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Are You On The Fence About Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 by Jeff

Here are 6 benefits of working with a workout professional!   

Nearly four out of every five Americans who are actively paying for a gym membership do not work out at all! This is just one of many statistics that we could site to convince you that the motivation, injury prevention, and long-term fitness planning that a personal trainer can offer are worth your time and money. Read on for a more detailed overview of how a fitness coach could benefit you: 



An effective fitness routine means making sacrifices. You may need to get out of bed early, stop by the gym after an already grueling day of work, and/or pump iron even when your muscles are feeling sore. In these types of moments, sticking with your original plan to “live an active lifestyle” can be very challenging. One of the biggest benefits that personal trainers offer? Keeping you accountable is literally in their job description! Skip a Saturday morning workout to sleep in and eat cereal and you are sure to get an earful.


Proper form is crucial to reaping the full benefits of your hard work at the gym. Moreover, if you allow bad technique to go unchecked for an extended period of time, you risk a painful, progress-limiting injury.

Progress Plans 

Building strength, endurance, and flexibility are all tasks that require progressively larger challenges if you wish to continue advancing. In other words, the strength training workout that was effective for you six months ago is probably a waste of time today. If you hope to build upon your past progress without stalling out and/or risking overexertion, then the professional perspective of a trainer can come in very handy.

Personalized workouts

Everyone has different fitness goals. Some people may be heart set on completing a half-marathon, for example, while others are completely focused on improving their max lift for bench presses. A personal trainer can help you develop a tailor-made workout program that fits your needs, your schedule, your body, and your current fitness level.


Between extra-long breaks between sets, lack of direction, and the general human tendency toward distraction, most people spend more time at the gym that is truly necessary. And this practice can slow your progress while complicating your busy schedule, thus increasing the odds that you become one of those aforementioned 80% of gym membership holders who don’t bother actually hitting the gym. Personal trainers can help optimize every second of workout time by keeping you focused and motivated — thus getting you in and out and on with your life.


Another reason why many people abandon the gym? Boredom, plain and simple. A personal trainer can help inject more variety and creativity into your routine, thus making your daily workouts more interesting and stimulating, both physically and mentally.