PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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PYHIGH Indoor Bike Overview

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Stationary BikeThere are a lot of things to love about this PYHIGH Indoor Bike. Easy to assemble, easy to adjust – the list goes on. This PYHIGH model is the 280-lb user max weight limit version. Spinning classes and indoor cycle workouts have become ultra popular, and to avoid the crowds at the local gym, getting an indoor bike like the PYHIGH is a great option.

This bike comes in at a great price and offers a low profile for your home or apartment. While the maximum weight limit on it is a little bit lower than others on the market, there are plenty of other reasons to get started with this indoor cycling bike. The 35-pound bidirectional flywheel offers a great level of resistance and silent power when you’re trying to get in a quality workout early in the morning. The kit even includes an extra piece if you need to fix your handlebars after a few uses.

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Technical Information

Just like with any big piece of equipment, you want to know if it will fit your specific needs as well as your home or space. Break out the tape measure and make sure this beauty will fit in your home gym so you can get cycling sooner rather than later.


  • Height: 46 inches
  • Width: 21.7 inches
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Item Weight: 79 pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 280 pounds

FeaturesPYHIGH Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike

  • The 35-pound bidirectional flywheel makes this indoor spin bike stable during fast rides or leisurely ones.
  • Belt driven system makes this bike quiet when you’re riding so you won’t need to worry about waking your family or roommates when squeezing in a quick workout early in the morning.
  • Seat adjustment is extended with an extra-wide seat that makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Handlebars adjust two different ways and the seat switches into several different positions so you can always be comfortable while riding.
  • The LCD monitor is simple but keeps track of your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and odometer.
  • Cage-shaped pedals are non-slip and help keep you steady when you’re riding so you won’t slip around when you push yourself faster.
  • Tablet and phone mount are extremely sturdy so you can stream a workout or play music or movies while riding.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Customer service is responsive

Shipping and Assembly

Since these bikes have become so popular in the past few months, their availability has dropped. There are several different places where you can get them on order for little to no shipping if you shop around.

Putting this bike together is a breeze and all of the tools that you need to make it happen come with the kit. Simply clear out enough space for your new bike and start working to put it together. Most reports say that this bike comes together in just about half an hour.

What We Love About the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling BikePYHIGH Indoor Stationary Exercise Cycle

Belt Driven System

When it comes to keeping your ride at a quiet level, this belt-driven system is one of the best. You’ll be able to hit the trails virtually from the comfort of your home and not disturb a soul. The flywheel and belt work in concert to ensure that you’ve got a stable and quiet ride every time you hop on. No annoying buzzing or whirring when you’re pushing yourself.


This bike has a sleek and modern design so it won’t stand out like a sore thumb in your living room or common areas. You can easily adjust things but still, keep a low profile with your bike. There’s also an included extra piece if you need to replace or adjust it when you’re working your handlebars. The extra-wide seat and adjustable handlebars and seat height make it a great option for just about anyone.

Other Considerations

Weight Limit

The weight limit on this is much lower than on other models so if you’re just starting on your fitness journey this spin bike might be below the limit. If you push the weight limit you might end up dealing with some wobble in the bike that can end up being dangerous. Many other bikes on the market allow weight limits up to 330 pounds but this one is much lower at only 280 pounds.

Only LCD ScreenPYHIGH Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike

Many modern indoor bikes offer a full-blown computer system included with the bike so you can stream your favorite workouts while you’re riding. This one only has an LCD screen included with the bike that will keep track of some minimal stats and rates like your heart rate and distance traveled. There is a tablet or phone holder that remains secure so you can stream your favorite workout or even movies or music while you’re working out. With the simple LCD screen, you’ll also be able to track your stats from workout to workout and keep yourself on track for your fitness goals.

How the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Compares

The PYHIGH Indoor Bike is a great-looking, simple cycle that will help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals. Other bikes like the Peloton include a computer with the set-up so you can stream all of your favorite workouts right to your bike and track the workout stats as you reach for your fitness goals. While many basic indoor bikes like this can be bulky and ugly, this one has a great low profile that fits in with nearly every aesthetic and home. Move it out of the way quickly with some simple transportation wheels and you’ll be building up your home gym with this beauty.

Final Word on the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

The design may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking for an indoor cycling bike but it comes into play when you’re looking to create the atmosphere within your own home. This bike offers a lot of great, simple options that make it a favorite among cycling fanatics. You can easily adjust it to make it fit your needs but slide it out of the way when not in use.

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