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Folding Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

Folding Recumbent Exercise Bikes are the ultimate solution to get you fit and in shape in the comfort of your home, without taking up too much of the limited space in your house or apartment.

If you want to know more about what the world of folding recumbent exercise bikes can offer you, or you’re trying to decide on the best one for you, we’ve got the info you need right here. 

You’ll discover the benefits of using a folding recumbent exercise bike, and see our review of four popular compact recumbent stationary bikes.

folding recumbent exercise bikes

Fold Up Recumbent Bikes (Our Review) 

Exerpeutic Gold 525xlr Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike (Best Weight Capacity)

The Exerpeutic Gold 525xlr is a folding recumbent exercise bike featuring a sturdy tubular steel frame, coated with corrosion-resistant paint in a metallic finish. 

It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs which makes it ideal for heavier users. Most folding recumbent bikes do not have such a high weight capacity.

When assembled it measures 48.5″length x 24″ width x 46″ height.

When folded, it measures 27″ length x 18″ width x 48″ height. It weighs 54.7 lbs.

There is a 1-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on parts. 

The seat is easily adjustable to different heights and caters to people between 5’2″ and  6’5″ tall. 

It has an 8 level magnetic tension control system to provide resistance variation in your routine. The dual transmission flywheel allows for a higher resistance workout.

An easy-to-read large digital display indicates distance cycled, calories burned, your time spent working out, cycling speed, and your pulse rate reading. 

The backrest is wide enough for users with a larger frame, and along with the seat, is comfortable due to the padding and vinyl covering. 

The foot pedals are large and include safety straps to prevent accidental injury.

A semi-recumbent design allows you to climb on and off with ease.

It has handlebars attached to the seat section, which have rubber-coated grips. Magnetic pulse sensors are built into the handle grips. There are no handlebars in the front. 

The Exerpeutic Gold 525xlr folds down to nearly half its size, which means you can easily store it in small spaces. Alternatively, the small wheels will enable you to move them around your home.


  • The adjustable seat makes it suitable for short or tall people, from 5’2″ up to 6’5″ in height, so the whole household can use it. 
  • The wide seat and backrest plus semi-recumbent design make this a great choice for larger users.
  • The maximum weight capacity (400 lbs) is much higher than other compact stationary bikes, therefore suitable for heavier users. 
  • The Exerpeutic folds down to almost half its size so that it can be stored in small spaces. It also has small built-in wheels to enable moving the bike while assembled. 


  • Complicated assembly process that takes a lot more time than other foldable recumbent bikes.  
  • There are no handlebars on the front of the bike. There is one set of handlebars, which are situated near the seat. 
  • The display monitor does not have a backlight. 

Xspec Dual Recumbent Upright Indoor Cycling Foldable Exercise Bike (Best Overall Features, our top pick)

foldable recumbent bikes

The Xspec dual recumbent upright indoor cycling bike can be used as both a recumbent bike and an upright bike. This will give you more versatility and maximize your workout routine.

The seat is large and comfortable and is also adjustable to cater to users of varying heights.

The sturdy steel frame is grey. It can take a maximum weight of 220 lbs. It is easily folded down to allow for convenient storage and transportation.

It measures 36″ x 23″ x 44″ and weighs 47 lbs. When folded it measures 16″ across.

There is a large knob in the middle that you can use to go through 8 tension levels.

The large pedals have straps to prevent your feet from sliding off while exercising.

The Xspec dual recumbent upright bike combines all the useful features you love at an affordable price. It is simple to assemble, has an easy-to-use display, and operates quietly.  

The seat is adjustable from between  26” to 33″ from the floor, and therefore suitable for users of differing heights. If you’re taller or shorter than average, you’ll be able to use the bike comfortably.

It provides a low-impact workout while seated comfortably, exercising core muscles such as abdominals and hip flexors. 

Resistance bands for working on your arms are included to maximize your workout.  

It has a magnetic tension system for varied workout resistance and targets the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. 

The Xspec Dual recumbent bike can be used in an upright or recumbent position. To adjust it, you simply pull the lever. 

The recumbent design will reduce pressure on your lower back and prevent poor posture, thus reducing the risk of injury. 

The LCD monitor displays your calories burned, heart rate, workout time, as well as your cycling distance, and speed. This will allow you to keep track of your progress. Metric measurements are used.   

This bike also features a media holder to accommodate your mobile phone, a book, or a tablet device, so you can stay connected or be entertained while you work out. 


  • Easily adjustable to be used in either an upright or recumbent position for more workout versatility. It’s like having two bikes for the price of one. 
  • All the best features at an affordable price such as ergonomically shaped handle grips, LCD monitor, and varying levels of magnetic tension control.
  • You can give your arms a workout too, with the help of resistance bands. 
  • A media holder for a mobile phone, book, or tablet for a more practical and enjoyable workout experience.


  • The Xspec cannot handle the weight that the Exerpeutic can.
  • It does not have wheels.

Stamina Intone Folding Recumbent Bike (Best Value For Money)

The Stamina Intone folding recumbent bike is affordable and provides a good workout. It is very easily assembled in a few minutes, with the assembly tool supplied in the box.

The measurements when assembled are 40″ x 25″ x 41″ and the dimensions when folded are 21.6″ x 25.4″ x 42.25″.

The Stamina Intone is easy to use and operates quietly, although the seat can wobble when pedaling at higher speeds.

It has a steel frame in metallic grey. The seat and backrest are padded, as well as the handgrips. However, the seat is not padded well enough to provide much comfort. 

This bike is foldable so that it can be easily stored in small spaces, with wheels to allow for convenient transportation. It folds up compactly and securely with the help of a locking pin. 

The Stamina folding recumbent bike’s semi-recumbent position will tone your hips, butt, and thighs while giving you a great low-impact cardio workout. 

The seat is adjustable which is great for users of various heights. It has non-slip pedals which do not have foot straps.

The backrest provides support for your back to prevent slouching while exercising. 

Magnetic tension control lets you adapt your workout intensity by increasing or decreasing resistance as you wish. 

You can easily keep track of your cycling speed, distance cycled, calorie expenditure, and workout duration, on the LCD monitor. 


  • The Stamina Intone has a sturdy steel frame construction, padded handgrips, and slide-resistant foot pedals.
  • It has adjustable resistance levels so you can vary the intensity of your workout routine.
  • This bike folds up easily for compact storage and is secured with a locking pin once folded down. Wheels enable you to move it around while assembled.
  • The Stamina Intone is much more affordable than some other recumbent folding bikes but has all the features you need.  


  • It has only a one-year, limited warranty on frame and  90 days on parts.
  • The seat could use thicker padding to make it more comfortable.
  • The foot pedals do not have foot straps to provide more safety while in use.  

Marcy NS-653 Foldable Recumbent Exercise Bike (Best For Beginners)

Another foldable recumbent exercise bike to consider is the Marcy NS-653.

This bike measures 39″ x 22 ” x 48″ when assembled. The dimensions when folded are 25″ x 22″ x 47″. The bike weighs 49 lbs and has a user weight capacity of 220 lbs. 

Easy to assemble, with a sturdy frame, padded seating, high backrest, and ergonomic handlebars. Operates quietly. 

This bike also features 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Turn the resistance knob to increase or decrease the intensity and thereby maximize your workout.

There are adjustable foot straps for your safety, and counterweighted pedals to provide more foot support. 

Track your speed, time and distance cycled, and calorie expenditure on an easy-to-read digital display.

This bike folds down and has wheels, to allow it to be easily moved to another room in your home, or transported elsewhere. 


  • Easy to assemble and very compact when folded.
  • Operates very quietly. 
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • High backrest


  • Very basic display with no memory function.
  • The 2 AAA batteries needed are not included. 
  • The seat is a bit high.


The Xspec dual recumbent upright bike is the top choice if you’re looking for versatility, practicality, and a great workout. 

The Xspec dual bike will give you more variety in your exercise routine because of its ability to be used as both an upright and a recumbent bike. This allows it to target different muscle groups. 

However, if you’re a heavier person you may want to go with the Exerpeutic Gold 525xlr because of its greater user weight capacity and wider seat and backrest.  

If affordability is your main issue, the Stamina Intone folding recumbent bike is great value for money, with all the features you need.

The Marcy NS-653 is suitable if all you’re looking for is a basic foldable recumbent bike.

Best compact recumbent stationary bikes FAQ

What are the advantages of portable recumbent exercise bikes?

These bikes have all the features of regular recumbent exercise bikes, yet are easy to fold down, transport, or store in a small space. 

Can a compact recumbent stationary bike fit in my small apartment?

Yes, a folding recumbent exercise bike will fold down to a much smaller size and can then be conveniently stored in even the smallest apartment spaces.

How do I pick the right folding recumbent exercise bike? 

It depends on your particular needs. Aside from personal choice about the bike’s appearance, and the obvious consideration of price, certain bikes do offer more weight capability or cater to taller people.  

Will I be able to lose weight using a recumbent folding exercise bike? 

Yes, you can incorporate a folding exercise bike into your weight loss regimen. Cycling not only strengthens and tones your muscles, but it also burns calories too. Depending on the speed at which you pedal you could burn between 311 and 466 calories in half an hour. 

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