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Ideal Exercises to Do Outdoors in the Fall

Make the most of your environment before the cold sets in.

Fall is a great time to exercise outdoors for many reasons. Not only is it cooler which prevents your body from overheating and making it feel ill, autumn also offers a fantastic amount of freedom because there is a level of spaciousness that comes with working out in a natural setting. From expansive city parks to winding walking trails, you’ve got options.

In fact, you may find it hard to go back to the gym in the winter after spending additional time outdoors. Spending time in nature has distinct mental health benefits. In fact, the Japanese are known to “forest bathe” which is essentially basking in all the glory that the natural world provides.

The Cool Crisp Air of Autumn Provides the Perfect Atmosphere for Working Out

Here are some of the most ideal exercises to do outdoors in the fall:


Not only are you able to clear your mind in the crisp autumn air, you’re also toning muscles, burning calories, and even socializing. Walking is a low impact exercise that can be done with family or friends. You can even take your pet for a walk if you want.


Give your heart a good jog by running. You’ll feel a great deal better because you did. If you want a natural way to wake up in the morning, go for a run. It works better than caffeine in increasing alertness. You’ll be ready to tackle your day enthusiastically with the cool air hitting your face and body to make you feel alive.


If you have the opportunity to commute to work safely by bicycle, make it a point to do so. Not only will you get a good workout in riding to and from home and work, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint, burn excess calories, and see things that you’d normally miss while commuting by car, bus or train.


Depending on your experience, you can easily traverse different types of terrain in the area you live in. You’re able to explore hilly or wooded areas, too. You’ll experience steep inclines that give your muscles a good burn. You’ll also be able to climb to the top of hills and mountains which gives your body a thorough workout.

Doing yard work such as raking leaves is another way to get in some extra exercise outdoors. Be creative with your approach, and you’ll be rewarded with a gift of good health. You’ll be the most active and physically fit version of yourself.

Make the Most of Fall by Changing Up Your Fitness Routine

If your days spent outdoors are limited because of the part of the country you live in suffers from harsh winters, you’ll want to make the most you can out of fall. Rather than exercise indoors, why not continue your workout routine outside while the weather is cooler? Now that you know which types of exercises are ideal for fall, you can decide which outdoor setting to do them in. You’ll have the added benefit of crisp, fresh air, a rapidly-changing natural environment, and plenty of room to spread out.