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Keys Fitness Home Gym

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

keys fitness home gym

The Keys fitness home gym helps you train every aspect of your body. It is designed to give you an effective full-body workout. 

The Keys fitness home machine ensures that you’ll get the best quality, value, and durability from an exercise home gym. 

If you’re looking for a machine that has everything you need and want, with the added benefit of producing fitness results fast, this is the gym for you.

Let’s have a look at why the Keys fitness gym is the ideal exercise machine to help you reach your fitness goal.

Keys Fitness KF-2060 Home Gym 2-Stack (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

The Keys Fitness KF-2060 Home Gym is a corporate-rated home multi gym. It’s engineered with superior quality materials.

This exercise gym offers you everything that you could want in a multi-station gym.

It’s a reliable and well-known machine in the fitness world. It has the best and most modern features. The design of this exercise machine is superior.

The combination of quality features and superior design makes this machine extremely versatile. Its performance is outstanding and it has the best value in strength equipment. It’s excellent value for money.

The dual-stack multi-gym can be used by two people simultaneously. It is a great professional-quality home gym.  

If you like the idea of multiple people training in a gym at the same time, you should also consider the Yukon home gym. It’s a multi-station gym that stands sturdy and strong. Its workout system allows for up to four people to use it at the same time.

The keys fitness home gym has a variety of different exercises that can be performed,  including squats, leg extensions, side lateral raises, pec deck, low rows, shoulder press, bench press, calf raises, tricep pull-down/extension, and many more.

This helps make exercising easier. The gym is equipped with a revolving lat bar, squat bar pads, Ab/Tricep straps, a triceps rope, ankle strap, single grip handles, and a leg press.

It also offers the HSLP3 leg press that increases the already large gym station. The leg press acts as a horizontal pressing station and also helps you to perform squats and dips.

For a smaller and more compact exercising unit the perfect trainer home gym is great. It has multiple workout stations and is suitable for all levels of fitness.  

The Bioforce home gym is also a great option. It has a slick cable pull system and a variety of pulling positions. It allows you to do over 100 different exercises. Many find the consistency resistance great.

The exercise gym operates smoothly. It’s safe and easy to use in the comfort of your home.

The Apex home gym is another great exercise gym machine designed to be used at home only. It’s a complete gym that is made to build muscle and tone your body, specifically focusing on the chest and shoulder area.

If you want to get fit or recover from an injury or illness, the key fitness home gym is excellent.

The Bio flex home gym machine is another injury-friendly workout gym. It allows you to change between exercises and resistance without getting off the seat. This is great as it lessens the amount of pressure and strain on your joints.

This gym is well suited for a high-end home gym or a corporate gym facility. The machine is large and heavy.

It is one of the best multi-gyms on the market. This sturdy gym is equipped with two 200 lbs cast iron weight stacks.

The stamina power tower home gym is also an ideal all-in-one solution to develop toned and sculpted muscles. It is a bodyweight training gym that is perfect for a home gym setup.

Once assembled, it is 226cm long 192cm wide and 208cm high. It has a weight capacity of 250lbs.

The Keys Fitness KF-2060 Home Gym 2-Stack is slightly higher priced than other home gym systems, due to the many added features and the quality materials used during manufacturing.

For a cheaper alternative have a look at the Impex competitor home gym. It has several exercise stations, takes up less space, and is well built.

To set up with ease, the gym comes equipped with a clearly illustrated instruction manual, with step-by-step directions on how to set up your gym successfully.

You can also take a look at Bodyboss home gym 20 reviews for another alternative to the Keys fitness home gym.

Another added benefit of the Keys home fitness gym is that it has a lifetime warranty. There’s no need to worry about additional costs to repair and fix a possible problem. 

All these potential situations are covered in the warranty. A trusted keys fitness technician will repair and maintain the equipment.


  • The Keys Fitness KF-2060 Home Gym 2-Stack comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s manufactured with superior quality materials
  • The maximum weight capacity is 250lbs
  • The dual-stack multi-gym can be used by two people at the same time
  • Comes with a variety of features and accessories. Including a detailed instruction manual
  • The machine is a high-end-style gym and also suitable for a corporate gym setup


  • This machine is large and heavy. If you have a small home gym or limited space, this machine might not fit
  • This gym falls into a higher price range

Detailed Analysis


keys fitness home gyms

This gym has a commercial-style frame structure. It comes with a quality 1800lb tested 1/8inch aircraft quality steel cable. The roller pads are upholstered, large, and high-density.

It is equipped with a double-stitched, fitted premium grade virgin vinyl upholstery for added longevity.

The 4-inch heavy-duty nylon pulleys are reinforced with fiberglass and have sealed bearings.

It has spring-loaded pull pins for easy and quick adjustments. There are wrap-around high-density end caps for unit stability. 

Unlike multisports home gyms, which come with a single 200lbs, the keys home fitness gym has two iron weight stacks and a dual station. It has high-quality pulley wheels and powder-coated, pop pin adjustments for all stations.


The Key fitness home gym has a lifetime warranty for both the frame and the parts that are compiled to form the machine.

During the warranty periods, Keys will replace and repair the product if it were to become damaged or malfunction, or fails to conform to the warranty under normal use.

But, the warranty does not cover shipping charges, export taxes, or any charges that are related to the transportation of the parts or the whole product.

Once you’ve purchased your product, register with Keys within ten days of the purchase to receive the benefits of the lifelong warranty.

Safety Precaution

Make sure to set up your home gym on a stable and level surface that is indoors only.

We recommend that you place an equipment mat beneath the home gym to protect your floor or carpet from any potential damage or denting. This will also make the area easier to clean.

It’s important to wear the appropriate fitness gear. Cool, comfortable and well-fitted clothes are best. With the right sports shoes. 

Do not use this machine without any shoes. Try not to use sandals, socks, or stockings either.

Children should not be left unsupervised near the machine or whilst using the machine.

Make sure to tighten the nuts and bolts once the machine is fully assembled, for your safety.

Health Precaution

Before using this unit or starting any exercise program, consult your physician or gym instructor on how to exercise safely.

Especially if you are 35 years old or older or have any pre-existing health conditions.

Vigorous and hard training is often the cause of sports-related injuries. Be mindful of your body’s physical limitations.

Make sure to wear the appropriate workout clothing and sporting equipment to minimize the chance of injury.

If you are injured or feel that too much strain is being put on a certain body part, stop and seek medical or professional advice before resuming your exercises.


The Keys fitness home gym is low maintenance. The exercise gym should only be serviced by an authorized service representative unless authorized or instructed by a Keys fitness technician.

If you service the gym with another party, the warranty agreement becomes null.

The Freemotion dual cable cross home gym unit is also low maintenance. It’s incredibly versatile and durable. The cable system is strong and long-lasting.