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BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym Review

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Jeff

bodycraft-xpress-pro-home-gymBodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym Overview:

BodyCraft has built a strong home gym with the XPress Pro. It has a heavy 2”x3” and 2”x2” steel tubing frame with electrostatic powder coat paint. The pulleys are 4.5” diameter and provide a smooth, fluid motion. The cables are internally lubricated and rated at 2000 lb tensile strength. This machine is built to last and backed with a lifetime warranty.

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym is an innovative system that utilizes adjustable cable arms to open up hundreds of exercises. The adjustable cable arms move 180 degrees to allow you an extremely wide range of workout options. This machine is said to be the first with this design and has since been copied by virtually every other home gym. The pulleys and cables create unrestricted, completely natural, and biomechanically correct movements.

The BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym utilizes a 200 lb weight stack to provide resistance for all of its exercises. This home gym also has a unique design with double cables that increases the press arm resistance up to 400 lbs.

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Technical Info:


  • Length: 83”
  • Width: 57”
  • Height: 82.75”


  • Unique double-up feature increases the resistance to a 1:2 ratio, providing up to 400 lbs of resistance on the press arm.
  • Adjustable arms cable station with 11 position adjustments allows for a very wide array of exercises including functional training, sports specific, core training and 9cable) dumbbell training.
  • Ab crunch/mid pulley station for abdominal training, standing rows, etc.
  • Low pulley station for low rows and provides for abductor and adductor leg kicks, arm curls, upright rows, etc.
  • High pulley station for lat pull downs and triceps push downs.
  • Leg extension and curl station provides seated leg extension and standing leg curl.
  • Fully adjustable seat to fit any size user. The seat is easily adjusted while sitting. Simply squeeze the remote handle conveniently placed under the seat and the spring-assisted seat easily moves to your desired height.
  • Ergonomically designed back adjusts front-to-back then automatically cradles the user for full support. The dual-layered back pad is designed to provide full lumbar support while reducing stress on the spine.
  • Sealed, internally lubricated bearings at pivot points for exceptionally smooth performance.
  • Space saving design allows placement against the wall.
  • Press and row station with adjustable starting point. This allows for different size users and also provides a variety of exercises including bench press, incline press, shoulder press and mid row. Seat and seat back are adjustable. Back pad tilts to ensure full support when performing incline and shoulder press.
  • Optional leg press for full leg development.


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: Lifetime
  • Warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship for the original owner only. Does not apply to normal wear and tear.

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

To assemble the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym you’re going to have to put in a full shift; maybe two. Depending on how much patience you have and how skilled you are at following directions and assembly will depend on how long the process will take. Some people said they were able to do it in 6-8 hours with help, others took around 12 hours and some broke it up over a couple days. There are a lot of parts and a lot of them are individually wrapped. Thankfully, assembling a home gym is a onetime event.

What We Love About the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym:

Weight Stack Double-Up Feature

The XPress Pro Home Gym features a 200 lb weight stack. 200 lbs is typical for home gyms in this price range and is good for nearly all exercises and users. There are some exercises, however, that people can often lift over 200 lbs, like the bench press. Most home gyms will provide upgrades to allow you to get more weight, but BodyCraft had another idea. The XPress Pro Home Gym utilizes a unique system that increases the weight stack resistance. Utilizing a pulley design, the 200 lb weight stack is converted into 400 lbs of resistance on the press arm. This is a great design feature that you’ll need to pay extra for on competitor home gyms.

Other Considerations:


It’s hard to find a flaw on the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym: so much so that we can only really point out the high price. By doing some research you can find other high quality home gyms that will offer the same number exercises for a fraction of the price. Before you decide on your purchase, make sure you check out some of our other reviews. Some lower cost alternatives that you might want to check out are the Body-Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S and the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE.

Lower Body Workouts

Another big drawback of the XPress Pro Home Gym is that there aren’t a whole lot of lower body workout options. If you want to get more lower body workouts, you’ll need to dish out another $400 for the leg press upgrade or look at other home gyms like the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym. Check out our review of this machine.

Final Word on the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym:

The BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym is a solid machine. It is well constructed and is going to last a lifetime. That’s guaranteed by the BodyCraft warranty. This home gym has high grade components and a unique design including 180 degree adjustable cable arms and pulley system that pumps the 200 lb weight stack up to 400 lbs. It’s a great machine for the price. If you can’t afford the price though they are plenty of cheaper choices that get you the same exercises.

Click here to check the price of the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym on Amazon.

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