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A Beginner’s Marathon Training Plan

A quality marathon training program will help optimize your efforts so that you can reach your full potential. The only thing better than managing to cross the finish line on race day? Doing so with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you finished faster than you ever expected!

We have put together a simple guide that can help you build a training plan that works for you!

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Why No Diet Works Forever

There’s a reason your diet should change regularly when you’re losing weight. No diet will work for you forever, no matter how good it works when you first start. Learn more about why no diet works forever.

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Lifestyle, Nutrition Why and How to be Vegan (and Also Healthy)

Why and How to be Vegan (and Also Healthy)

If you go to any grocery store today, you will likely see delicious sounding boxed and frozen vegan items, ranging from porkless bites, vegan mayonnaise, pizzas, coffee creamers, burritos, and everything in between. Having these things on occasion, of course, won’t put a dent in your health, but making it a habit can lead to nutrient deficiencies and overall poor health.

So, how can you be vegan and healthy at the same time?

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Physical Therapy, Running Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis results from imbalances in the body, from a sudden change in activity that causes calf tightening or over stresses tissues, to a low back injury that affects someone’s gait pattern, to sudden weight gain that affects the distribution of pressure in the feet. The key to understanding this injury is identifying the change that occurred to cause it and then addressing that root cause.

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Trainers, Workouts Are You On The Fence About Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Are You On The Fence About Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Nearly four out of every five Americans who are actively paying for a gym membership do not work out at all! This is just one of many statistics that we could site to convince you that the motivation, injury prevention, and long-term fitness planning that a personal trainer can offer are worth your time and money. Read on for a more detailed overview of how a fitness coach could benefit you.

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