Efitement Indoor Cycle (Ico31) Review

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Jeff

Efitement Indoor Cycle Overview

 Efitement Indoor Cycle Ico31The Efitement Indoor Bike is a solid indoor cycle that features a completely adjustable seat and handlebars as well as adjustable resistance. The 40 lb flywheel gives you more than enough resistance to take your fitness journey to a whole new level. The belt drive system gives a smooth and quiet ride so that you can concentrate on your music or simply pay attention to the sound of your heart pumping through a great cardio workout.

Priced in the mid to upper range, this is a solid bike that is worth the investment. Safety features like caged foot pedals and step-down braking are a huge bonus.

Technical Info


  • Height: 41”
  • Width: 21.26”
  • Length: 47”
  • Inseam Minimum: 28”
  • Inseam Maximum: 33.5”
  • Item weight: 104 lbs.
  • Max User weight: 275 lbs.

Features:Efitement Indoor Cycle Ico31 Cycle Trainer

  • 40 lb flywheel gives you a wide range of resistance to work with whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.
  • Belt drive is quiet and smooth.
  • Transport wheels lets you take the bike from room to room with ease.
  • Adjustable seat lets you move up or down, back or forth.
  • Handlebars can be moved up or down.
  • Step down braking system for emergency stops.
  • Caged foot pedals keep your feet securely in place no matter how fast you are riding, even standing up.
  • Convenient water bottle holder lets you keep water right where you need it.

Monitor Features

  • LCD readout
  • Pulse sensors on Handlebars
  • Monitors: time, distance, speed, pulse rate, calories burned.
  • Scan feature scrolls through all readings to keep you motivated.


  • Frame: 3 years
  • Parts and Components: 90 days

Shipping and AssemblyEfitement Indoor Cycle Magnetic Cycle-Trainer

Of course, everyone wants fast, free shipping, but that is not always available. There are a number of options for the Efitement Indoor Cycle though, so you should be able to find a free shipping option from a seller that you trust.

Assembly is rather simple. Instructions and a detailed diagram are provided while all of the parts and necessary tools are also included. Average assembly time is less than one hour.

What We Love About the Efitement Indoor Cycle

Versatile Workout

The 40 lb flywheel gives more than enough resistance for every trainee regardless of fitness level. With the ability to change resistance at the turn of a knob, you can change from minute to minute or work on different goals every day. You have the power to set your workout to get the results that you want.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

It would be great if everything in life was magically geared to our own height, but that is rarely ever the case. With the Efitement Indoor Cycle, we can at least get as close to perfect as possible. The padded seat moves up or down and can also move closer to the handlebars or farther away depending on the length of your arms. The handlebars themselves can also move up or down.

Safety and Bonus FeaturesEfitement Indoor Cycle Trainer Ico31

The adjustable foot cage style pedals are a great addition to exercise bikes in general, especially those that are meant to be used for standing sprints and intense pedaling. Once you have slipped your foot in to the adjustable straps they cannot slip out until your workout is done. The step-down brake means that you can stop quickly and easily if there is an emergency or you just need to stop the bike.

Bonus features like the water bottle holder and the transport wheels are just icing on the cake for a pretty great bike.

What Isn’t so Great

Rude Reps on Customer Forums

Answering a question on a customer forum as a company representative is one thing but actually going from answering, to debating, to straight out arguing, is another thing altogether. We were shocked to see this kind of engagement and hope that it is an anomaly and not the general way that this company does business.

Short Arms May Not Be Very Happy With This Bike

Even with all of the available adjustments, there may be some issue with people who have very short arms. The handlebar only adjusts up or down and the seat can only move forward so far. While the average trainee should fit with no problem, there will be some people who are not going to be able to find their sweet spot and may never be satisfied with this bike.

Not a Well Known BrandEfitement Indoor Cycle Ico31 Magnetic Cycle Trainer

Efitement as a brand has been around for “many years” or so the website says, but it is not a name that comes quickly to mind just yet. With a line of rowing machines, exercise bikes in a number of styles and other fitness products, it will probably keep gaining on the other established brands and become a household name as well.

How the Efitement Indoor Cycle ICO31 Compares to the ICO33

Both are similar in price, but the ICO33 model has a bigger profile and a heavier flywheel. Even so, neither can handle more than 275 pounds. Unless you need an extra 4 pounds of resistance, the ICO31 is a perfectly good choice and delivers solid results.

Final Word on the Efitement Indoor Bike

The 40 lb flywheel is more than enough resistance for most trainees and allows for a varied and challenging workout every time you get on the seat. The ability to adjust the seat and handlebars makes this a bike that will fit most trainees with the exception of some with shorter arms. Caged foot pedals keep you safe during your ride while the attached water bottle holder reminds you to stay hydrated, especially during long, endurance-building rides. The steel frame makes this a solid bike with great features for trainees at any level of fitness.