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Want to Boost Your Energy Level?

According to a 2015 report published in Statista, Americans are sleeping less and feeling tired more often. As we will see below, catching a few extra Zs is one of many strategies you can use to feel more awake, alert, and alive — even during that rough 3 PM afternoon slump. Here are five of the most effective lifestyle changes you can make starting today.

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The Easiest Weight Loss Diet In The World

Want to lose weight, without a complicated plan that requires tracking everything you eat, leaves you hungry all day, or resorts to using meal replacement shakes instead of food?

You can do it, in a healthy and sustainable way, with the simple protocol I’m going to lay out below.

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6 Ways to Track Your Gym Progress

I believe one of the reasons many people struggle staying consistent in their training routine is because they’re not tracking their progress properly.

Some people simply don’t track at all, while others are looking at the wrong things. Or reading them out of context.

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Running Exercises All Serious Runners Should Be Doing

Exercises All Serious Runners Should Be Doing

Every individual is unique — and for the best results, you may wish to discuss a customized exercise plan with a doctor and/or qualified personal trainer. However, it can be safely stated that most serious runners should incorporate the following three workouts into their routine.

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Nutrition 3 Protein Facts You Should Know

3 Protein Facts You Should Know

Although most people understand that protein is crucial to muscle-growth and general well-being, the comprehension generally ends there. If you are interested in learning more about this important micronutrient, the following three facts are worth studying.

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Nutrition The Basics of Nutrition

The Basics of Nutrition

By making simple, healthy choices, you can improve your quality of life — whether you are enthusiastically athletic or self-admittedly out-of-shape. In this article, you will find a quick summary of the basics of good nutrition.

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