NexHT Fitness Indoor Bike Review

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NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle with LCD Monitor and Pulse Sensors (89100A) Overview

NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle 89100AThe NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle is at the higher pricing range for exercise bikes and delivers a solid steel frame and great features, similar to what you would see in a gym. Starting with a 24.3 lb flywheel and fully adjustable seat and handlebars, this is the type of bike that you would be pretty proud to have everyone spot in your front room. The 89100A model is white.

Resistance is easily selected by turning a knob and all height adjustments are made the same way. This bike uses a belt drive for a smooth, quiet ride that feels like a road bike without the dangers of traffic and stray dogs.

Technical Info


  • Height at seat: Adjusts from 31.89” to 37.20”
  • Height at handlebars: Adjusts from 40.55” to 44.49”
  • Item Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Max user weight: 280 lbs.
  • All other dimensions are unavailable.

Features:NexHT-Fitness-Exercise-Cycle with LCD Monitor and Pulse Sensors

  • 24.3 lb flywheel allows for a customized workout every time that you sit on the seat. Resistance levels are dialed in with a simple knob.
  • Fully adjustable seat can be moved up and down as well as back and forth so that you can find the perfect position for your height and riding style.
  • Handlebars can be adjusted up or down as needed so they are always at the perfect height.
  • Steel frame is sturdy without making the bike overly heavy. Transport wheels make it even easier to move from place to place as needed.
  • Belt drive gives a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Pedals have adjustable straps to keep your feet in place.

Monitor Features

  • Basic LCD read out.
  • Monitors: time, speed, distance, total distance and calories burned.
  • Scan feature scrolls through all information to keep you motivated.
  • Pulse sensors are located on the handlebars.


Warranty is one year, total.

Shipping and AssemblyNexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle with LCD Monitor and Pulse Sensors (89100)A

At this pricing point, free shipping should be a given, but there are some sellers that do not offer it. Look around for good options and a site that you can trust for free shipping or as low as possible shipping rates.

Assembly is very easy, although the diagrams that are included can be frustrating, especially to someone who does not know an Allen wrench from an Allen Parsons. Even people who are unsure of how to use most tools should be able to handle assembling this bike in less than one hour.

What We Love About the NexHT Fitness Exercise Bike

Easy Adjustments

Being able to adjust the seat in four directions is a huge plus. Some bikes let you adjust the seat up and down, but the NexHT Fitness Exercise bike gives you that plus the added ability to move forward or back. The handlebars also adjust up and down as needed. All adjustments are done by turning a knob, finding your perfect position and then making sure it is locked in place. It is simple and fast.

Adjustable Resistance

The 24.3 flywheel allows for adjustable resistance so that trainees of any level can dial in their perfect workout. You can vary resistance as you go for interval style workouts or set it at one level and go for time or distance rather than speed. No matter what you choose, you only have the dial of a knob and away you go.

Basket Pedals for SafetyNexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle Indoor 89100A

If you plan on standing up during your ride like you would in a spin class, you have to consider your personal safety. The NexHT Fitness Exercise Bike has adjustable strap, basket cage foot pedals which keep your foot securely in place even during super sprints and grueling workouts.

What isn’t so Great

High Pricing Point for a Basic Bike

The NexHT Fitness Exercise bike is a perfectly good bike for beginners to early intermediate trainees but there is nothing extra special about it. It has many of the same features that you would find in a bike that is half this price. In fact, the company itself has several models with similar features and the same design that are more than $300 cheaper. Even the monitor is fairly basic at this level of pricing.

Seat Height May Not Work for Some Trainees

The inseam measurements of this bike are 25.6” to 31.5”. That may not give very tall riders enough room to be able to fully extend their legs and may put undue pressure on their knees even during shorter rides. It is important to measure your inseam and to know how to determine the right height for your bike seat before making a final choice.

The Display Only Uses KilometersNexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle LCD Monitor and Pulse Sensors (89100A)

The monitor does track a number of things, but it only displays your distance in kilometers. While you can certainly use this to track your progress, you may not understand the reference point if you are used to everything being in miles. The manual does reference changing it from one setting to the other, but it always defaults back to kilometers making you either have to change it every time you are about to work out or figure things out after your ride. With an almost $900 bike, you shouldn’t have to do math too.

How the NexHT Fitness Exercise Bike Model 891001 Compares to Model 89101A

Both are almost identical in terms of features and design. The 89101A model is black while the 891001 model is white. Both are at the upper price range for this company. Both have the same flywheel (24.3 lbs) and both allow adjustments to the seat and the handlebars. In fact, they are very nearly the same bike with only the color being different. NexHT Fitness does have a number of other exercise bikes with similar designs that are dramatically cheaper.

Final Word on the NexHT Fitness Exercise Bike

We are not thrilled with the price, but it is not the most extravagant on the market. What you get for that price is a solidly built bike with decent features and enough resistance to give you a solid workout.


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