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NordicTrack Grand Tour Bike Pro Indoor Bike Review

Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Jeff

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Indoor BikeLet’s Get Started:

*Note: As this model is discontinued, we recommend taking a look at the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle which effectively replaces it. See our full review of the NordicTrack S22i here.

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro bike is the latest and greatest from the Grand Tour series, of which there is also an older model simply called the Grand Tour bike. One way to look at this indoor exercise bike model is that it has everything and more that the original Grand Tour has, including a larger console (10” vs. 7”), several more resistance levels (26 vs. 24), heavier dumbbell weights (5lb vs. 3 lb), slightly more built-in workouts (35 vs. 32), and a slightly heavier user weight capacity (375 lbs vs. 350 lbs). Of course, this all comes at a higher price of just under $1,400. This model is also covered by a stronger warranty, which offers a guaranteed lifetime frame warranty, a 5-year parts warranty, and a 2-year labor warranty.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Indoor BikeAs is true with the Grand Tour bike, a unique feature of the Grand Tour Pro is the adjustable incline, ranging from zero to ten degrees. The ability to adjust the incline is an excellent addition to indoor bike models in order to create more intense workouts. It also helps produce a smooth and natural ride that is more akin to a variable bike ride outside. The controls for the incline are conveniently located right on the handlebars, so you won’t have to go out of your way to adjust them during a workout.

The console on the Grand Tour Pro is an impressive 10”, making surfing the web, viewing your stats, and watching video content even more enjoyable and easier on the eyes. The console also has 35 built-in workouts available, as mentioned earlier, which allow you to tailor your workout to focus on calorie burning, incline, speed, heart rate, or intensity as training goals.

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Technical Info:NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Indoor Bike


  • Height: 62.0”
  • Width: 23.5”
  • Length: 55.7”
  • Item weight: Not Available
  • Max user weight: 375 lbs

Computer Features:

  • Integrated tablet holder secures your personal tablet device with a sturdy bracket, allowing you to watch your favorite media while you work out
  • 10” web-enabled, full-color impressive touchscreen delivers the complete entertainment package, including the ability to surf the web as you normally would, read the news and e-mail, or watch your favorite videos
  • 35 built-in workouts designed by certified personal trainers
  • Calorie burning, incline, speed, heart rate, and intensity workouts
  • 0-10° power adjustable incline and decline give you the ability to change the intensity of your workout with the touch of a button on the handlebars
  • With a subscription, immersive fitness with iFit Coach brings you infinite workouts and keeps track of your nutrition, sleep, exercise, and daily activity
  • Custom, immersive rides using Google Maps provides tailored workouts and picturesque views from nearly anywhere in the world
  • iPod compatible sound system allows you to plug in and play your favorite music with the built-in dual speakers
  • CoolAireTM integrated console fan keeps you cool and refreshed during your ride


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 years
  • Labor: 2 years
  • NordicTrack also provides a 30-day money back guarantee

Shipping and Assembly:

What We Love About the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike (NTEX71415):

Check here for the lowest price on the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Indoor Bike Review0-10° Power Adjustable Incline/Decline

The power adjustable incline and decline may be the single most important reason to choose this indoor bike model over others at a comparable price. The option to add degrees of incline during your workout may help to enhance the overall cardiovascular benefit, since the incline gives you the ability to increase intensity. Additionally, the combination of the adjustable incline, along with the adjustable resistance, helps to recreate a natural outdoor bike ride feel. Especially with iFit Coach, and the 35 built-in workout programs, the incline will help keep your workouts interesting and highly effective.

5-Pound Dumbbells Included

If you’ve ever taken a spin or cycling class, then you might be familiar with the popular phenomenon that is integrating upper body resistance at some point during the workout. A unique feature of the Brand Tour bike is that is comes with two free 5lb hand weights (versus 3 lb weights for the Grand Tour bike), so that you can also get an arm work out in while you’re cycling. While it’s not a lot of weight, performing a high number of repetitions can help you increase upper body strength as well as burn even more calories during your workout. This is a great way to add dimensionality to your workout and keep things from getting too monotonous.

Other Considerations:

For a premium indoor, state-of-the-art bike model, the Grand Tour Pro has a rather light flywheel coming in at 16 pounds. While the Grand Tour Pro’s flywheel is sufficient for an intense workout, it may not be ideal for very advanced or expert trainees.

Grand Tour Pro Indoor BikeFinal Word on the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike:

The Grand Tour bike from NordicTrack is a top-of-the-line indoor model that offers an impressive suite of features and benefits; From its 10” web-enabled touch screen, iFit compatibility and training programs, adjustable incline, easy controls, free dumbbells, and more, this model is perfect for the entry-level to mid-level trainee. However, for advanced-level training, you may want to look into premium models that have a sturdier flywheel, in order to ensure a smooth and natural experience during intense sessions.  Rating: 97/100.

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