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FreeMotion Home Gym

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Jeff

Exercising at home is one of the best ways to get in shape or stay in shape. But, going to the gym on a regular basis isn’t always an option for people with busy schedules. So, having the option to fit in a workout at home is the best answer for those who want to stay healthy and in shape.

FreeMotion is one of the leading manufacturers of home gyming equipment and even though they may be more expensive than other brands, they offer exceptional quality. 

So, look no further than FreeMotion’s products for your FreeMotion home gym. In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth review of their T10.9 reflex treadmill, the selectorized seated row, and the 645 Elliptical-powered iFit.

The Best FreeMotion Home Gym Products (Our Review)

Since going to the gym isn’t always a viable option, having the opportunity to work out at home is the best choice for many people today. So, taking a few minutes to workout at home when the opportunity presents itself is the best option if you don’t have a lot of time but want to remain health-conscious 

Many brands offer home gyms and they all vary in quality and price. For example, the Bodyboss home gym, the Bioforce home gym, the Impex Competitor home gym, and the FreeMotion home gym offer some of the best home gym equipment in the market.

For other great alternatives in similar price ranges, check out the MultiSports home gym and the Yukon home gym reviews

Having a membership to a gym is a great way to get fit or stay in shape, but actually getting to the gym is another story. Having the equipment at home allows a person to exercise whenever they want to and protects them from unnecessary pathogens — needing to wipe a piece of gym equipment down to dry someone else’s sweat is neither pleasant nor hygienic. 

Even though it may initially be more expensive to purchase your own gym equipment, being able to exercise whenever you want to and use your equipment at your own discretion is worth it. 

FreeMotion is one of the preferred manufacturers of home gyming equipment because they have a wide array of options. Because FreeMotion is more expensive than other brands, they offer high-quality, multifunctional pieces of exercising equipment. This includes cardio, weight, and bodyweight training.

FreeMotion Overall Assessment 


Because FreeMotion has several options available, there is a vast range of the weight of the equipment. The cardio equipment is relatively light and can be easily stored in a living space that is smaller than average. 

While choosing the right piece of equipment can be difficult, FreeMotion’s customizability makes this much easier. You can purchase smaller free-weight systems and then add on extras and more weight as time goes by. 

The cable-bearing devices and cardio systems aren’t customizable because they have a set amount of weight that can be supported by the system, but the free weight systems can be adjusted according to individual needs. 

Professional trainers can use the smallest systems that FreeMotion offers, but it does help to know that larger and heavier additions can be added to some of their systems. So, even though the cable bearing devices are limited to their weighted plates, The free weight options can include several extra hundreds of pounds.


There are risks in life, so there are always going to be risks involved when using personal gym equipment. The cable-bearing devices are safer than free weights, although they can still cause injury. With these specific devices, if an exercise has too much weight, a person can simply let go and the weighted plates attached to the cables fall into the system. But, free weights don’t have this safety mechanism. So, we recommend having a training buddy nearby when using free weights, especially if you’re a beginner. 

That said, FreeMotion has always used the best possible engineering to ensure the safety of their users. None of their products or equipment have been recalled up until this point. This means that FreeMotion does rely heavily on their engineering to protect anyone who uses their products.

Strength and Speed

Because FreeMotion offers both cardio and strength-training equipment, they focus on appealing to the individual, while designing systems to increase both strength and speed.

Most gym equipment that is designed for home use normally focuses on one or the other. But, we have found that FreeMotion includes both of these aspects. Their treadmill and incline, and elliptical systems all work on a person’s stamina and speed, and if an individual includes that with the weight training aspects, they all have total-body benefits.


  • FreeMotion has a wide array of equipment. Some would like to own their own treadmills, while others prefer to concentrate on building strength—FreeMotion caters to all of these individuals.
  • FreeMotion’s products are guaranteed for long periods of time, so any factory problems will be dealt with quickly and easily.
  • FreeMotion’s weight-training products are customizable and a person can adjust the equipment to meet their individual needs.
  • Those who choose to use any of FreeMotion’s pieces of equipment are almost always satisfied. 


  • FreeMotion’s pieces of equipment are more expensive than other brands. Their quality does surpass many others in the same league, but this does mean that some people will resort to cheaper options.
  • Several of FreeMotion’s pieces of equipment are cumbersome. The more variation in exercise a person would like, the more space they are going to need to design their own gym. Certain individuals are content with using a pair of dumbbells, but those who want to exercise all of their muscle groups will need to account for the space the equipment will occupy.

Best FreeMotion Models

Even though all of FreeMotion’s products are exceptional, their cardio systems are small, easy to set up, and can be used by people of most fitness levels. This section reviews some of their best products.

FreeMotion T10.9 Reflex Exercise Treadmill

freemotion fitness dual station home gym

The FreeMotion T10.9 Reflex Exercise Treadmill is a very solid machine with impressive cushioning aspects. The reflex cushioning helps protect the joints in the lower limbs, so you can work on your fitness without risking joint health.

This system includes easy controls, and the incline can be adjusted digitally while one is still exercising. This makes the FreeMotion T10.9 Reflex Exercise Treadmill one of the simplest and most effective home treadmills available.

Finally, this system offers free shipping and a lengthy warranty. The frame of the treadmill is under warranty for seven years, the belt is under warranty for five years, and the mechanical and digital parts are under warranty for two years.




FreeMotion Selectorized Seated Row

freemotion dual cable cross home gym

The FreeMotion Selectorized Seated Row can help you develop core strength while lowering the risk of injury. The rowing motion allows for independent arm movements, so it targets the back, shoulders, chest, triceps, and biceps.

Because the rowing motion activates the stabilizing muscles, it develops your core strength and overall balance relatively quickly. This makes it an effective machine for anyone who wants to build their overall fitness and strength.

The only downside to this machine is that it is heavy because of the weights included in the system. The FreeMotion Selectorized Seated Row weighs 500 pounds. You’ll need to consider this when purchasing and setting it up. 








FreeMotion 645 Elliptical-Powered iFit

freemotion home gym

The FreeMotion 645 Elliptical-Powered iFit has a front-drive action that uses resistance to develop your overall fitness. The system includes a heart rate monitor and a calorie counter so you can keep track of exactly how well they’re doing.

This system’s incline and resistance can be adjusted easily and it offers electronic readouts of the incline and the distance covered during a period of exercise. There are a few drawbacks to this system because it can only hold a maximum of 325 pounds and it doesn’t come assembled when it’s delivered. But, this is a piece of equipment that most people will easily benefit from. 




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