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Impex Home Gym

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Jeff

Impex Home Gym (Brand Review)

Impex Home Gyms have a long-standing reputation in the fitness industry. Founded in 1982, they have acquired and licensed several high-profile brands over the years.

In this review, we look at the top weight machines for home use, made by Impex Fitness and distributed under the Marcy brand name. 

Impex Home Gym Overall Assessment 


Impex Fitness is known for providing innovative, high-quality fitness products, as well as excellent customer service.


Impex Fitness home gyms are competitively priced, making them more affordable and thus more accessible to a wide range of users.


Impex manufactures strength-training and fitness products for several fitness equipment companies, and distributes major brands such as Competitor and Apex Home Gyms, as well as Marcy Home Gyms, catering to specific fitness genres. 

Other Criteria: Maximum Weight 

The models below have a maximum weight capacity (total weight of machine weights plus user weight combined) of 600 lbs, much higher than the Perfect Trainer Home Gym.

Other Criteria: Beginner-Friendly

The featured Impex home gyms, distributed under the Marcy brand, are as easy to use as the Bio Flex Home Gym, and even beginners can use them. These models are intended for home use only.

Best Impex Marcy Home Gym Models 

Marcy Pro 2-Station Home Gym PM-4510

marcy by impex home gym

Dimensions: 57” x 54” x  86”

This compact dual-station home gym includes a bench press and leg curl station, a high/low functional training station, and an adjustable seat to maximize your exercise routine.

Perform more than 30 strength-building and toning exercises, and include the Leg Curl Station to work out your lower body too for a total-body workout. Weight is adjustable up to 200 lbs.



Marcy 100 lbs Stack Home Gym  MKM-81030

impex marcy home gym

Dimensions: 57” x 34” x 80”

High and low pulley stations allow countless exercises that work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles, and the dual-action press arms enable chest presses and pec fly exercises.

Target your hamstrings, quads, and glutes with the leg developer, for a full-body workout. Exercise comfortably on a seat upholstered in durable vinyl, and padded with high-density foam. 

Vinyl-coated for durability, the weight stack is adjustable up to 100 lbs and has a safety lock. 



Marcy Pro Smith Cage Home Gym Training System SM-4903

marcy impex home gym

Cage Dimensions: 86″  x 73″ x 85″

Bench Dimensions: 48″  x 27″  x 49”

A 3-in-1 total body training system in a 2-piece unit made of heavy-duty tubular steel, with a durable powder-coated finish. It has adjustable Smith bar catches, Olympic safety stoppers, and a dual overhead pulley system. 

This gym combines a Smith machine, Olympic free-weight rack, and a cable routed pulley system with a 2000 lbs tensile strength aircraft cable, all in one compact unit.



Marcy SB-350 Utility Bench

mpex home gym

Dimensions:65” x 23” x 45.5”

The SB-350 features a sturdy and durable powder-coated steel frame, and high-density foam-padded upholstery. It fits most Smith machines, racks, and cages.

Change the angle of the backrest from incline to flat to decline, to work different muscles.

Target your glutes, hamstrings, and quads with the leg developer attachment, by doing leg extensions and leg curls with the 2-position padded bar and weight post. 

Transport wheels, in conjunction with a convenient handle, allow it to be tilted back and wheeled along when you need to move it.



Unlike the Stamina Power Tower Home Gym, these models make use of weights to give you optimum strength training and muscle development, and give a total-body workout like you would get doing weights at a commercial gym, in your home.

Impex Fitness is known and trusted by many top fitness equipment companies. Trust them to give you the strong, well-defined body you deserve. 

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