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Stamina ATS Air Resistance Upright Exercise Bike Review

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 by Jeff


Stamina is a well know fitness equipment manufacturer and one that you can typically expect to provide quality for a reasonable price. The ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike is another good example of this. The budget-friendly, entry-level bike has everything that you’ll need to enjoy a good and intense workout. This low-impact upright exercise bike provides an almost unlimited amount of resistance with the Air Transfer System (ATS) that provides more resistance as you pedal harder. If that’s not enough, there’s also a resistance adjustment knob to incase your starting resistance level.

The Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike also provides dual action handlebars to provide a complete upper and lower body workout. The handlebars and seat are designed for comfort with extra padding and the seat is also adjustable to fit a range of user sizes. In all, the ATS Air Resistance stationary exercise bike is a great bike for the price and has everything you’ll need to start a healthier lifestyle with exercising.

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Technical Info:Stamina-ATS-Air-Resistance-Exercise-Bike


  • Height: 45”
  • Width: 24”
  • Length: 42.5”
  • Item weight: 46.4 lbs
  • Max user weight: 250 lbs


  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction.
  • Unlimited levels of smooth air resistance with additional dial in control.
  • Low impact cardiovascular workout.
  • Dual action handlebars add more cardio intensity, tone arms, chest, shoulders and back (upper and lower body).
  • Cushioned seat adjusts to put you in proper cycling position with height adjustments.
  • High-density foam hand grips and slip resistant pedals.

Computer Features:Stamina-ATS-Air-Resistance-Exercise

  • In Touch® Fitness Monitor with large, easy to read LCD display.
  • Display readouts include:
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Calorie burned


  • Frame: 1 year
  • Parts: 90 days

Shipping and Assembly:Stamina-ATS-Air-Resistance-Bike

Shipping costs will vary for the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

The assembly process is simple since detailed instructions are provided by Stamina. It’s easy enough that one person working alone will have no problems getting it together and moving the larger pieces around. From start to finish, assembling the ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike should take between 30 and 45 minutes.

What We Love About the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike:


The best thing about the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike is, without a doubt, its price. Stamina is a good name in budget-friendly exercise equipment and to find one under $100 is a good deal. The STS Air Resistance Exercise Bike gives you everything you’ll need to get a good workout. It adjusts to fit people of different heights, you can adjust the resistance to an intensity of your liking and it has a basic monitor to track your workout performance. Granted, it’s not the biggest machine coming in at under 50 lbs, but it’s what you can expect at this price point.

What Isn’t So Great:Stamina-Exercise-ATS-Air-Resistance-Bike


One of the biggest complaints with the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike is its pedaling and handlebar motion. A lot of users say that it is not as smooth as other indoor bikes. At this price, you can expect it’s not going to be perfect. Most people complain that it is a jerky motion. A lot of users also had issue with the fact that the arms won’t lock in place and will continue to move even if you want to rest your upper body. Again, this is a common design issue in nearly all entry-level exercise bikes. One other flaw we’ll note is that we also heard from more than one user that the pedals on their bikes dragged and contacted the side panels, causing damage. This is obviously a design/quality control flaw in a few cases but not in all.

Final Word on the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike:

If you’re looking for a good entry-level piece of exercise equipment, Stamina is a good name to look for. The ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike is another example of a quality, budget-friendly machine with everything you’ll need for a great workout. The price is hard to beat at under $100 and the features are exactly what you’ll need for an intense workout. Some users don’t think the cycling motion is as realistic as other indoor bikes, but I guess that can be expected for an entry-level bike. Regardless, you will still get an intense workout on the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike.