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GoPlus Stationary Indoor Trainer Bike Review

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Jeff

GoPlus Stationary Indoor Trainer Bike Overview

GoPlus Stationary Indoor TrainerThe GoPlus Stationary Indoor Bike Trainer is a lighter weight, lower priced indoor exercise bike option with some pretty decent features. The polyurethane padded seat is fully adjustable in four directions—all you have to do is twist a knob and move the seat to exactly where you need it to be. The handlebars are cushioned for comfort and the foot cage pedals are designed to keep you safe during grueling rides.

The 22-lb flywheel gives you a decent, fully adjustable workout. Modify your resistance as you ride, challenge yourself, and take your fitness to the next level. This is a lighter bike, but it still has transport wheels to make it even easier to move from room to room.

Technical Info:


  • Height: 42”
  • Width: 23”
  • Length: 50”
  • Item Weight: 50 lbs
  • Max user weight: 240 lbs


  • 22 lbs flywheel allows beginner to intermediate trainees find their perfect resistance level.
  • Advanced trainees may not be challenged enough. Resistance is changed by a twist knob.
  • Seat is polyurethane padded and can be adjusted up and down or back and forth so that the perfect position is always possible.
  • Pedals feature adjustable foot cages to keep your feet in place even during high speed cycling.

Monitor FeaturesGoPlus Stationary Indoor Cycle

  • LCD readout
  • Monitor records: speed, distance, time, calories burned and scan. The scan function scrolls through all of the other information so that you are constantly motivated to keep pushing.
  • Conveniently placed in the center of the handlebars so that you can watch your progress as you pedal.


There is no warranty information for this company. There is also not an independent website to find this or any other information.

Shipping and Assembly

Since there are only third party sellers of the GoPlus Stationary Indoor Trainer, you have to rely on their shipping policies. Luckily there are more than a few that offer free shipping, especially on items that are over a certain price. You cannot buy this bike directly from the company due to the lack of website or other information.

Assembly is fairly simple and comes with everything you need included in the box. However, make sure that you are buying from a seller with decent customer support, because you cannot call or email or otherwise contact GoPlus about any concerns you might have.

What We Love About the GoPlus Indoor Bike TrainerGoPlus Stationary Bicycle Indoor Cycling Bike

Easy to Adjust Seat

Being able to move the seat closer to the handlebars is a huge bonus, especially for someone who has shorter arms. The seat also adjusts up or down so that trainees of different heights can use this bike without a problem. The seat is also nicely padded and comfortable for most trainees.

Sturdy But Light

With most exercise bikes you have to choose either sturdy and well-built or light and easy to transport. The GoPlus Stationary Indoor Trainer is both sturdy with a steel frame and light at only 50 pounds. It is still capable of handling a trainee of up to 240 pounds with ease.

Sleek Styling

Gray with black handlebars and a black seat, this is a bike that looks good right out in the living room and might encourage trainees to ride more often. Just seeing it sitting there is a good reminder that to get your training in for the day.

What Isn’t so Great

No Warranty Information

There may be warranty information in the box, or maybe not. Is that a gamble you want to take? We hesitated for that very fact. Nearly every company has at least some information about warranties and other important details in their listings.

No Independent Website or Company InformationGoPlus Stationary Bicycle Indoor Trainer

We like to know who we are dealing with, especially when it comes to companies that are not household names. GoPlus has zero internet presence of its own—all products are listed on other sites. It’s a red flag and at a higher pricing point would be enough to cause us to just walk away.

How the GoPlus Stationary Indoor Bike Trainer Compares to a Similar Model

GoPlus does have another stationary bike which is similar in design but slightly cheaper. Available in red, the second model is also slightly smaller but has the same flywheel (22 lbs) and the same seat design. It also has the same maximum user weight. Overall, they are both the same model, just with different colors and different pricing.

Final Word on the GoPlus Stationary Indoor Trainer Bike

The GoPlus Stationary Indoor Trainer Cycle is at the fairly low end in terms of pricing and may be a great value for the money for a beginner trainee. The 22 lbs flywheel is not going to provide enough resistance for someone who is very fit or experienced. The steel frame is sturdy and well-built, and it seems to be stable during pretty energetic rides. It is also light enough to be moved whenever it’s needed, and the transport wheels makes it even easier.

While it is concerning that there is no warranty information included in any of the listings for this bike anywhere, the design is pretty decent, and everything works as it should. It is at a low enough pricing point that the risk is not huge. This is a good beginner’s bike and might be pretty decent for intermediate trainees that would like to have a lightweight, easy to move bike for sprints and interval training.