Weider Home Gym Review

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff


Get your strength routine started with the Weider Home Gym. With a variety of muscle sculpting stations, this home gym delivers everything you need to start your home strength training. The six stations on this home gym include high pulley, chest press, chest flys, leg developer, preacher curl and low pulley station. It also has a sewn vinyl seat for comfort during every exercise. The Weider Home Gym also includes an exercise chart so you can make the most of your workout time and effectively work out each muscle group.

The Weider Home Gym has a durable steel tubing construction, making it capable of lasting for a long time. Depending on the exercise and the number of weights selected, the cable-pulley system offers up to 214 lbs of resistance. The vinyl weight stack offers durability and fluid movement. The high pulley and lat bar focus on you back and lats, allowing for multiple hand positions for the perfect feel.

You can also easily hit every major muscle group including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, forearms, rhomboids and more. The leg developer makes sure you’re not forgetting about your lower body routines too. This machine helps you get the most out of your workout.

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Technical Info:


  • Length: 65”
  • Width: 37”
  • Height: 76”


  • 80 lb vinyl weight stack utilizes an efficient cable-pulley system to provide up to 214 lbs of resistance.
  • Four roll leg developer facilitates lower body muscle development.
  • High pulley with lat bar fine tunes your lats and back and allows a wide variety of hand positions.
  • Chest fly system builds and adds definition to your major and minor pectoral muscles, as well as your shoulders.
  • Low pulley allows you to perform a variety of exercises to work every muscle group in the arms including biceps, triceps, and forearms. You can also focus on your deltoids, trapezius and rhomboids with more exercise options.
  • Preacher pad allows you to add intense workouts for biceps and forearms.
  • Ankle strap with handle.
  • Exercise chart.


  • Parts & Labor: 90 days

Warranty applies to the original owner only.

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the Weider Home Gym depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

The assembly manual walks you through 33 steps in assembling the Weider Home Gym. There are a lot of nuts and bolts to this gym, but not a lot of overall components. The assembly process goes fairly quickly. You should only need a couple wrenches, a flathead and Philips head screwdriver and maybe a mallet. The instructions are illustrated well enough to get you through the process in 2-3 hours.

What We Love About the Weider Home Gym:


In this price range finding a good home gym design is tough. Most of your options are bodyweight benches with variable incline levels and resistance bands. Finding a weight stack home gym is nearly impossible, but the Weider Home Gym is one. The 80 lb weight stack provides up to 214 lbs of resistance with its cable-pulley system. This machine has high and low pulleys, a leg developer and a chest press/butterfly. With this design you are able to work ever major muscle group in the upper and lower body.

Other Considerations:

The Weider Home Gym has a 300 lb weight capacity but it is a very compact machine. There is a single square steel tube base with a small front support and a little larger back support. I guess it’s a good thing that the weight stack is only 80 lbs or this home gym might really get rocking while exercising. The Weider Home Gym itself weighs 196 lbs, so if you’re at the top of the weight capacity, you better have some good balance while performing the chest press and butterflies. Reports are that its small compact size also makes it difficult for larger or taller users to get full range of motion during exercises.

Final Word on the Weider Home Gym:

You can’t complain about the price of the Weider Home Gym. For a very low price, you are getting a complete body workout gym with a weight stack resistance system. That’s a far better resistance system than most home gyms in this price range. The one complaint that isn’t unusual in this price range is that due to its compact size, it may not fit larger individuals. Even so, it’s a great entry level home gym to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.