warrant the price tag, but it’s what puts it over the top. This bike is only slightly pared down from the SOLE Fitness LCB Light Commercial Upright Bike that costs almost $500 more. If you look at our review of that model, you’ll see that you get more resistance levels and a couple more years on the warranty, but that’s about it. Plus, the LCB does not include a chest strap monitor for hands-free heart rate tracking.

What Isn’t So Great:

Computer Console

Like other SOLE Fitness exercise equipment, the B94 Upright Bike has a very basic computer console. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles or multiple exercise programs to motivate you to exercise then this is no big deal. The B94 Upright Bike does give you 10 basic workout programs like hill climb, fat burn, strength, cardio and interval workouts, along with a couple heart rate and custom workouts. Additionally, there is no connectivity to the internet, apps or the ability to download or track exercise performance statistics. Unfortunately, this is typical of SOLE Fitness and you’ll see this on all of their exercise equipment regardless of price point.

Final Word on the SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike:

You can get the SOLE Fitness B94 Upright Bike for just over $800 and it’s an excellent choice. For this price SOLE Fitness is giving you a slightly pared down version of their light commercial bike model at about $500 less. While they cut down on a few things like resistance levels, a few pounds on the flywheel and a couple years on the warranty, they include a chest strap heart rate monitor on the B94, which is an accessory that’s hard to find in this price range. The B94 Upright Bike is another well made, quality exercise machine built by a reputable manufacturer and definitely a good buying decision.

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