Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike Overview

SCHWINN IC4 Indoor Cycling BikeThe Schwinn IC4 Indoor Bike’s slim and upright design makes it an excellent option for anyone looking to workout in the privacy of their own home, and the quality build and team behind this indoor cycling bike offer great options for everyone in your family.

Schwinn has long been in the bike game and their indoor bikes are beauties. The IC4 indoor bike is a high-end cycle that comes with a high-end price. The bike utilizes magnetic resistance with over 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels available for you to use when getting into your workout. There is an app from Schwinn that you can use to explore the world right from your home. The LCD offers basic tracking like heart rate, speed, time, distance, calories, and RPMs while you’re riding.

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Technical Information

Before you buy any equipment, don’t forget to measure your space. Even though the Schwinn IC4 bike is smaller and offers a much lower profile, it will still stand out if you’ve got a smaller area to store it in so take the time to measure things accurately before you decide to buy. Here are the dimensions:


  • Height:47.8 inches
  • Width: 21.2 inches
  • Length:51.8 inches
  • Item Weight:106 pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 330 pounds

FeaturesSCHWINN IC4 Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike

  • Connect your bike with different types of workout apps so you can stream classes and compete against others.
  • Magnetic resistance allows you to adjust your resistance levels to over 100 different levels so your workout can be thorough and varied.
  • Foot pedals come standard with toe cages and clips so you have complete stability when you ride.
  • A full-color LCD monitor helps you keep track of your heart rate and times so you can accurately progress toward your fitness goals throughout your workouts.
  • Race style seat offers a whole different level of comfort and leverage when riding.
  • A 40-pound flywheel offers better stability and resistance when riding.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available for the bike so you can get connected and get riding.


  • 10 years frame
  • 3 years for parts
  • 1 year electrical
  • 90 days for labor

Shipping and Assembly

This is a solid, heavy product coming in at 106 pounds and there’s a good chance if you go with your first choice on where to buy, you may end up spending more on shipping than you’d like. But if you shop around, you’ll be able to find shipping and delivery that will end up being cheaper than other places.

Assembling this equipment is easy to do yourself but you can also opt to have it assembled by a professional team. Most people reported that they could set up and assemble the bike in just 30 minutes. There may be a wait to get it assembled professionally so if you’re able to do it yourself, the time is short and you’ll be able to get riding quicker!

What We Love About the Schwinn IC4 Indoor BikeSCHWINN IC4 Indoor Stationary Bike

Magnetic Resistance

The magnetic resistance on this bike is precise and allows you to adjust the resistance up to 100 different micro-levels. This makes your ride more like an actual road ride and gives you greater control over the specifics of your ride. This resistance is a powerful tool in your journey toward your fitness goals.

Full-Color LCD Monitor

Keeping track of your heart rate, speed, distance, calories, and RPMs can be a boring job but working with full color rather than black and white, gives a bit of color to your workout. It can also help you follow along with the data that’s being displayed as you ride! Watching all the same color number scroll across your screen can end up being a bit of a dizzying affair but with different colors, you’ll be able to easily tell what you’re looking for.

Other Considerations

This is an high-end indoor cycling bike but there’s no computer built into the bike itself. You can add your tablet or phone to the display and stand to securely connect to a workout but there’s no onboard computer. For the price, this is quite the drawback for an indoor bike of this caliber. Without the computer, this bike can seem like it’s wildly overpriced for what you get.

There have also been a few problems reported of pieces like the pedals not being secure on the indoor bike itself. Replacements can be ordered from the company but if you encounter problems, no replacements are included with the original kit. These problems seem to have been quickly resolved by the company and people have been able to keep using the bike once the swap has been made.SCHWINN IC4 Stationary Indoor Bike

The resistance increments are great to be able to adjust your workout just slightly throughout the ride but it can be tedious to change if you want to jump by large quantities. The adjustments only go up by 1% each time so clicking through dozens to get what you want can be time-consuming and a tough sell for this bike.

How the SCHWINN IC4 Indoor Bike Compares

This bike is in the same league as the Peloton but this one lacks the computer that sets the Peloton apart. The sleek design and stable construction fit in with a lot of modern aesthetics but with the cost being high, there’s not as much included as one might believe. Other standard bikes with the same level of equipment and design, come in at several hundreds of dollars cheaper than this Schwinn model.

Final Word on the SCHWINN IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

This is a low-profile bike that will help you get through any cycling or spinning workout with ease! While it offers some great benefits, there’s one huge aspect lacking when you start to compare this bike to others in the same class: no computer system. While other indoor bikes and workout systems have made the switch to onboard computer systems, Schwinn has opted for a sturdy tablet holder that you can use to stream your workouts too but you’ll need your tablet to get the job done. When you want a whole new level of resistance, adjust it by smaller increments and tweak your workout to suit your goals.

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