Spinner Blade Spin Bike Review

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Spinning BikesOverview:

Coming from the people who made Spinning a household name, the Spinner Blade Spin Bike from Mad Dogg Athletics is one of the most popular indoor cycles on the market. This Spinning Bike takes a rust-resistant aluminum frame, which reduces the bike’s overall weight, some of the best ergonomics and adjustability available, and combines that with a ton of features that round out a beast of an indoor cycle.

The Spinner Blade Spin Bike is designed to fit all body shapes with adjustments available in most directions. Couple that with a perimeter weighted flywheel and the bike achieves great, road-realistic Spinner Blade Spin Bikemomentum in a non-impact workout. It’s drive train and crank system is designed to be used and abused without rusting from all the sweat that will be pouring off your face.

Manufactured by the respected fitness company Star Trac, Spinner Blade is used quite often in Spinning classes, so you know it’s built to take a licking. But that’s just scratching the surface of this workhorse.  We’ll dive deeper in our full review below.

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Technical Info:

Full Dimensions:

  • Height: 40” (102cm)
  • Width: 21” (53.3cm)
  • Length: 56.5” (143.4cm)
  • Weight: 126 lbs (57.1 kg)
  • Flywheel Weight: 46 lbs (20.8 kg)

Features:Spin Bikes

  • Accommodates users 4’10 to 6’10 (147cm to 208cm)
  • Max recommended user weight: 350 lbs (158.75kg)
  • Fore and aft adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Custom dual-sided SPD pedals
  • Patent pending tapered fit bottom bracket and pedal system
  • Chain drive system
  • Urethane guard to prevent damage to frame from cleated shoes
  • Smooth control resistance knob
  • Direct pressure emergency stop
  • Transport wheels (front-mounted)
  • Star Trac Grey colored frame
  • Includes 4 Spinning DVDs (“Ultimate Energy”, “Maximum Results”, “Turn and Burn”, and “Train and Tone”), and the “Guideto Ride”

Spinner Blade Spin BikeWarranty:

  • Ten (10) year warranty on the frame for structural failure.
  • Five (5) warranty against rusting.
  • Three (3) year warranty on handle bar assembly, brake knob assembly, flywheel assembly, foot adjustments, and seat post.
  • Two (2) year warranty on the seat saddle assembly, bottom bracket assembly, pop-pin assembly, and the plastic sleeve on thehandle bar post.
  • One (1) year warranty on the pedals, brake pad assembly, rubber frame guard, chain, brass brake nut, and remaining parts.

Spinner Blade Spinning BikeShipping and Assembly:

Spinning Bikes including the Spinner Blade come securely packaged, and don’t take long to assemble.

Company Info:

Star Trac manufactures the Spinner Blade, but Spinning and the Spinning name brand are owned by Mad Dogg Athletics. There has been some growing confusion in the industry and among indoor cycling enthusiasts as to the actual meaning of Spinning, Spin Bikes, etc. To clear that up, we wrote a full article about it, but basically those terms are trademarked by Mad Dogg Athletics and if you’re talking about any general non-Spinning indoor cycle, that’s what it should be called, “indoor cycle”.

What We Love About the Spinner Blade Spin Bike

The Spinner Blade indoor bike is a commercial bike that can fit in perfectly at home while taking exercise biomechanics and durability to the next level.  We’ll break it down:

Closer Pedals / “Q Factor” / BiomechanicsSpinner Blade Commerical Spin Bike

This is an interesting one. When exercising on any machine, we’re potentially placing our bodies in positions that aren’t ideal or even necessarily safe. As technology and design improve, good companies are placing a priority on seeing what is actually best for the body. Spinning has moved the pedals closer together (to 158mm) in a bid to improve the function of the biomechanics of this bike.

Stability and Real Road Feel

Spinning makes sure all their Spin bikes very closely mimic the feel of riding a real road bike and the Spinner Blade is no exception. The heavy, weighted flywheel enhances the feel of road momentum while the bike’s stability keeps you feeling secure while working out and giving it your all.

Spinner Blade Spin BikeRust-free, Easy Maintenance

The Spin bikes from Spinning are designed to be easy to maintain and take the sweating that is going to inevitably happen from tackling a tough workout. Just wipe your bike down after a sweaty workout and you’re good to go.

What Isn’t So Great

This Spin bike is too popular! It’s hard to get your hands on, and at the time of writing this article, it’s out of stock even from Spinning themselves. Guess that’s not really a downside, but if you’re looking for a bike and are in a hurry, you might have to look at other options such as its cousin, the Spinner Fit Spin Bike. Better crank out some more, Mad Dogg guys.

Final Word on the Spinner Blade Spin Bike

For a home exercise machine, the Spinner Blade Spin Bike by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. is definitely a great pick for anyone who is ready to get serious about their Spinning workout whether it’s at home or in a Spin class. If you can get your hands on one, you’re not going to be disappointed.



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