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Exercise Bike with Laptop Stand – Best Models for 2022

Last Updated on October 11, 2022 by Jeff

Exercise Bike with Laptop Stand

Work While You Work Out – Best Exercise Bikes with Laptop Stand

It can be tough to maintain a gym schedule and get in your workout when working a 9 am to 5 pm job. What’s more, most of us are in sitting jobs, and then at the end of the day, we’re exhausted.

Several providers, such as Schwinn ic3 indoor cycling bike with tablet holder, have come up with a spin bike for home with a laptop stand innovation; these are upright stationary bikes that are a godsend for those who are having issues maintaining their gym schedule. 

It’s simply a case of replacing your desk chair with one of these desk exercise bikes, allowing you to spend your day working and moving, keeping your heart rate up. 

There are many products available on the market, such as the Schwinn ic3 indoor cycling bike, along with many others. So it’s essential to understand the features and what to look for; continue reading our buying guide to find the best exercise bike with a laptop stand for you. 

Comparison Table:

Model Cycling Resistance Levels Screen Foldable Recumbent Seat User Height
Exerpeutic ExerWork 2000i 24 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ 5”1-6”3
Sunny Health & Fitness 8 ✔️ ✔️ All Heights
FitDesk v2 8 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ 4’10” – 6’6
Flexispot 8 5”1-6”2
Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 8 ✔️ ✔️ 5”1-6”3

Our Favorite 5 Exercise Bikes With Laptop Stands

Below are the 5 bikes that stand out the most in the market this year. We’ve made sure to mention their highlights and negotiables, stressing what can make each of them a strong contender.

1. Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i – Best Overall  exercise bike computer stand

A revamped version of their 1000, the makers have added more features to the Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i, perfect for those of us who are hard to please. It comes with 24 levels of magnetic resistance and 24 programmed workouts, all while offering different ways of using the bike, either as a standing desk or a bike desk.

The different ranges of resistance allow even fitter individuals to be challenged while also offering those with lower fitness levels a casual, easy-going workout. 

With the higher resistance levels, you tend to hear the bike working more, so the noise may be distracting to some, but on an average basis where low resistance levels would be used, it’s relatively quiet. 

It comes with a large adjustable desktop with tilt and can be adjusted to sitting and standing positions. The desk comes with a convenient storage drawer too and armrests for relaxed typing. 

The bike comes with an LCD screen that shows your workout goals for time, calories burnt, and distance during programs. You can sync your phone through a Bluetooth connection and the fitness app provided to track your progress and control your workout. 

The bike’s seat has semi-recumbent adjustability to be fully upright if you’re cycling with intensity or in a fully relaxed position for when you may be working. However, if you’re taller than 6’2”, this bike may be a little difficult to be fully adjusted to your height. 


  • 24 programs and 24 levels of resistance
  • LCD display and Bluetooth connectivity to app and phone 
  • Comfortable seat with adjustments for shorter folk


  • Can be loud when resistance is added
  • Not for those taller than 6’2”

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an exercise bike with an adjustable seat that everyone can use, this one would be a great option. You are offered 24 levels of resistance but might have to negotiate with the noise when doing more intense workouts. 

2. Sunny Health & Fitness – Best Durability  exercise bike stand

The Sunny Health & Fitness is constructed from steel tubing and can support up to 350lbs, impressive for a home workout machine. The construction uses hardly any plastic, so it has incredible durability but heavier weight and bulkier size. The advantage is that you could place it on any uneven surface, and the bike would be fine. 

The frame doesn’t fold away, so it may be tricky for those who don’t live in a big space. However, it’s on wheels, so you can wheel it away. A great feature on this bike is the desk, which is spacious and offers adjustability; you can move it around 4-ways according to your seating position. 

The desk is made of non-slip rubber, so your laptop won’t slide off. It’s also equipped with padded foam to provide comfort to your wrists as you type. You’re provided with a handy cup holder on your desk, just an added touch of TLC. The desk can easily be removed and switched to the bike’s handlebar fitting instead.

It also provides a sturdy seat with an adjustable sliding rail. The backrest is cozy with foam padding and a contoured surface.

Along with this, it offers 8 resistance cycle settings that provide light-medium workouts but no intense cardio training, so it makes a good choice for those who don’t want something too intense.

Due to the heavy-duty belt, you won’t experience any noise from pedaling. For those with leg problems, the bike features a narrow q-factor so that your feet are positioned naturally on pedals, reducing tension on ankles and knees. 


  • Big working space with the desk provided
  • Sturdy, quality, long-lasting design 
  • Perfect for those with knees and leg-related issues


  • Doesn’t offer intense training modes 
  • Not possible to fold away for storage
  • Big and can take up quite a bit of space

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable option or have issues related to knees and legs, this one would be a great option. You might have to negotiate with the size, especially if you’re short of space. However, it gives you TLC, comfort, and an average intensity workout.

3. FitDesk v2.0 – Best Lightweight Option  bike exercise stand

The FitDesk v2.0 is for those who want a lightweight laptop bike that is easily portable and storable. It comes with 8 resistance levels, allowing the machine to be shared amongst others and a meter that monitors your calories and mileage. 

It shines particularly with added features like the massage arm rollers and armrests, which reduce arm strain, and the resistance bands attached to the machine that targets upper body exercise. It also offers a comfortable recumbent seat with a backrest that can be adjusted for your height.

The makers have ensured your laptop stays in place by including a band that secures your laptop onto the desk and a handy drawer on the bottom of the desk to store your phone or other bits and bobs. 

The exercise bike desk is fitted with a twin belt to ensure it runs smoothly and quietly. Some, however, may experience shakiness whilst pedaling and using the laptop desk due to the lightweight plastic combination frame that comes with this machine.

The FitDesk allows you to fold the machine easily after your working day and set it up again easily when it’s time to workout. 


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Massage arm rollers and resistance bands features
  • Compact design


  • May not be as durable as other designs due to the lightweight frame
  • Users may experience some shakiness when pedaling intensely

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact option, the FitDesk v2.0 would be great. It offers constant monitoring with a small meter at the front. You might have to negotiate with the durability of it, but the affordable price and lightweight frame make up for that.

4. Flexispot – Most Versatile Option  indoor bike exercise stand

If you’re the kind of person who wants to get up and running (or peddling) as soon as you receive your package, then this one’s for you. Flexispot has made this a lightweight option that’s basically delivered to you in one piece.

It’s versatile; you can switch between standing, sitting, and cycling. So if you prefer to have periods of standing while working, this one allows you to do so. The desk glides front to back easily and locks firmly in place, which allows you to lean forward or backward, giving you flexibility when you want a change of position. 

It comes with a cushioned bicycle-like seat to keep you alert and focused on your work, as well as active pedaling. Some may be put off for not having the recumbent seat option, but due to the lightweight nature of the bike and the ease of adjustability, you may need to negotiate on that feature. 

Regarding its cycling, Flexispot provides 8 levels of tension, adjustable through a dial. You choose if you wish to go from casual activity to a serious workout within seconds. This versatility makes this product usable for all ages. You’ll notice how smooth and quiet it operates, giving you no distractions.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 8 adjustable cycling speeds 
  • Gives you sitting, standing, and cycling modes 


  • The seat is bicycle-like and non-recumbent, which may not be an option for some. However, it is padded and comfortable
  • Standing workers may notice the work surface shaking

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for a versatile option and like the idea of a multimode bike, this one would be perfect. You might have to negotiate with the seat being a little cycle-like and a shaky work surface, but the versatility and lightweight design give a bang for your buck. 

5. Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 – Budget Option  indoor bike exercise stand

The makers of Exerpeutic ExerWork 1000 ensure that exercise should be therapeutic and not a chore. They’ve ensured that your desk station is comfortable enough to work on, offering a set work platform to fit your laptop and a few papers easily while you peddle away. 

 It can be stored away conveniently as it’s foldable, and despite its budget price, it provides a durable coated steel frame and a quiet belt drive system. However, if the workout becomes too intense, some shakiness may be experienced. 

 The company gives you access to their exercise app, where you can follow videos stored on their cloud if you want to add some oomph to your day-to-day. There are also a heart pulse monitoring system, steps, distance, and calorie counter to keep you on top of your progress.

 Last but not least, a padded seat allows for a comfortable working out session and the larger than average pedals ensure you don’t end up slipping around. 

Though it does have an adjustable desk, it may not provide enough space to keep all you require for working, such as a laptop along with additional books and papers. This can be overcome by placing your bike beside another table for extra books you may need. 

However, it serves the general purpose of allowing you to use your laptop as you peddle with the desk provided. 


  • Foldable and easily stored away
  • Durable Coated Steel Frame


  • May not be suitable for those shorter than 5’3”
  • May not be enough space for placing all you require for working on the desk provided

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for a budget option and live in a small space, then this bike would be great. You might miss some fancy features, such as the extra adjustments for shorter heights and the big work desk, but this bike can help you get fit within your working day. 

How to Choose an Exercise Bike with Laptop Stand

Your choice depends on your circumstances, a few of which have been highlighted in the above reviews. But the below factors should be considered too.

Setting Up

Some bikes require long installation times, and you may need assistance if you aren’t equipped with DIY knowledge. If you want to get on, no fuss with setting up, some laptop exercise bikes are sent in mostly one piece, and it might be worth considering those over ones that are more complex.


Considering you’re going to be working from home, sitting for a few hours, an uncomfortable seat may be a deal-breaker for you. Therefore, it’s necessary to look for a seat that’s adjustable to your height and those who may be sharing the bike with you. 

If having a backrest for support is important for you, then look for recumbent laptop bikes. Some bikes come with contoured backrests that adjust to your posture, and some come with padded wrist rests that give you comfort as you type.


For a machine that you’re probably going to be using every day, you want it to withstand wear and tear. Therefore, look for a durable machine to take the daily usage, bodyweight, and constant movement. For this, look for the ones built with quality materials. 

Bikes that use less plastic and more steel framing and tubing tend to be hardwearing and can last longer than other types. They’re also sturdy and can withstand intensive pedaling. 

Extra Features

Features enhance your experience and give you added ease in your day-to-day. One of the key features of a laptop bike is the added extras that may come with the desk. Some desks may be fitted with non-slip rubber that can prevent your laptop from slipping or a secure band that straps your laptop snugly.

Other desks come fit with a bottle holder and a drawer for keeping essentials in, and some laptop bikes allow adjustability, so the desk can be swiveled forward and back depending on how you position yourself when working or pedaling. If you tend to work standing for some time, then look for a laptop bike that has desk adjustability.  

Some laptop bikes come with features of several modes of resistance to challenge you further. If you’re fitness-savvy, then look for a bike that offers you more modes of cycle resistance to give you further flexibility.

Additional features such as resistance bands and massagers may be important to some, depending on your lifestyle. 


For many of us, our homes and offices can’t accommodate bulky equipment. Look for a laptop bike that’s more streamlined, either in its size or foldability. Most laptop bikes that are small and foldable also tend to be lightweight, so they’re easier to move around. 

Final Words

The key to deciding the best exercise bike with a laptop stand for use at home depends on your circumstances and what you want. 

Keep in mind factors like comfort, durability, and size and how these may coincide with your requirements. For example, if you suffer from backaches and have sensitive knees, consider a model that gives you that extra TLC, such as the Sunny Health & Fitness.

On the other hand, if you want something that’ll challenge you, the Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i comes with different ranges of resistance that’ll keep you on your toes.

Those of us who aren’t fussy and want to play it safe can opt for the Flexispot, which you can start using immediately, as it gives a smooth operation and a compact design, all in one! 

In short, there are so many excellent brands that offer perfect solutions to working from home and keeping in check with our fitness – there is a laptop bike for everyone!