Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1002C Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny SF-B1002COverview:

A great-looking and solidly-built indoor cycle with smooth operation, the Sunny SF-B1002C Indoor Cycling Bike is a chain drive version of the popular Sunny SF-B1002 (which instead employs a belt drive). The SF-B1002C has a heavy 49-lb flywheel that gives it a realistic road riding momentum and stability. It also has the nice accessories that make using the indoor bike easier such as fully adjustable seat and handlebars, a bottle holder, and wheels for transporting the bike around.

The indoor bike is also low maintenance and rust resistant with a heavy-duty crank. It should last for a long time with little upkeep. Resistance is easy to adjust with the knob, and a press-down emergency brake stops the flywheel instantly.

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Technical Info:

Full Dimensions:Sunny SF-B1002C Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Height: 44’’
  • Width: 20’’
  • Length: 50’’
  • Item Weight: 115 pounds


  • Steel frame material
  • Chain Drive System
  • Water Bottle HolderSunny SF-B1002C Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars


  • One (1) year warranty for frame
  • Ninety (90) days for parts

Sunny SF-B1002CShipping and Assembly:

The Sunny SF-B1002C comes with all the tools and accessories needed to make assembly easy. The frame comes pre-assembled. The handlebars, transport wheels, flywheels, and saddle can be assembled and attached to the frame with the help of an easy to understand manual. It takes roughly about forty-five minutes to accomplish assembling the indoor bike.

Company Data:

Based in Southern California, Sunny Health and Fitness imports and distributes fitness equipment including indoor cycles, ellipticals, and free weights.  They’re known for providing quality equipment at decent prices.

What We Love About the Sunny SF-B1002C Indoor Cycle

Expensive models of indoor bikes usually get the better features, but the SF-B1002C has most of what you’d need to get a workout at around a very reasonable $300.

Smooth Workouts

Though its chain drive system isn’t as quiet as a belt system, it’s a very smooth riding bike. Pro athletes and beginners alike can go all-out with their intense workout and not worry about disturbing anyone else at home.It’s also a great bike for watching a movie or listening to music while exercising.SF-B1002C

Everything is Adjustable

Designed to accommodate all sorts of users, the handlebars and saddles are very flexible. The textured handlebars also allow for a better grip on the indoor cycle. You aren’t going to need workout gloves for this one.

Heavy Duty Frame

The indoor cycle stays sturdy no matter how intense the workout is. This is due to the healthy combination of a steel frame and a heavy duty crank. This doesn’t mean it’s hard to store, though, since it comes with transport
wheels for that purpose.

What Isn’t So Great

Again, the chain drive might be somewhat noisier than the belt drive.  But it’s still absolutely solid and you can save some money with this version.

Final Word on the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C 

Like the Sunny SF-B1110, the Sunny SF-B1002C is a high quality yet affordable workout machine that employs a chain drive system. Most average customers and veteran athletes will love this bike. That said, if you’re willing to spend a few more bucks, you might want to upgrade to the belt drive version, the SF-B1002. No doubt, either of these bikes are worth the investment for anyone who plans on toning and losing weight via gym quality sessions at home.



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