Akonza Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Jeff

Akonza Indoor Cycling Bike Overview:

Akonza-Stationary-Exercise-Bike-Bottle HolderThe Akonza Stationary Exercise bike is at the lower end price range for this style of indoor bikes and comes in three color choices, (red, black and white). The red is slightly cheaper than the black and white, but all other features remain the same. With a 33-pound flywheel and a manual resistance adjustment knob, trainees can adjust the resistance to increase or decrease the intensity of their workout accordingly. Equipped with built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars, trainees can also track heart rate and more, keeping you motivated for the duration of the workout.

With a steel frame, aluminum alloy pedals and a polyurethane, padded sport saddle seat, the Akonza indoor bike is comfortable, durable and designed to give you a great workout no matter what your current fitness level is.

Technical Info:


  • Height: 38.5 inches
  • Width: 19 inches
  • Length: 39.5 inches
  • Item weight: 63 lbs.
  • Max user weight: 440 lbs.

Features:Akonza Stationary Exercise Indoor Bike Bottle Holder

  • 33-pound flywheel for adjustable resistance at the turn of a convenient knob. Adjust during your workout for interval style training.
  • Padded sport saddle can adjust from 29-35” high to support a variety of trainee heights.
  • Multi-grip handlebars for ergonomic positioning and comfort. Handlebars adjust up and down.
  • Step down braking system for quick stops just like on a road bike.
  • Water bottle holder with included water bottle may motivate you to drink more water during your workouts.
  • Transport wheels let you easily move your bike from room to room.

Monitor Features

  • Pulse sensors on the handlebars keep track of your heart rate so that you are able to get to and maintain the proper intensity during every workout.
  • Monitor also tracks your speed, distance, lasting time and calories burned. Scan feature lets you see all of your stats as you work.


There is zero information on the warranty for any of the products in this company’s brand.

Shipping and AssemblyAkonza Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary Bottle Holder

Shipping costs vary from item to item and seller to seller. On bigger products it is always easier to have them delivered right to your door, and this is no exception. If you can find free shipping, that is your best option, but shipping to a local store for pick up may save you some money overall.

Assembly is fairly easy with this bike, arriving mostly put together and needing only a few parts put in place and then tightened down. All parts and tools are included in the packaging. Please be sure to check all wrapping and other items before throwing the box away.

What We Love About the Akonza Indoor Bike

Workout Versatility

With a 33-pound flywheel you get a pretty wide range of resistance to choose from. The Akonza Stationary Exercise bike allows you to adjust to the perfect level of resistance with the twist of a knob. Set the resistance low and go for quick sprints. Set the resistance higher and go for longer rides. Switch the routine up from day to day and never get bored, never plateau and never stop pushing forward.

Highest Max User WeightAkonza Stationary Exercise Bike with Bottle Holder

New trainees may sometimes become discouraged because they cannot find an exercise bike that will work for them at their current weight, forcing them to go to a gym to workout. This bike, while relatively light at 63 pounds, has a max user weight of 440 pounds—which is 200 pounds or more than the average bike at this and higher price points.

Pulse Sensors

Usually you’d have to upgrade to one of the more expensive bikes to get a pulse sensor, and while these are not 100% accurate, they are good enough to give you a clear picture of how hard you are working and whether you need to step it up a bit or back off a little.

Bonus Features

Who doesn’t love a good bonus feature? In this case, the bonus is a shiny metal water bottle that not only looks sporty on the bike but is handy and may inspire more trainees to stay hydrated during their workout.

What isn’t so Great:

What about the warranty?

With zero information about the warranty, how can someone make an informed choice about the Akonza Stationary exercise bike? Warranties are far too important of a feature to just ignore.

No Website?Akonza Stationary Exercise Indoor Bike with Bottle Holder

It is almost unimaginable in this day and age that a company would not have a better internet presence with at least an independent website to refer to. There is no way to find the company other than by buying a product, but even that might be a gamble, especially since they do not list their warranty information with their products.

Comparing the Akonza Indoor Bike

The company’s other exercise bike option is dramatically more expensive and of a different style, so it would be unfair to compare the two. Instead, we’ll compare it to the Merax Fitness bike, which is priced slightly lower. The Merax model has a lighter flywheel (22 lbs) and slightly smaller dimensions. The biggest difference here is the max user weight which is 100 pounds lower for this model.

Final Word on the Akonza Indoor Cycling Bike

Although there are a number of great features to this bike, including the high max user weight, the lack of company information, the lack of independent website and warranty information is enough to give one pause. It does appear to be solidly build, with a steel frame and aluminum alloy pedals instead of plastic. It is at a pricing point where a little risk might be acceptable for most people.

Overall, it does have more positives than negatives and seems to be a well built, capable spin bike for any size trainee and any style of biking workout, from steady-pace rides to interval training. The ability to adjust the seat height for comfort is another bonus and can allow for more than one person to use the bike and makes it worth the price.