LABODI Exercise Bike Review

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LABODI Exercise Bike Overview

LABODI Exercise BikeIndoor cycling bikes come in a lot of styles, and the LABODI indoor cycling bike is a pretty sleek contender. The lower profile of this bike means it will fit in with your home’s decor while helping you reach your fitness goals.

This indoor cycle bike has thickened frames so it’s extremely stable and will stay stable throughout even the most rigorous of rides. The flywheel comes in at 35 pounds which contributes to keeping the entire thing upright and stable. This same flywheel gives you a huge amount of momentum that can be challenging when you need it to be. With the integrated belt drive, your ride will remain quiet so your kids, spouse, and pets can keep sleeping when you get your workout on.

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Technical Information

Before you buy a bike, large or slim profile you’ll want to be sure it fits your needs and your home. Break out the measuring tape and see if this stationary bike will fit in your apartment, large or small.


  • Height: 52.3 inches
  • Width: 21.9 inches
  • Length: 43.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 72.5 pounds
  • Max User Weight: 330 pounds

FeaturesLABODI Exercise Bike Indoor Cycle

  • The flywheel weighs in at 35 pounds which gives you more momentum and offers a more challenging ride than other bikes on the market.
  • The belt drive gives you a smooth ride whether you’re riding fast or just going for a leisurely jaunt.
  • Adjustable handlebars and seats give you a quality riding experience indoors and offer high-density padding for shock resistance.
  • Embedded chips in the handlebar keep track of your heart rate while you’re riding so you can track your progress through the program.
  • LCD monitor displays your distance, time, calories burned, heart rate, speed, and RPM so you can easily track your progress through each workout.
  • Cage pedals keep your feet from slipping when you’re riding along no matter the type of shoes you’re wearing when riding.
  • Floor levelers help you set up your bike on any surface and keep it flat and level for each area.


  • The company provides a 180-day parts replacement service.
  • Customer service is dedicated to making sure you’re satisfied.

Shipping and Assembly

When you shop around for this bike, you’ll be able to find some places that offer free shipping on the item so you can get it to your home and get it set up without delay. There may be a bit of a wait as demand for home stationary bikes is high currently but once you get it ordered, it will be shipped to you as soon as available.

Assembling this bike is a breeze and all the pieces and tools you need to get it done are included in the kit itself. Once you get this bike to your house you can find anywhere in your home that you’d like to get set up and have it assembled in no time. The floor levelers make getting it assembled easily as you can set it anywhere in your home.

What We Love About the LABODI Stationary BikeLABODI Exercise Bike Stationary Indoor Cycle

Floor Levelers

Every house has its flaws, not every floor is level. With these convenient floor levelers, even if your apartment, house, a selected area in your home, or your garage isn’t level, you can get your bike on a solid footing by adjusting each one individually. The solid frame will help keep you upright and level along with the levelers being adjusted correctly.

Embedded Heartrate Sensors

Within the handlebars of this bike, there are heart rate sensors that make it easy to keep track of your pulse while you’re cycling and spinning. You can then use this data to track your progress toward your fitness goals. The sensors are conveniently placed so there are no awkward hand positions to get the best track of your heart rate while you’re riding.

Other Considerations

No Computer

The LCD monitor does what it can to help keep you on track during your workout but with a smaller display screen of only 3.54 inches, there’s not a lot that it can do. You can’t stream or play workouts on a computer that’s mounted right in front of you but there is a secure place to put your tablet or phone where you can then stream a full set of workouts if you wish.

Resistance KnobLABODI Exercise Stationary Bike

The resistance knob may be a little bit imprecise when you’re trying to hone in on a specific resistance and riding style. You can use this knob to create an authentic road experience when you’re riding even in your home. The knob is simple to use so you won’t get confused but you may not get the absolute level or resistance you desired like you would on a regular road bike.

How the LABODI Indoor Bike Compares

There are tons of different styles of stationary bikes on the market but when you just need a solid cycling bike that will help you get a great workout without the need for overwhelming bells and whistles, this is a great option. The price is right and sits below the average for bikes of this style. The downside to this bike, when compared to others like the Peloton, is that it doesn’t have a built-in computer system to track your workouts and compare them later.

Final Word About the LABODI Stationary Bike

This is a sleek and solid option for your home gym. There are lots of things to like about this bike from the steel toe cages to the LCD monitor that make this bike stand out. One of the best options on this bike is that there are floor levelers that you can use to adjust your bike no matter what your home floor looks like. The built-in heart rate monitors help you track your heart rate across workouts so you can build up toward your overall fitness goals. This is a simple bike but will get the job done no matter what your situation is at home.

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