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  5. Incredible Ways to Remain Motivated When Everything States You Should Fail

Failure is avoidable. You simply don’t do the things you know you should do. That way, you’re not being challenged to change and can simply stay where you are in a bubble of complacency. If that doesn’t sound like the type of person that you are, you know that failure is simply proof that you tried something but it didn’t go your way. Once you start seeing it as a gift and not a barrier, you’ll be brave enough to try everything in life that you dream of doing.

Today’s Fast-Paced Lifestyle Can Make You Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You may find yourself with very little spare time because all of the running you do from one appointment or activity to the next. Even if you do spend time in the gym, it may not be as long as you initially wanted it to. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make real progress in the time that you do have, though.

The key to your success is to maintain the right type of attitude to see you through the rough spots. Even if you were to spend copious amounts of time in the gym, you may not see much progress after a certain point. It’s because the body gets used to your exercise routine and it stops being challenged. That’s where you need to switch things up as much as possible to keep burning calories and fat while building muscle. 

How to Get Past Setbacks with Greater Ease and Understanding

To keep yourself motivated despite things stating that you should fail, you’re going to need to do the following:


  • Accept that change is a process. Although it may seem that some people are able to reach their fitness goals overnight, it’s not true whatsoever. There is hard work that is put into losing weight, tightening abs, and building muscles. It also requires regular maintenance. You’ll destroy the progress that you’ve made if you eat the wrong foods and remain sedentary most days. Give yourself plenty of room to grow as a person. Allow yourself to explore new types of physical activities to see which ones stand out to you. The more you enjoy yourself, the less like work it feels. You’ll be able to breeze through your goals faster that way.
  • Be willing to put in more work. If you’re not seeing the progress that you once hoped for, it’s time to ramp things up. You’re going to need to devote more time and attention to physical fitness. You can do this in several ways. You can get up earlier in the morning to exercise. You could go for a run immediately after work. You’ll need to play around with your schedule to see what works the best for you. Doing so helps you identify pockets of time that aren’t being used so you can squeeze in some physical activity when you feel less pressured.
  • Give your goal a longer deadline. Sometimes, you’re not being as realistic as you possibly can be when you set a goal for yourself. You think you’re able to achieve it faster than you really will. Then life happens, and you completely lose sight of what you were trying to do. Rather than ditch your goal, instead, lengthen the deadline. There is no hard, fast rule saying that you need to be in shape by a certain time. As long as you’re willing to keep working toward your fitness goals, you’ll be all set. Only you determine what you want to achieve and how you’ll use the time you have best.
  • Change how you approach physical fitness entirely. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not a fad or something you do to get in shape for a wedding or class reunion. When you commit to being physically fit, you have to work at it. Your habits are in alignment with your core values. Everything that you do impacts your health positively or negatively. You’re mindful of this and choose to exhibit habits that help elevate you to the best version of yourself imaginable physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually. When all areas of your life are balanced, you make sounder decisions about your health.
  • Recruit your family to get fit with you. Home gyms are great for it (find our review of total gym xls). There is power in numbers. Once you start getting fit, it’s hard not to share your enthusiasm with others. If you enter a slump, however, you may keep it to yourself because you don’t want to bother them with your problems. One of the best ways to succeed at your fitness goals is to rally the troops and make it a family affair. You’ll always have a team of supporters to fall back on, and you’ll witness the people you love most making important changes to their own health each day.


You’ve now got a list of suggestions to follow when things feel hopeless. Remember that everyone experiences setbacks. The key to getting past them is knowing that you can. You’re strong, determined, and willing to make BIG changes in your life. That counts for something!

Maintain a Positive Attitude in Everything You Do

Take a positive approach to fitness. Understand that there will be victories and losses when you start checking off your health and wellness goals. Keep your mind open when things don’t go your way so that you won’t need to learn the lesson twice. When you start to feel like you’re going to fail, remember that it’s a journey not a race.

When you make a commitment to being a healthier, fitter version of yourself, you don’t stop when you reach your fitness goals. In order to maintain the progress that you made, you must keep doing what you did to get to where you currently are. Eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, getting good quality sleep, moving your body regularly, and making time to do the things that excite and nourish you, help you along your pathway to a new and improved you.