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How to Move an Elliptical – A Step-By-Step Instruction

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Jeff

How to Move an Elliptical

Ellipticals are some of the best home workout devices that you’d ever use. They work on so many different muscle groups; hence, they manage to energize the entire body and help you build a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Nonetheless, they’re rather bulky, and moving them from one place to another can be a tiresome task.

First Method how to move an elliptical machine

Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. We’ve got two main methods that you can use to move an elliptical from one place to another. The first one involves moving the elliptical as a whole; you don’t need to disassemble it or change anything about the device.

The advantage of that method is that it involves fewer steps and very little mess. Still, it’s a bit harder and trickier than the second method due to the constant presence of the arms and foot pedals.

Plan Your Move

The first thing that you need to do is map out your move. Try to remove any obstacles that will be present in your way, such as furniture and other appliances. If there’s carpet that can be removed, do that as well. 

Thoroughly know the pathway that you’re going to trespass so that you recognize If there are any sharp turns that you need to take care of or tight spaces that you’d have to wiggle through. 

Preparation is essential for you to move such a massive device from one place to another, with minimal damage.

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Get Help

The best way to go about things when moving an elliptical is to find help. Two individuals, along with yourself, would do the job just fine, especially if you’re moving it up or down the stairs. 

In that case, you’ll need two people to hold the heavier part of the elliptical, which is the back half carrying the mechanism, and one person holding the front of the elliptical, which is slightly lighter. 

However, if you’re moving it across one floor, then one helper would be more than enough.

Gather Your Supplies

Put all of your supplies next to you, as you don’t want to go through with one step, then have to rush to another place to get what you need. The process can already be messy, and you don’t want to make it any more complicated. 

Here are the supplies you could need: 

  • Furniture dolly 
  • Furniture blankets 
  • Tie-down strap with a ratchet tie

Secure Your Elliptical how to move an elliptical trainer

As we’ve said before, the elliptical arms and foot pedals can create a lot of trouble, as they’re constantly moving. They can easily poke holes in your walls, or even worse, injure someone badly. 

Subsequently, they must be secured and tied down carefully, and that’s what the tie-down strap and ratchet tie are there for. You’ll lift up one side of the elliptical, front or back, and slide the strap underneath the elliptical.

Next, you’ll use the ratchet tie to hold the legs in place as snuggly as possible so that they don’t move at all.

However, keep in mind that if you put way too much pressure on the arms of the elliptical, the ratchet ties might slip, and all that you’ve done will be for naught. 


Furniture DollyFurniture Dolly

Our next player is the furniture dolly. That is essential for the move. Some people might say that the elliptical already comes with transport wheels, so let’s just wheel it from one place to another. The result here will be you saying goodbye to your hardwood floors, as you’ll need to replace them.

The transport wheels are designed for placing the elliptical in its situation; hence, making small movements while it stays where it is. But, when you put the entire weight of the elliptical on the small transport wheels, they’re bound to dig into your floors and ruin them forever.

Consequently, you’ll have to load your elliptical on a furniture dolly, place the dolly in front of your elliptical, raise the front side of it and place the transport wheels on top of the dolly, then roll your elliptical on top. 

Just make sure that the device is as centered as possible on the dolly to avoid any accidents.

Protect Your Walls

Don’t forget to cover your elliptical with furniture blankets so that it doesn’t scratch your walls, mark them, or damage them in any possible way. Also, that will protect the elliptical itself from being scratched or dented.

Second Method

Our second method is easier in transportation but messier. What we depend on for this method is disassembling the arms and the foot pedals so that you have the frame with the seat as an entity and the handles with the foot pedals as a separate entity. 

Instructions Manual elliptical instructions manual

The very first thing that you need to do here is to refer to your instructions manual so that you know how you can safely disassemble the foot pedals. Know everything that you need to about all of the pegs, nails, and cogs so that nothing is lost or misplaced.

Take Photos 

Another thing that you can do is take detailed photos of your elliptical. Subsequently, if anything is not appropriately shown in the instruction manual, you’ll have your photos to go back to and imitate.


Now, it’s time to disassemble the handles and the foot pedals. Don’t forget to use the proper tools with the proper sizes, so you don’t ruin any nails or pegs. Also, be very careful during the process as the arms are very long and heavy. They might easily fall and injure you.

Collect All Small Pieces

Carefully gather all of the nails and pegs in a ziplock bag, and place them in a secure place away from any pets or children so that none of them is lost. Another thing that you can do is dividing them into groups according to where they go and labeling these groups carefully. That will make the assembly process much easier.

Movehow to move an elliptical down stairs

Now that you’ve moved the troublesome arms and pedals to the next destination, all you’ve got to do is load the elliptical frame onto a furniture dolly and move it.


The only thing left for you to do now is to assemble the elliptical. Take all of the information you’ve gathered from the instruction manual, the labeled bags, elliptical reviews, and the photos you’ve taken, and make sure that you forgot nothing. Don’t get on that elliptical unless you’re confident that everything is in place.

Protect Your Walls

Although we’re still dealing with the frame on its own while we move it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t scratch or damage your walls. Consequently, using furniture blankets here too is considered a wise decision.

Final Thoughts 

Renovations are mostly always good decisions. They make everything feel fresher, and they motivate people to lead a healthier life. Hence, moving your elliptical might very much encourage you to get on it more frequently.

Just be careful with the moving process; don’t hurt yourself, walls, or friends. Plus, don’t try to take the easy way out. 

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