Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike:

Pooboo is a company that is known for their exercise bikes. They have countless different styles and price points that are sure to appeal to a wide range of users. Their Indoor Cycling Bike with Belt Drive is on the more affordable side of their bikes, priced at just under $300 making it affordable option for anyone who wants to get into cycling from the comfort of their own home.

This is a bike that’s very versatile, no matter what a user’s size or weight may be. It has all the necessities that a rider needs to get the most from their workout. Not only that, but it also has additional amenities that many other cyclists wish for from their bikes. One of the main selling points on this piece of exercise equipment is that the weight capacity goes up to 330 pounds. It’s hard for many people to find a bike that goes over 300 pounds, and this is one that helps those who are heavier have a comfortable ride. Everyone deserves to have a bike that accommodates their weight. Cycling shouldn’t just be for those who weigh a certain amount.

Technical Info:


  • Height: 43.8”
  • Width: 21.6”
  • Length: 48.1”
  • Item weight: 90 lbs
  • Max user weight: 330 lbs

Features:Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary Bike

  • Heavy duty 26.4 lb flywheel that is easy to install and repair should any problems arise.
  • It allows riders to be in control.
  • Optimal for safety and keeping your knees properly bent and comfortable.
  • Multifunctional LCD display that helps you keep track of your progress.
  • Easily adjustable resistance knob which allows you to be in control of your workout.
  • Push button brake system to keep you safe should you ever need to suddenly stop.
  • Water bottle holder located at your side.
  • Transportation wheels allow you to effortlessly move your bike from one room to the other so that you can store it away when not in use.
  • Cage pedals designed for comfort and safety.
  • Durable handlebars which can be adjusted to the position you need.
  • Oversized saddle and a big cushion to give you a comfortable riding experience.

Computer Features:

  • LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories.
  • Option to track your heart rate by hand pulse.
  • Holder for your iPad in case you need to follow an instructional video.


1 year limited, can exchange a new part if it needs to be repaired.

Shipping and Assembly:Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary Bike LCD Display

Amazon often ships fitness equipment for free via Amazon Prime. Be sure to check Amazon.com for their current offers.

Many users of this bike have noted just how easy the bike is to assemble. It seems that 15 minutes and less is the standard assembly time for most people. The bike comes with free shipping and all of the parts are neatly packaged and identified. All of the assembly tools that are needed for installation are included in the package. One person, however, noted that it was a bit confusing to try and figure out how to hook up the cable from the flywheel to the monitor without it looking awkward.

What We Love About the Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike:

A Bike For People Over 300 Pounds

Everyone is on a different fitness journey and cycling bikes aren’t just for those who are physically fit. Pooboo understands this, and that’s why their bikes accommodate people up to 330 pounds thanks to the cushion standpipes. This is a game-changer for many who are overweight and have had a hard time finding a bike that will comfortably fit their body type.

Even though this bike can hold more weight, that doesn’t mean that it has a big and bulky design. On the contrary, this cycling bike by Pooboo has a nice sleek design that’s still sturdy. It won’t take up a huge amount of space in your home.

Brake and Resistance

Pooboo has created a bike that can be controlled by just one knob. One of the best features of this bike is that everything you could possibly need for your workout is within arm’s reach. The resistance knob allows you to easily adjust the intensity of your workout. You can increase or decrease the intensity with just a simple turn. This bike also allows you to smoothly transition to higher intensity levels without feeling any strong or jerky movements.

If you’re overwhelmed by the level of intensity, all you have to do is push down on the knob to activate the braking system. The fact that these two features are in one is just one of the many ways that Pooboo is working to keep riders safe.

Other Considerations:Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike

IPad Holder

Many cyclists like to follow a workout plan in order to help them stay on track. Pooboo understands that and they have created an iPad holder that is perfectly aligned in between the handlebars. They want to make sure that you have a way to watch the workout videos or instructions you need without straining your neck or having to interrupt your workout to glance at your IPad.

Many other bikes on the market only have phone holders. This company understands that some people like the wider screen because it truly helps them see what they’re doing. That’s why they give you the option to attach your IPad or tablet so you can follow a program while knowing that your device is safe and secure.

A Seat Designed for Comfort

When you are riding for long periods of time, you want to be comfortable. The Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike features a big cushion which allows users of different sizes and weights to comfortably sit. The seat is also adjustable and can be raised up and down, or forward and backwards to accommodate different heights. No two people are alike, and this bike gives you and other users in your home the option to move either closer or farther away from the handlebars depending on size and wingspan. The seat is also padded for optimal comfort.

Final Word on the Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

The fact that Pooboo has created an entire line of exercise bikes helps to show users that they are committed to creating a bike for everyone. Overall, this is a very good bike for users of all different sizes because it does allow users up to 330 pounds the ability to get a workout in.
This indoor cycling bike features a sturdy yet sleek design with durable handlebars, a comfortable seat, and cage pedals. This bike has all of the standard features you’d find on an indoor cycling bike, but it also has a few others that aren’t as common. Those are features like a knob with duo-control over resistance and the emergency break, a cushion standpipe to accommodate heavier users, and an IPad holder right within your line of vision.


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