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Home Gym For Women

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Jeff

If you find the set-up of an at-home gym daunting or think you’ll miss the exercise options a commercial gym provides, don’t worry. We have reviewed a selection of home gyms for women (and the rest of the family) that are easy to assemble and are incredibly versatile.

Women often find themselves unable to fit in regular gym sessions while juggling a career, parenting, and housework. There just isn’t always time during their busy day to go to a gym, not to mention the expense of having to commit to a long-term gym membership. 

Investing in an all-in-one home gym allows you to work out at your own pace in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your home, at times that are convenient for your particular schedule. So take a look at our review of premium gym equipment, perfect for any woman’s fitness needs.

Home Gyms for Women (Our Review) 

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 (Best Portable)

home gym for a woman

A home gym for women that you can take anywhere and everywhere, this compact and portable home gym comes with a carrying case for the base and a separate bag for the accessories.

Dimensions: 5” high, with a footprint of 19” x 22”

Product Weight: 20 lbs

If you don’t have the space to set up a standard home gym, this portable and collapsible gym can be stored underneath a bed or inside a closet. And if you want to keep up with your fitness routine while traveling, pack it in the trunk of your car to take along with you.

The BodyBoss combines a set of high-quality resistance bands with a sturdy anchoring base to provide stability while exercising. The base folds out into a wide platform with specially designed retractable hooks, to which you attach the resistance bands.

Setting up the BodyBoss couldn’t be easier. Simply affix one end of the resistance band to a hook and the other end to one of the included grips. Choose between handles that feel like lifting dumbbells or a bar that feels like lifting a barbell, stand on the platform, and “lift”.

Add a few accessories and you’re able to do more than 300 different exercises, targeting all major muscle groups. Perform almost any exercise that you do at a traditional gym. A workout guide is included, and you can watch their trainer-led workouts for free.

This budget-friendly home-fitness unit is available in a variety of colors and has rubber spacers underneath the base to prevent damage from occurring to your hardwood and laminate floors. Special rings are included, which when used to shorten the bands, create additional resistance.


  • Lightweight, portable, and collapsible
  • Rubber spaces prevent damage to your floors
  • Affordable
  • Simple and lightning-fast set-up


  • Not for die-hard fans of free weights

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine (Best Ab Machine)

best home gym for women

Get a great ab workout at home with this foldable and height-adjustable ab trainer, from Fitlaya Fitness. This ab machine also includes an LCD monitor for displaying your reps and calories burned.

Dimensions When In Use: 35.4” x 34.5” x 16.5”

Dimensions When Folded: 47” x 16.5” x 9.4”

Maximum User Weight: 440 lbs

Product Weight: 23 lbs

A top-quality ab/core trainer with a curved track & separated sliders, this machine is designed to target your ab and core muscles. But this user-friendly ab trainer won’t just tone your tummy, it will also target your upper body including shoulders, obliques, and all of your arm muscles.

It is easy to assemble, and thanks to its compact, foldable design, is ideal for women who live in very small apartments with extremely limited space. Simply follow the instructions provided to assemble it in under 5 minutes, and when it is not in use you can fold it and pack it away.

The Fitlaya Ab machine has a heavy-duty steel frame, knee cushion, and foam-covered handgrips, to ensure high durability and comfort during your workouts. It can support a user weight of up to 440 lbs, and thus can be safely used by heavier people too.

Maximize your ab workout with the 4 adjustable resistance levels, while the smart LCD training monitor displays your reps, workout time, and calorie expenditure.


  • High maximum weight capacity
  • Compact and foldable
  • Easy to assemble in less than 5 minutes
  • Suitable for beginners 
  • LCD monitor for displaying workout data.


  • Cushioning could be more comfortable.

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Mirror (Best Fitness Mirror)

best gyms for women at home

This beautiful smart connected fitness mirror takes up no floor space as it fits flush against a wall. It will bring your personal-trainer-led fitness session right into your home, when and where you need it. 

Dimensions: 39” x 20” x 2″ 

Product Weight: 26 lbs

Warranty: 1-year limited parts and labor.

No space? No problem. Make the smart decision and choose the Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirror. It fits flush against the wall, and the built-in camera will connect you with a personal trainer so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a live workout, in the comfort of your own home. 

Do yoga, pilates, or any form of cardio exercise while you view your reflection on the mirrored screen. You’ll be guided every step of the way to ensure that your form and technique are correct. And when switched off, a simple tap on the screen gives you the local weather forecast.

Membership is required to gain access to all the exercise classes, plus the extensive music library that caters to your every mood. But with high-energy cardio, strength training, boxing, pilates, yoga, and even Zumba classes whenever it suits you, you’ll decide it’s well worth it.


  • Zero footprint, as it fits flush against a wall
  • Many exercise classes to choose from
  • Choose from a team of professional personal trainers


  • Membership required to access workout classes 
  • No fitness equipment or weights included

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym (Best for Women With Families)

best women home gyms

Suitable for all women who want to get fit and tone their bodies. Thanks to its adjustable seat and backrest, it’s also suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Dimensions: 84” tall

Resistance: Equivalent to 210 lbs weight 

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, unlike traditional weight-stack home gyms, relies on resistance rods rather than actual solid weights. Despite this, it provides as challenging a workout as you’d get from using a plate-loaded home gym or by lifting free weights.

To ensure the right level of resistance for your workout routine, simply add or subtract the number of rods that are attached to the sides of the machine. The total resistance on this model is equivalent to 210 lbs weight, but upgrades can be purchased if you require extra resistance.

The Blaze has an aerobic rowing function, which will give you an effective cardio workout. Unfortunately, it does not include foot straps, which are essential to provide you with more safety and security while rowing.

If you’re a bit taller or shorter than the average person, you’ll find the adjustable seat and backrest are very convenient. This feature is also useful if other members of your household want to use the gym, as it is more than likely you’ll be of different heights.

If you enjoy watching exercise routine videos while working out, software called iTrainer can be purchased separately from the manufacturer. This software is not included with the gym, but you will receive an instruction guide to more than 80 exercises with the unit.

This machine is not designed for users who are aiming to bulk up, but rather for strengthening and toning. It’s a bit heavy and therefore not easily moved, but if you need more space when it’s not in use, it is foldable. 

At 84” tall, it’s taller than most home gyms, so consider the dimensions of your home if you’re keen on buying this unit. The overall footprint measures 95” x 38”. A space of 6 x 10 feet should allow sufficient clearance around the machine.


  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Foldable
  • Compatible with iTrainer 


  • No foot straps
  • Takes up a lot of space

Nordictrack Fusion CST (Best Overall)

which is the best home gym for women

This sleek, space-saving smart home gym offers a variety of strength-training activities and HIIT cardio workouts. View your heart rate reading directly on the machine thanks to the free iFit Bluetooth chest strap included with this unit.

Footprint: 73.5″  x  60.5″  x  41.5″ 

Resistance: Magnetic

Product Weight: 350 lbs

Warranty: 10 years on the frame and one year on parts & labor.

The NordicTrack Fusion CST provides an authentic studio gym experience in your own home. Free 30 days iFIT family membership is also included so that you can follow a professional iFit trainer on the 22-inch smart HD touchscreen as they lead you through your chosen workout. 

Follow your iFIT Trainer through intense workouts and view your workout metrics such as speed and calories burned, on the touchscreen tablet. Enjoy your iFIT workout on the included Portal 10i tablet, or attach your smartphone to the machine with the integrated tablet holder.

Positioned in low, mid, and high positions, the 6-pulley system offers several exercise options for targeting specific muscle groups. To work out your legs and build extra muscle strength, just attach the included ankle straps to the lowest pulleys. 

The Fusion CST virtual trainer will digitally control the 20 levels of silent magnetic resistance so that you can just focus on your workout. But if you prefer to adjust the resistance yourself, you can do so easily with the touch of a button. Manual adjustment of the pulleys is also possible.

Specially designed ergonomically shaped handles that allow for a more comfortable workout, are easily attached and removed. The 95” long cable accommodates users of all heights.


  • 20 levels of resistance that can be adjusted automatically
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • The iFit app offers a variety of challenging workouts
  • A free Bluetooth heart-rate strap is included
  • Integrated tablet holder


  • The unit is quite heavy

Body By Jake Tower 200 Complete Door Gym (Best For Women With Tiny Apartments)

Do you think you don’t have enough space for a gym at home? Think again. Exercise your upper and lower body with this gym apparatus, which slides onto any door in seconds for a total-body workout.

Dimensions:‎ 24.02” x 5.98” x 14.02”

Resistance: Resistance bands that offer up to 200lbs of resistance

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

You can do a total of 200 exercises with this easy-to-use, multi-functional piece of fitness equipment. It has a durable steel frame that fits onto your door, for the ultimate home gym convenience that gives your entire body a strength-training workout.

This gym is great for women who want to strengthen and tone their bodies, but don’t want to bulk up, and is the perfect solution if you don’t have space for a traditional gym machine at home. 

Simply slide it onto your door frame when you want to work out, and remove it and fold it up to pack it away when it is not needed.

It includes 2 Ankle straps that can be used for leg resistance exercises, as well as a  nutritional guide, several workout DVDs, and an exercise chart to help you attain your fitness goals.


  • Easy to use, hardly any set-up required
  • Fits onto any door
  • Great for tiny apartments 
  • Ankle straps for leg exercises
  • Exercise chart, nutritional guide, and workout DVDs 


  • Not the gym for you if you want more variety than resistance bands

Total Gym XLS Home Gym (Best Foldable Gym For Women)

the best home gym for women

No assembly is required for this compact home gym, and it folds up for easy and convenient storage. This home gym cable pulley system will work out your entire body with over 80 exercises. 

Dimensions: 90” x 19” x 43” 

Folded dimensions 51” x 19” x 9” 

Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

This gym features a glide board with attachments that work out different muscle groups: a  ribbed squat stand, wing attachment, leg pull accessory with 2 ankle cuffs, and comfortable soft nylon strap handles for your comfort while exercising. 

Leg pull accessories are included to target your quads, and wing attachments zone in on your back and arms. You’ll have plenty of motivation to reach your fitness goals, thanks to an exercise chart, meal planning guide, and access to workout videos on Total Gym TV.

As you get fitter you’ll want more of a challenge. But there are 6 levels of resistance to choose from, so you’re guaranteed a challenging workout. Simply increase the resistance by increasing the incline of the glide board.

If you have mobility issues and require a home gym machine with more support, this may not be for you. But for most women, this product’s simplicity and convenience make it a winner.

This bodyweight resistance apparatus is not only simple to use, and easy to store, it’s been tried and recommended by celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.


  • Compact
  • Foldable
  • Easy to use, great for beginners
  • Recommended by celebrities
  • Useful extras such as access to workout videos and an exercise chart


  • Not the home gym for you if you have mobility issues

O-Conn Portable Home Gym (Best for Women On-the-Go)

the best women home gym

Don’t have the space for a lot of gym equipment? Want to be able to work out anytime, anywhere? With this portable gym you’ll have the convenience of a portable gym, and the workout you’d get from a room full of gym equipment.

Package Dimensions: 21.7” x 17.2” x 2.8” 

The O-Conn Portable Home Gym promises to give you a fat-burning, body-sculpting workout, with the benefits you’d see from push-ups and squats.

No matter your fitness level, you’ll find this multi-functional compact gym easy to use. It includes instructions that take you through the process, so even absolute beginners can work out with confidence.

Made with extremely durable yet lightweight material, it can withstand up to 300lbs of weight but weighs only 7lbs. 

The base is foldable, and in combination with resistance ropes and push-up bars that slot into the various positions on the base, you can perform a multitude of exercises. 

The O-Conn Portable Gym includes a pilates bar and resistance bands, adjustable connectors, a door anchor, training handles, and a non-slip mat. It is easily adjustable by adding, lengthening, or shortening the resistance bands. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Store it in a closet when not in use
  • Perfect if you don’t have the space for gym equipment
  • Easy enough for beginners
  • No real set-up required


  • Very limited if you are used to using lots of different equipment


Consider your lifestyle, the dimensions of your home, and your fitness needs when choosing home gym equipment. Do you have a lot of space? Would you need to be able to store it, or travel with it? Do you have a partner or family who may want to use the home gym, too?

For those of you with no available floor space, you can’t beat the Echelon Reflect Fitness Mirror. If you need something portable, the BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 is the best choice for you. But if you’re wanting your whole family to exercise and stay fit, the Bowflex Blaze is your best bet.

With so many home gym options available to women, you’re guaranteed to find one that’s right for you. Our top pick, the Nordictrack Fusion CST is designed to give you an authentic studio-gym experience, combined with technology that’ll take your workouts to the next level.

Home Gym For Women (FAQ) 

Are there home gyms that are suitable for the whole family?

Yes, many home gyms are available that are suitable for the entire family to use. Look out for features such as adjustable seats and backrests, or other adjustable features where applicable, to accommodate the different heights of the members of your household.

How much space do I need for a home gym?

There are different types of home gym equipment, each with its own space requirements. Some units are extremely compact, and there are wall-mounted options as well if your home is very short on space. Compact, collapsible models allow you to store them when not in use.

Will I bulk up from using my home gym?

It depends on whether that is your goal or not because different types of gyms will give different types of workouts. If you intend to bulk up, a complete home gym with free weights may be best for you. If this is not your goal, rather opt for home gyms that use resistance bands.

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