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Nordictrack Recumbent Bike Troubleshooting

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

Recumbent stationary bikes are a great way to get fit and stay in shape, but like any exercise equipment, they are prone to certain issues. Luckily, there are ways to fix them yourself without the expense of sending your machine in for repairs.

We’ve compiled a guide to the most common problems that you may experience, and how to solve them.

Common Issues With Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Let’s take a look at the main issues you may be experiencing, and what you can do about them.

Malfunctioning Console

If the digital display is dim or not functioning, and your bike uses batteries, you may need to open the battery unit to replace the console batteries. Consult your bike’s manual to check which kind of batteries to buy.

  1. Remove the battery unit cover and take the batteries out.
  2. Use a battery tester device, available from any hardware store, to check that the batteries are not dead.
  3. If any batteries are showing signs of expanding or leaking, dispose of them immediately at a battery collection point. Do not throw in the regular trash.
  4. Replace them all at once as indicated by the + and – symbols. Do not mix old and new batteries. 
  5. Replace the battery unit cover and switch on the console.

nordictrack recumbent bike troubleshooting

Magnetic Resistance Is Not Working.

First Check The Batteries

Many recumbent exercise bikes such as the Nordictrack have magnetic resistance. A magnetic field is generated either by an electrical circuit or by internal batteries and pedaling action and this, in turn, creates resistance. 

An automated exercise bike needs a functioning console for the bike to work properly. Problems with resistance are sometimes remedied by checking and replacing the batteries if necessary. Read the instructions under the heading ‘Malfunctioning Console’.

Have You Been Doing Regular Maintenance?

A lack of maintenance can also cause magnetic resistance failure. The gears can become clogged with dirt and then will be unable to adjust the resistance.

Lubricate gears, flywheel, motor, and pedals with silicone lubricant, regularly. Proper maintenance of your bike is essential to reduce wear and ensure optimal performance. 

Mechanical Causes

The lack of resistance may be caused by mechanical failure of the gearbox or flywheel. 

  1. Unplug the bike before doing repair work. 
  2. Remove the pedals with a crank arm, Allen wrench, or Phillips screwdriver. 
  3. Unscrew and remove the shields to find the flywheel and belt.
  4. The tension cable is connected to them. Manipulation of this cable in the gearbox should cause the magnetic bar in the wheel to move deeper or more outwards. If it does not do so, the gearbox or flywheel may need replacing.

These can be obtained from the manufacturer or ordered from bike parts sites online. If your bike is still under warranty, discuss this issue with the manufacturer before attempting your own repairs. 

nordictrack recumbent bike no resistance

The Belt Is Slipping 

A slipping belt is a common issue with exercise bikes. If the pedals of your exercise bike slip while you are pedaling, the belt tension may need to be adjusted.

  1. Unplug the bike before attempting to adjust the belt. 
  2. Carefully remove the pedals with a crank arm, Allen wrench, or Phillips screwdriver. 
  3. Unscrew and remove the shields to get to the flywheel and belt.
  4. There you will see what is called an Eddie Mech Idler Bracket, which will have an idler bolt and adjustment nut on its outer sides. Adjust these nuts to tighten the belt.
  5.  Replace the shields and pedals.

How Do I Repair A Squeak In My Recumbent Bicycle?

To repair a squeak in a recumbent bicycle, you first need to discover the cause. A worn-out belt or dirt build-up caused by poor maintenance is usually at fault.

This problem can be avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance. Remember to unplug your bike before cleaning or doing maintenance or repairs. 

To clean your exercise bike, use a soft, damp cloth. Keep liquids away from the console. Inspect and properly tighten all bike parts each time the exercise bike is used and replace any worn parts when needed.

Keep the gears, motor, and flywheels lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. Keep the belt clean to avoid a build-up of dirt which can cause noise issues as well as problems with magnetic resistance.

nordictrack recumbent bike repair

My Feet Slip Out Of The Pedal Straps.

Due to regular use, the straps on your Nordictrack exercise bike’s foot pedals may wear out in time. 

Your recumbent bike pedal straps are there for your comfort and safety while pedaling. If your feet are no longer held securely in place by them, you risk injury while exercising. 

If this is the case, you need to remove the old worn straps and replace them with new ones.

Replacement exercise bike pedal straps are available online and in selected bike shops. 

My Recumbent Bike Seat Is No Longer Comfortable

You are seated at all times while using your bike, so a comfortable seat is of the utmost importance. Regular use inevitably causes wear and tear in this area. 

If your recumbent bike seat cover is looking a bit threadbare or the padding is no longer comfortable, consider buying a replacement seat cover. It can be purchased from bike parts websites and at selected bike shops.

Where Do I Get Recumbent Bike Parts?

Recumbent bike replacement parts are usually available from the manufacturer. They can also be purchased online and from selected bike shops. 

Check your bike’s warranty to see if parts are covered.

Consult your Manual And Check Your Warranty

You will have received a manual or user guide when you purchased your exercise bike. It contains information relevant to the maintenance of your particular bike.

Check if your issues are covered by the warranty, as doing your own repairs may result in your warranty becoming void.

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