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ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike with Belt Drive Review

Last Updated on June 23, 2021 by Jeff

Ancheer Indoor Bike Review:

ANCHEER Indoor Cycling BikeThe ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike provides an efficient and cost-effective way to exercise from the comfort of your own home. The bike is customizable, allowing users to have a cycling experience that fits their personal fitness needs. Thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars, you can switch up your workout and stand as if you’re going uphill. The various positions you place your bike in will change which muscle groups you’re working out. This bike is great for helping you target different areas such as your upper body, your legs, or all over.

This is a cycling bike that is known for being quiet. Many reviewers noted that you can watch TV while cycling and you won’t even realize that you’re working out. The felt pad resistance system helps to ensure that all of your rides are smooth and quiet. There’s nothing worse than really hitting a stride with your workout, and hearing your bike start to make noise or shake.

Technical Info:


  • Height: 43.3”
  • Width: 18.9”
  • Length: 42.9”
  • Item weight: 63.9 lbs.
  • Max user weight: 275 lbs.

Features:ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

  • Precision balanced flywheel with belt drive mechanism allows for a smooth ride which mimics the feeling of riding on an open road.
  • Built-in push-down emergency break brings the bike to an immediate stop if you run into any problems or can’t go any further.
  • Tension knob allows you to increase or decrease the resistance in order to make sure you are at the right level for the best possible workout.
  • Seat is padded for optimal comfort which is important if you’re cycling for a long distance.
  • Fully adjustable handlebars made with rubber fit your arm length.
  • Adjustable handlebars allow you to experience four different ways of working out.
  • Phone bracket allows you to keep your entertainment close by to help pass the time while cycling.
  • Adjustable base allows for easy and safe setup so you don’t have to worry about your bike wobbling on different grounds and floors.
  • Transportation wheels allow for easy portability.

Computer Features:

  • Advanced LED digital monitor.
  • Options to keep track of your time, distance, scan, speed, and calories burned.


12 month warranty with free replacement parts.

Shipping and Assembly:ANCHEER Indoor Indoor Bike

Amazon often ships fitness equipment for free via Amazon Prime. Be sure to check Amazon.com for their current offers.

The ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike comes mostly assembled with a user manual and an installation video included. One user noted that setup only took 25 minutes and involved a few screws. For those who need additional help, Amazon has the option of expert assembly which includes an extra $102.35 although the majority of users said that they didn’t need any additional help.

What We Love About the ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike

Suitable for Standing Positions

ANCHEER understands that no two cyclists are the same and everyone has their own wants and needs when it comes to their cycling workout. That’s why they offer a bike that adjusts along with the user. One of the selling points of this indoor cycling bike is that you don’t just have to sit down while you ride. This bike allows users the option of doing standing positions such as climbs.

When you’re getting into a workout, you want a cycling bike that is going to keep you safe. The one by ANCHEER features pedals with adjustable rubber straps. They keep your feet in place and allow you to hit your stride comfortably and safely.

Multifunctional Digital MonitorANCHEER Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike

Most bikes available on the market come with a multifunctional digital monitor. Unfortunately, most of those monitors don’t really do much more than tell you your speed and distance traveled. ANCHEER allows you to take things a step further when monitoring your workout. It allows you to keep track of your time, distance, scan, speed, and calories burned.

One of the nice things about the digital monitor is the option to hold your phone right below it. This is important if you’re following a timed workout plan. While the instructional video is playing on your phone, you can look above to see how much time has elapsed on the digital monitor. The holder fits mobile devices of different sizes too which ensures that your phone is safe from slipping and falling especially during strenuous rides.

Other Considerations:

The Price Point

It’s hard to find a decent bike under $300 without giving up too many features. This cycling bike by ANCHEER is $239.99 with free shipping through Amazon. The price makes it the perfect cycling bike for a beginner. That way, beginners can get a feel for cycling without breaking the bank. If they decide that it’s something they want to get into long term, they can always look for more expensive machines with more features.

Even though this bike is a basic design, it does have some great amenities such as a heavy duty steel frame, adjustable resistance, variable tension control, and a fully adjustable padded seat.

Adjustable HandlebarsANCHEER Indoor Stationary- Cycling Bike

This cycling bike comes with fully customizable handlebars that allows for full compatibility with the rider. You never have to worry about putting stress on your back or muscles to reach the bars. Instead, you can adjust the bars so they are the perfect distance away from you. Several reviews also commend just how similar these handlebars are to the ones on a road bike.

At the end of the day, many cyclists want to recreate that feeling of hitting the open road from the comfort of their own home. This one does just that thanks to its handlebars made of sturdy material, the padded seat, and its precision balanced flywheel which helps to create a smooth ride.

Final Word on the ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike:

Based on reviews, this bike is perfect for those who are just starting their cycling journey thanks to its ease of use, price point, and options to create a customizable ride. ANCHEER has created a bike that even someone with virtually no experience can use.

That’s because they make it very easy to make any sort of customizations with this bike. The handles and seats are easy to move so that you can find a fit that is right for you. The gears are able to easily be switched either before or during a workout so that you can control how much resistance you need in order to get the best workout possible. Finally, this bike is easy to get on and off. Many people struggle to stop their bike smoothly, especially when they’re first learning how to ride. When it comes to the ANCHEER bike, all you have to do is wait for the flywheel to stop completely before hopping off. This bike makes exercising a breeze for all fitness levels.