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ADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Review

Last Updated on May 16, 2021 by Jeff

ADVENOR Exercise Bike Overview

ADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Exercise BikeThe ADVENOR Indoor Bike is a fairly standard indoor cycle but there are a lot of things that make this a great option for anyone looking to get into cycling or spinning. The entire indoor cycling bike has a high weight tolerance at 330 pounds and the magnetic resistance system gives you a responsive ride that is also smooth and quiet. The 35-pound flywheel is bidirectional and gives you plenty of stability while you’re riding. When you press on the resistance bar, you’ll be able to bring the bike to a stop immediately so you can simulate a real road ride from the comfort of your home. We’ll get further into the details of the Avendor Exercise Bike below.

Technical Information

Buying a indoor bike is a big investment no matter what kind you decide to get so you should take the time to make sure everything suits your needs and fits in your home before you lock in the price. Break out your tape measure and take some measurements before you order.


  • Height: 44 inches
  • Width: 21 inches
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Item Weight: 74 pounds
  • Max User Weight: 330 pounds

FeaturesADVENOR Magnetic Indoor Stationary Resistance Exercise Bike

  • A multi-control resistance switch allows you to customize your ride so you get the best out of your daily spin workout.
  • Adjustable cage pedals keep you safe while riding so you can keep riding fast without slipping or sliding around on the pedals themselves.
  • 35-pound flywheel helps keep you stable while riding and riding fast while the resistance bar stops the flywheel on a dime so you can simulate a road riding experience.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars allow you to create the best and most comfortable riding experience while on the bike.
  • Allows for anyone to ride from 5’1” to 6’5” tall.
  • LCD monitor keeps track of your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and odometer when you’re riding.
  • The tablet holder securely holds your device so you can stream a workout and push yourself throughout it all.


  • 12-month parts warranty
  • Responsive company team when questions need to be answered

Shipping and Assembly

Depending on where you decide to get this bike, you may be able to get free or reduced shipping on this item. Since these types of bikes are popular, there may be a chance that the order will be backed up and won’t come on a super timely schedule but your order should come as soon as it’s in stock.

Putting this bike together takes little time and you can do it all yourself, It’s a simple assembly system and all of the pieces are included in the kit itself. Clear a space at your house and make sure you’ve got all the room you need before you start to put this together. Soon you’ll be riding fast and free without ever leaving your house.

What We Love About the ADVENOR Indoor BikeADVENOR Indoor Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Magnetic Resistance

The magnetic resistance on this indoor cycling bike is one of the best features you can find on any bike. This leaves it with a quiet spin when you’re riding. The resistance switch makes it easy to switch up your workout and change the resistance as you ride. With this type of magnetic resistance as part of the flywheel, you won’t need to worry about changing out the brake pad after using it several times.

Easily Adjustable

Getting the adjustment on the seat and handlebars can make or break a ride when you’re trying to get into cycling. This bike offers level 7 adjustable seats and level 5 adjustable handlebars what give you a better riding experience all the way around. The padded seat is also more highly padded than others on the market so anyone who chooses to ride it will be comfortable. The handlebars are also slipped resistant so once you get them adjusted you can blow through a more intense workout without worrying about slipping and sliding around.

Other Considerations


The look of this bike is nothing to write home about so if you want something that will show off your aesthetic, you might want to look elsewhere. This is a functional bike that will help you get in a great workout but won’t necessarily take center stage in your home décor. The design is bulkier than other brands and won’t tip over if you’re on an intense ride.

No Computer SystemADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike

This is a functional bike and there aren’t many bells and whistles to speak about when you’re looking at this bike. There’s no computer system included with this equipment but you can connect other workout apps on your own devices and then use them when you’re riding. The added computer system isn’t a necessity to the bike but it’s a definite perk if you’re trying to connect with others and keep each other accountable as you work out.

How the ADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Compares

This is a run-of-the-mill stationary bike and fits into the genre in both price and functionality. When compared with other bikes on the market this one is slightly cheaper than others. Comparing it to others on the market like the SCHWINN or VIGBODY, this is cheaper but doesn’t offer the kind of low-profile and aesthetically pleasing design that others might bring into the room.

Final Word on the ADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

All in all, this is a simple, functional, and decently priced stationary bike. If you’re just getting into cycling or you want to incorporate spinning into your regular workouts, this is a great option to help keep your overall costs lower. The design isn’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing as others on the market but you’ll be able to move it out of the way if needed with some easy transportation wheels. The LCD screen will help you keep track of all your vitals and you’ll be able to track your stats over several different workouts. If you just need a basic indoor cycling bike that will get the job done without costing you an arm and a leg, this is a great option.