Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym Review

Gracelove Fitness Home GymHome Gym Overview:

The Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym is a well made piece of multi-fitness exercise equipment geared toward all fitness levels. The resistance band system is great for novice users looking to burn calories and lose fat. This compact home gym will get your heart rate up with tons of exercises that focus on the upper and lower body as well as your core.

If you’re looking to build muscle, you can use the Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym as a standard exercise bench and exercise with dumbbells. With a weight capacity up to 330 lbs, it is sure to accommodate the use of heavy weights. So whether you’re a beginner and looking to get a little healthier, or you’re an advanced exerciser looking to build muscle, the Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym can get you the results that you’re looking for.


Technical Info:


  • Length: 52.3”
  • Width: 23.4”
  • Height: 38.2”

Features:Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym

  • Foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to take with and convenient to store.
  • Ideal for dumbbell exercises and other weight lifting workouts.
  • Foam-covered handgrips for comfort during leg raises and the cushion is soft enough to protect yourself when exercising.
  • 330 lb weight capacity.


  • 30 days

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the Gracelove Home Gym depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as, will provide free shipping.

The Gracelove Fitness Home Gym does not come completely assembled, but it doesn’t take a whole lot to get it together. You’ll only need basic tools like a screwdriver and a wrench. You only need to attach the main parts of the machine. Using the instructions, this should only take you about 20 minutes.

What We Love About the Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym:


For a very simple design, the Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym is very versatile. The basic design allows you to use resistance bands for a full body workout. There are tons of exercises that you can do that focus on the upper and lower body as well as the abdominals. What’s really nice though is that the arms can be moved out of the way so the bench can also be used for other exercises. This bench can easily be used for tons of dumbbell exercises as well to build strength. Even with its small design, this home gym is designed to hold up to 330 lbs. That should be more than enough to accommodate most user and additional handheld weights.

What Isn’t So Great:


The resistance system on the Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym is by far the weakest attribute of the machine. The amount of resistance is not enough for even some novice exercisers. There are three (black, red and grey) bands for each of the arms and for the legs. To add resistance you simply add more bands to the arms or leg extension. The resistance on this home gym is not enough to build muscle.

The Gracelove Home Gym can be used to get your heart rate up in order to burn calories, but that’s it. If you’re looking for a home gym to build mass, this isn’t the gym for you. Furthermore, as we always warn with resistance band gyms, these bands will eventually lose elasticity. So, what minimal resistance you do have, is eventually going to become less. You’ll need to buy replacement bands for your machine.

Final Word on the Gracelove Fitness Exercise Ab Bench Home Gym:

The Gracelove Home Gym is a good entry-level gym option. This gym can accommodate a lot of users with its 330 lb weight capacity. It can also accommodate a lot of exercises with both its resistance band set-up and its bench design that allows it to be used nicely with dumbbells. While this home gym is a great choice for beginners, it may not satisfy many experienced exercisers with its low resistance. If you’re looking to build muscle, you’re going to have to upgrade to a gym with a lot more resistance. Protection Status


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