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The Top 3 Best Spinning Bikes And Indoor Cycles

Last Updated on May 28, 2017 by Jeff

Indoor cycling and Spinning are highly effective cardio and strength building workouts that can be performed individually in one’s own home or as an organized activity in classes. This excellent form of exercise focuses on strength, endurance, intervals, recovery, and high intensity. The type of stationary exercise bike used for Spinning or indoor cycling is a bit different from normal stationary bikes. We’ll break down our favorite bikes to help you decide on which might be right for you. So whether you’re a huge fan of indoor cycling or a total newbie, read on and discover the awesome features of the Keiser M3+, Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle, and SOLE SB700 cycling bikes.

Keiser M3 PlusKeiser M3+ Indoor Cycle

The Keiser M3 Plus (M3+) is the award winning and third generation indoor cycle by Keiser. It is the ultimate result of both manufacturing and research experience, developed with the feedback and collaboration of trainers and the hugest fitness clubs from all around the world. The assurance of the bike is its durability and its interior, which is made using corrosive resistant materials. This gives the bike a specific resistant system that is maintenance free, which will not wear out; meaning it only requires very little work in order to continue to run. The bike is designed with instructors, clients, and clubs in mind; ensuring users can gain the best experience and will always have positive thinking about indoor cycling.

The Keiser M3+ includes:

  • A comfortable saddle with easy T-handle alterations on handlebar and seat
  • Computer system with polar companionable heart rate function
  • Transportation wheels for easy movement of cycle
  • Adjustable Shimano combo pedals
  • Water bottle holder
  • A computer is also featured within the M series, which includes:
  • Power output
  • Cadence
  • Heart rate
  • Elapsed time
  • Trip distance/odometer
  • Current gear (resistance level)

SOLE Fitness SB700Sole Fitness SB700

The SOLE Fitness SB700 takes the cycling exercise for users to a brand new level and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cyclists. It perfectly understands the needs of both users and combines both together and boasts a design that’s both affordable and comfortable; allowing users to have the dual experience in a commercial setting or in their own home. The bike puts comfort needs before everything else with an adjustable seat and handlebars that move up, down, fore, and aft. This allows the user to have a perfect workout by finding the correct settings. The heavy-duty 48 LB flywheel is chrome plated and makes a quiet and smooth ride along with a Kevlar braking design. An integrated console is also featured, which easily displays time, RPM, Kcal, speed, and distance. This is compatible with a wireless heart rate chest strap, which ensures the user is within their heart rate training zone and achieves their optimal results.

Additional features of the SOLE include:

  • Magnetic resistance
  • Adjustable seating
  • Display/computer

Best Spin BikeSpinner Fit Indoor Cycle

Spinning is an amazingly fun and effective way to exercise and is one way which allows people to successfully burn fat quickly and increase fitness levels. The perfect cardio equipment for this form of exercise is spin bikes, which includes the Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle.
One of the bestselling spin bikes, the Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle is the best in the Spinner range and is a robust piece of work. The well-designed cycle comes with many amazing features that you would certainly expect to see in the Spinner range. The easy-to-assemble bike is a quick adjustment and doesn’t require long to accommodate each and every individual user. The easy-to-use resistance knob comes with an emergency stop, both of which are important features for your safety. The design of the seat is extra wide, which makes the exercise experience a tad more comfortable. The Spinner bike is easy to transport and perfect for beginners and athletes who are serious about the sport. If you wish to improve your fitness levels or want to lose weight, the Spinner Indoor Cycle is a must.

The Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle features:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Comes with generous 14kg flywheel
  • Patented handlebar design
  • Two-piece fender
  • Special wide seat

So if you’re looking for a indoor bike or Spinning bike for the home, you’re not going to go wrong with one of these three bikes. It can seem like an investment, and it is. It’s an investment in your health and future. Hopefully this helps guide you on your path to wellness.

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