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Make working out at your casa easy with the right tools.

There are distinct advantages to having a gym at home. First, you don’t need to make any real effort to work out. You can do so whenever there is time and won’t lose valuable minutes of your day driving to the local fitness center. Next, you can get really focused on the exercises that benefit your body without the distraction and allure of other machines enticing you to try them. With a laser focus, you’re able to achieve exactly what you set out to do physically.

Last, but not least, having a home gym saves you money. Despite the initial cost of equipment, there are no membership fees. You don’t spend money driving back and forth to the fitness club you joined. You’re also able to purchase equipment secondhand because so many people have good intentions but never use the treadmills, elliptical machines, and weight benches they purchase.

Some must-have equipment for your home gym are listed below. You’ll find many of the items valuable in helping you meet your fitness goals or consider to have your own gym, in this case see total gym 1400 review. Other items may be nice to have but not necessary. You’ll be able to make a decision based on your personal needs and the amount of space you have available in your home gym.

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A good set of kettlebells in various weights helps with strength-training. You’ll want to choose metal ones opposed to plastic because they tend to last longer thanks to their durability. Make sure that the space you have dedicated to your home gym has enough room for a full set. If not, choose the weights you use the most and opt to buy them instead.

Having enough space in the room to freely swing the kettlebells is key. If you overfill your home gym to the point where there is no room to use the equipment that you have, it won’t be optimal. You’ll likely close the door to the space and never enter it.

Resistance Bands

This fitness equipment takes up next to no space at all. Most resistance bands come in their own bag, too, making them easy to transport from one location to the next. If you were to travel outside your home and wanted to be able to work out in your hotel room, you could easily add the bands to your suitcase without adding much weight to it.

A Medicine Ball

A ten-pound medicine ball has many uses. You can lift it, throw it, and even slam it. Doing so helps strengthen your upper body especially your arms and shoulders. Make sure that you have cleared enough space to exercise with the ball. That way, you don’t suffer an injury by slamming it into something that could hurt you.

Like kettlebells, you’ll want to have enough room to use this piece of equipment. You can always bring it outdoors if need be but that isn’t ideal if you live in a part of the country that experiences extreme winter weather conditions. The idea of having a home gym is removing any barriers that exist that prevent you from working out on a regular basis.


A good set of hand weights makes it easy to work out at home. Choose the weights that best interest you and make it a point to use them daily. Doing so will help you build upper-body strength which allows you to accomplish more physically. You’ll be able to lift better, do pull-ups, and other arm-related exercises with greater ease because of your choice to keep dumbbells in your home gym.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

Get extra resistance as you walk on the treadmill or climb stairs on the stair stepper. These adjustable weights are great for using outdoors, too. If you go walking or running on a trail, make sure to put them on. You’ll increase the effectiveness of your workout that way.

Make sure that the items are comfortable to wear as you don’t want to injure yourself while using them. Reading reviews of specific brands helps you narrow down the search for the perfect ankle or wrist weights. Then, all you’ll need to do is buy them and wear them when you work out.


You can walk and run on a treadmill, doubling its effectiveness. Despite taking up a great deal of space in your home gym, this piece of equipment allows you to raise and decrease the incline in which you walk or run as well as the speed. You’re in charge of how intense you want your experience to be. Find our reviews of best home gym treadmill

Stair Stepper

Strengthen and condition your muscles by climbing stairs. A stair stepper can be set to different intensities to give you a complete workout. You’ll have a much easier time doing exercises that involve your legs when you’ve taken the time to build up the muscles in them by climbing stairs.

Stationary Bike

For those days where you want to recover or do a less intense workout, a recumbent bike is perfect. If interested, find our stationary bike reviews. You’ll burn calories and give your legs a good amount of conditioning. Best of all, there are bikes that allow you to choose your scenery thanks to the screen attached to the machine. You could be riding through the forest or a beautiful mountain location thanks to the feature.

Choosing the Right Equipment to Meet Your Needs

You may want to start out with a few pieces of equipment initially and then add more as your needs change. That way, you’re not stuck with a bunch of items that you don’t have time for or haven’t learned how to use. Instead, you’ll have exactly what is needed to encourage your fitness journey, and you won’t need to leave home to burn calories or strengthen your body. See our reviews of best home gym equipment

Intensify your home workouts with the right equipment. If you plan on having a gym in your house, you’re going to need more than a set of dumbbells and an exercise bike. Depending on how much space that you have, you could easily fit a few more pieces of equipment in your basement or spare bedroom.