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Don’t give up on your fitness goals because of the obstacles in your way.

Everyone experiences setbacks. The sign of a true champion, however, is how quickly you put yourself back on track after you do encounter an obstacle. After all, no one said it was going to be easy, right? If you want something bad enough, you must be willing to work hard for it. That is certainly the case with your health and fitness. You won’t get the results that you want by simply wishing they existed.

Getting Back on Track When You’ve Been on an Exercise Hiatus

If you’ve recently strayed from your workout routine because one thing or another got in your way, don’t worry. We’ve been there and know exactly what to do to rekindle the fire inside you. The following list of suggestions are ways to breathe new life into your workouts once again. That way, it becomes harder and harder to skip out on them despite what’s going on in your life.

Here are some ways to renew your passion for exercising once again:

  • Buy new workout gear. A new pair of running shorts or shoes makes a world of difference in how you feel. If you dress the part, you’ll assume the role of an athlete once again. The right workout gear uplifts your spirit and helps you achieve the performance that you’re hoping to accomplish inside and outside the gym. Pick an item or two that you’re excited about wearing. Hang it up or put it in a location where you’ll see the gear often. You’ll feel invigorated and inspired to take action when you do.
  • Try an exercise or sport you’ve never done before. It’s important for you not to get stuck in a rut again. One of the best ways to get past your own self-imposed challenges is to change the neural pathways in your brain. By forcing yourself to learn a new type of exercise or sport, you’re literally changing your brain. You’re getting a good mental workout, too, because it’s trying to take in and interpret all the new knowledge and stimuli it’s receiving. Change is good. Embrace it with enthusiasm so you’re able to grow as a person and achieve a state of better physical and mental fitness because of it.
  • Recruit an accountability buddy to go on your journey with you. It’s so much easier to get back on track if you have someone you can rely on to help you do so. If you don’t have a relative or friends who share the same schedule as you, why not seek the guidance of a personal trainer? They’ll show up when you ask them to, give you plenty of support, and even help you find the right series of exercises to do that help you achieve your goals quickly. You’ll benefit from the relationship you forge with the person who serves as your accountability buddy. It will be built on trust and determination which helps you get past the hard times you’ll experience in the future.
  • Do 30 minutes of outdoor activities before settling in for the night. It’s easy to claim that you’re just too tired or busy to work out now that you’ve fallen out of your routine. Make yourself a promise. Do 30 minutes of outdoor activities before retiring for the evening indoors. Clean up the yard, shoot some hoops with the kids or take the dog for a quick jog around the neighborhood. Every minute counts so make sure that you get your heart rate up so you can burn those excess calories that have been hanging around lately. You can always Netflix and chill after you’ve worked up a sweat.
  • Keep your gym bag stocked and available at all times. You’ll never have an excuse not to drop by the gym that way. You’ll have the clothes you need to work out in. You’ll also have a change of clothing that allows you to go to your next destination without missing a beat. It doesn’t matter if it’s work in the morning or for drinks with friends in the evening. You’ll still have gotten a workout in and be able to enjoy the benefits of living a full but rewarding life. 
  • Follow fitness influencers online and consume their content. Learn everything you can from them so you can make a comeback that is stronger and more bullet-proof than before. You won’t worry about losing your way once again because you’ll be fired up and ready to achieve everything you set out to do and more the first time around. You’ll have access to people who also faced setbacks, overcame them, and was better for the experience.

You’re only human. You’re going to find there are times in your life where it’s easy to stay motivated and on track when it comes to your fitness goals. Other times, it may seem impossible. You’ll stumble and fall but as long as you stay positive and use the tools you’ve developed in the process, you’ll succeed.

The true sign of a champion is acknowledging the struggle and deciding that the fight is worth the cost. You pick yourself up again and start plugging away at your newest set of fitness goals. That way, you can make the comeback of all comebacks and feel better because of the experience.

Get Over Your Setbacks By Keeping Your Focus on the Prize

Don’t give up on your fitness goals because you’ve experienced some setbacks. Remember that life is a journey, not a race. When you invest in your health, you’re making a lifetime commitment to being well. There is no deadline involved with becoming physically and mentally fit.

Things will come along in your life repeatedly that need your immediate attention. You won’t stray too far off track because of the skills that you developed this time around. You’ll have the resources and support needed to get back to exercising much sooner than you originally anticipated you would.