Marcy Combo Smith Machine Review

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marcy-combo-smith-machine-home-gym-fitnessLet’s Get Started:

Get serious about getting in shape with the Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine. This all-in-one home gym offers everything you need to tone and strengthen all major muscle groups. The Marcy Combo Smith Machine utilizes a smith-style press bar with adjustable safety stops to allow you to perform a variety of powerful strength training workouts. It also has an independent motion pulley system that allows for cable crossover possibilities, a pull-up bar for building bulk in your upper back, a total leg developer that allows you to strengthen major lower body muscle groups and a multi-purpose back pad so that you can experience a safe and customizable training experience. Four convenient storage posts make it easy for you to organize your Olympic weight plates. With 14-gauge square steel tubing, the Marcy Combo Smith Machine offers very solid construction that will provide years of heavy use.

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Technical Info:


  • Length: 98”
  • Width: 59”
  • Height: 82”


  • All-in-one home gym trainer system provides a complete body workout.
  • Adjustable back pad allows you to work your upper body from a variety of different angles while remaining safe and comfortable.
  • Top notch cable system allows you to work your chest and shoulders through various crossover workouts.
  • Conveniently placed safety catches allow for a safe and efficient strength training workout.
  • Two crossover pulleys make it easy to perform a number of crossover workouts in the comfort of your own home.
  • A bottom pulley allows you to train your lower body even harder while a conveniently placed foot plate prevents damage and injury.
  • A total leg developer offers a safe and comfortable method for bulking up all major lower body muscles.
  • Four conveniently placed storage posts (two on each side) offer a great way to organize and store your Olympic weight plates.
  • A sturdy pull-up bar allows you to use your own body weight to strengthen your shoulders, arms and back.
  • Use the multi-function bench independently with dumbbells or in combination with the smith-style system.
  • Includes V bar, shiver bar, triceps rope, chain link, ankle strap and two handles.


  • Frame: 2 years. *Warranty applies to the original owner only.

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the Marcy Combo Smith Machine depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as, may provide free shipping.

The Combo Smith Machine will take a bit of time to assemble. There are a lot of nuts and bolts. But have patience and you’ll get through it.

What We Love About the Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Home Gym:marcy-combo-smith-machine-fitness-gym


At this price, the Marcy Combo Smith Machine is tough to beat. You get a ton of exercise options with this machine. Every exercise you do in a gym, you can do on this machine. You have the flexibility of a pulley machine, smith machine or free weights. Along with these three systems, you also get pec fly station to work your chest.

There’s a leg developer attachment to work you legs, or you can use the smith machine for squats. The high and low pulleys are great for working your back. Even with all of these exercises, you still have more options if you choose to pull the bench out and use dumbbells. With the Marcy Combo Smith Machine, you’ll never need another piece of exercise equipment.

Other Considerations:


Don’t get us wrong, the Marcy Combo Smith Machine works well and is about what you should expect in this price range, but there are some things that we can point out that could be better. First, if you are tall, this machine may restrict some of your movements. For example, longer legs make working the leg developer a little difficult. Using the upper pulleys for cable crossovers may not provide enough range of motion for taller users. It’s apparent in the functionality of this home gym that it was designed for the average user. Another functionality issue that could be better is the movement of the smith machine. Again, it works fine, but it’s not as smooth as some may like. This is more noticeable while performing squats if you don’t have the bar completely horizontal. These are just a couple areas of opportunity for Marcy in future versions of the Combo Smith Machine.


Like a lot of other home gyms that use weight plates, the most obvious drawback is that the weights are a separate purchase. So not only are you dishing out an investment for the machine, but you’re going to have to open your wallet to get weight plates to fit this gym. This can jack up the price of your home gym pretty quickly and may make you consider buying an upgraded weight stack or resistance rod gym that is ready to go straight from the box. A couple of alternatives down this avenue are the Powerline BSG10X Home Gym or the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym. Make sure you check out our reviews of these machines.

Final Word on the Marcy Combo Smith Home Gym Machine:

You really can’t go wrong with the Marcy Combo Smith Machine. This machine offers you more exercise options than you’ll ever need. The machine itself provides exercises through pulleys or smith machine movements packed with weigh plates, or you can always pull the bench out and workout with dumbbells. This machine will get you the full-body workout that you’re looking for. One precaution that will put out there is that if you’re a tall person, you may not get the full functionality and movement from this machines exercises. If you’re taller, you may want to try this home gym out before making the purchase. Rating: 90/100

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