CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Last Updated on May 14, 2021 by Jeff

CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike Overview

Quiet and efficient indoor cycling bike like the CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike are one of the best ways available to get your daily workout in without disturbing the peace of your household. This model is a solid option for anyone looking to get into using an indoor cycling bike regularly in the comfort of their own home

The CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike features a wider base which will help keep you balanced and stable whether you’re on a leisurely ride or racing along in your living room. The magnetic resistance and belt-driven system function together to help keep your pedaling smooth and quiet. Adjust the resistance as you ride and complete workouts so you’re always facing up to a challenge with each new ride. The LCD monitor keeps track of your time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories across workouts so you can track your workouts over time.

Technical Information

There’s nothing like ordering off the web or even in the store and getting your new product or equipment home only to find it won’t fit. Take some time to break out your tape measure and measure things up before you head to the store.


  • Height: 41.34 inches
  • Width: 20.08 inches
  • Length:44.49 inches
  • Max User Weight: 300 pounds


  • 37-pound flywheel makes for a very steady and silent experience while riding.
  • An extra-wide seat cushion adds in a level of comfort for any rider.
  • Magnetic resistance and a belt-driven system give you plenty of options for different styles of rides and resistance throughout the ride.
  • Adjustable handlebars and seats make it comfortable for anyone to take off and ride this stationary bike for their entire workout.
  • Steel cage-shaped pedals keep your toes on track while you’re pedaling so you’re not slipping around no matter what type of shoes you wear.
  • LCD monitor helps you accurately track your progress and the speed, calories, and time that you’re riding.
  • A water bottle holder and tablet mount make it easy to keep the things you need close on your next cycling ride.


12 months free components replacement

Shipping and Assembly

Shipping on anything this large could cost you an arm and a leg if you’re not careful. When you shop around, there are several options for free or reduced shipping for the stationary bike.

Putting this indoor bike together is simple. You’ll need to attach and set up the LCD monitor and adjust the seat and handlebars before taking off. Make sure that your base is well attached and secured before you start pedaling. Double-check the metal toe cages too so your feet won’t slip around when you’re pedaling away.

What We Love About the CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike

Wide BaseCHAOKE Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Magnetic Resistance

When you’re getting ready for a ride, you want to be sure your indoor bike won’t tip over with all the force you’re putting into it. A wider base helps keep you steady and solid while you’re racing or just going for a leisurely ride. There’s also a thickened steel frame which gives you more support throughout the entire frame. Adjust the seat so you’re even sturdier and tweak the handlebars so your stride is correct.

LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor is simple but helps you keep careful track of all the stats you need when you’re working out. To reach your fitness and health goals, you’ll want to chart each workout and your stats. This LCD monitor makes it easy to keep track of everything you need! While this isn’t a computer that will walk you through each step of a workout, you’ll be able to create your own or go through one on your tablet or phone which can be securely set up on the stationary bike itself.

Other Considerations

Delicate Seat Adjustments

Once you start moving the seat or trying to reset it all the time, reports have shown that it quickly becomes a weak point. Many people have reported that the seat can move around which can throw you off track when you’re cycling. Set it once and set it firmly to keep it on point throughout your workouts.

AssemblyCHAOKE Indoor Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Instructions for assembling your new stationary bike are a bit unspecific when it comes to getting everything set up. There are also a few different pieces that seem to not fit the entire ensemble and can get off track if you attempt to force it. Spare parts have also been scarce when contacting the company for more and some reviews have asked for the company to include a few spare pieces for easy change-outs.

How the CHAOKE Indoor Bike Compares

This is a solid option for a basic indoor cycling bike! Compared to others on the market like the VIGBODY bike are that it sits in the middle of the pack for price and it’s able to be adjusted to suit your needs. The wide base makes it bulkier when you’re trying to store it or set it up in a common area of your house but you make up for this by it being exceptionally stable and quiet when you’re riding.

Final Word on the CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike

The CHAOKE Indoor Bike is a solid choice for anyone looking for a standard stationary bike for cycling or spinning classes! The bike offers a wider base which makes it more stable but if you have a small apartment or house or plan on keeping the bike in a common room, it may take up more room than you’re willing to give. There’s no computer included with this bike but it does have a tablet or phone holder where you can securely store your device to better follow along with a workout.

The cost of this bike is well within reason and is a solid option for anyone looking to get into cycling or spinning at home. Avoid the crowds and get one of these on order soon.