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Holiday Fitness Guide 2020Your 2021 Holiday Fitness Guide

The holidays pose unique scheduling challenges. Most people are busier than they are the rest of the year from November to New Year’s Day. If that sounds like you, you’ve likely experienced opposition about going to the gym. There are days where you don’t have the time to drive to the location and put in an hour for a good workout.

What do you do to get through the holidays and all of the challenges you face? Do you give up on your progress and start again on January 1st? The answer is, “No.” You’ve got options that allow you to maintain your current fitness routine with a few modifications.

Make Fitness Your Number One Priority This Holiday Season

Consider this your 2021 holiday fitness guide. Refer to it whenever you have questions or need advice on navigating the upcoming months and your highly busy schedule. You can take your fitness game to the next level with advanced preparation. Don’t let the allure of holiday feasts sidetrack you. The progress that you’ve made this past year is incredible and worth celebrating!

Below, you will find tips that will help improve your fitness routine in the upcoming weeks. Apply what you feel is relevant, and feel free to add your own healthy tips to your routine. You’ll find that the more you focus on health and wellness, the more you bring them effortlessly into your life.

Get up early in the morning to exercise.

If you find it impossible to get a workout in once the day has started, change your schedule. Make it the very first thing you do. Get up one hour earlier to give yourself plenty of time to get the day started on the right foot. You can get a lot of working out in while the rest of the world sleeps. Use that extra hour to your advantage by breaking a sweat. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to doing it.

Meal prep in advance to alleviate stress and use up fresh produce.

If you take time to plan out your meals and prep them in advance, you’ll always have something nutritious to eat. You’re able to have better control over portion size and calorie intake, too. Rather than let items expire in the fridge, you take into account them and use them in the meals you prep. Not only does it save you time, but it also saves you money. You won’t waste the expensive organic produce you bought because you couldn’t use it quickly enough.

Make rest a priority.

You may think it’s a good idea to sleep less so you can get more done. You’ll only end up tired and frustrated. Prioritize sleep by coming up with a good nighttime routine. You can try reading before bed or taking a warm bath. Put your phone away and make sure to draw your blackout curtains closed. You’ll sleep like a baby in the right conditions. Rest is what keeps you going, so make sure that you listen to your body and get enough quality sleep to help you feel energized each day.

Stay hydrated.

You need to drink as much water as you would in the summer in the winter. Keep a bottle that you can refill nearby and sip from it regularly. If you spend time in the kitchen cooking, remember that it can be very dehydrating. It doesn’t hurt to put a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt in your H2O to keep your electrolytes balanced. Without enough magnesium and potassium, your body cramps. You won’t feel like working out because your muscles hurt too much for you to do so reasonably.

Limit the number of activities you take on outside your regular schedule.

It’s easy to say “Yes,” to things you’d rather not do. For the sake of saving yourself time and sanity, limit how many obligations you agree to outside of your regular schedule. You’ll be able to enjoy the holidays more and stress far less. It’s something you want to think about before people start recruiting you as a volunteer.

Refrain from eating too many fatty, fried, sugary, and salty foods.

Choose whole foods that you can eat in their natural state. You’ll find that too many of the holiday foods are full of fat and calories. To keep yourself from sabotaging your progress, don’t eat these items if you can help it. Choose something more nutritious and just as satisfying. When the new year arrives, you’ll have a lot more to celebrate because you didn’t pack on extra pounds during the holidays.

The suggestions listed above are ones that you can implement easily. They may seem like common sense, but so many people forget about them because of the frenzy of holiday activities they participate in. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, make it a point to work out at home.

There are many videos online that you can watch that give you further instruction. If you have a home gym set up, take advantage of it. You can get up before your family or roommates do and get in a good workout before starting your day. It’s among the easiest ways to stay fit despite what’s going on around you because of the holiday season.

Be Happy and Fit Before the New Year Arrives

There are many ways to practice good health and wellness. When people are their most indulgent during the holidays, you can practice self-discipline and enjoy a better way of living. That way, you’re always one step closer to reaching your goals. It’s an excellent feeling that you carry long into the future.

The holidays can be your fittest season ever. Considering the challenges you face and your ability to overcome adversity, you’ve got a battle on your hands that you can win every time. You know why staying healthy and fit matters to you. Now, it’s time to put your plan into action and have the best holiday season that you’ve experienced to date.