Creative Fitness Door Gym Review

Last Updated on September 23, 2019 by TFM Staff

Doorway Pull Up Bar*Update: It seems the Creative Fitness Door Gym is currently unavailable. We recommend checking out the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. which is an identical design. Click here for our full review.

Archived Review:

Nearly identical to the Iron Gym Workout Bar, this pull up bar home gym has (had) a weight limit of 300 lbs. An advantage of the Creative Fitness Door Gym is that it offers some add-ons for the Door Gym like extensions to allow it to fit larger doorways and an additional long bar, but you have to buy these separately.

The Creative Fitness Door Gym provides a great upper body workout. It has three chin-up/pull-up grip options: narrow, neutral, and wide. It also provides parallel bars so that you can use a hammer grip for seriously working out the back and shoulders. You can also hang the Door Gym at the bottom of the doorframe and use it to support your feet for sit-ups and/or crunches. Finally, the device can be placed on the ground for more exercises like dips and push-ups.

With the Creative Fitness Door Gym, you are getting a solid bar. Solid in that fact that it is strong and durable, and solid in that it is a great performing piece of exercise equipment with a ton of exercises. No one, even the negative reviews, could say otherwise about the Door Gym.

Technical Info:


  • Ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches and more
  • Tool-free doorway installation
  • Maximum weight limit up to 300 lbs
  • Doorway Requirements:
  • Width: 24” to 32” wide
  • Trim width: Up to 3.5” wide

Workout Options:

  • Chin Up (Reverse)
  • Pull Up (Over Hand)
  • Hammer Grip Pull Up (Palms Facing)

Three Pull Up/Chin Up grip positions:Creative Fitness Door

  • Narrow
  • Neutral
  • Wide
  • Push Ups
  • Triceps Dips
  • Sit-Ups & Crunches

Assembly and Installation:

Assembly is easy and should only take around 15 minutes. Installing the bar only takes the time to lift it up and secure it to your doorframe.

What We Love About the Creative Fitness Door Gym

You get a lot of exercises from the Creative Fitness Door Gym, including hammer grip positions for intense back and shoulder workouts. Another nice feature, although it comes at an additional price, is that Creative Fitness offers add on components for the Door Gym. There is a long bar option and also an additional extension that will help it fit wider doorways.

What Isn’t So Great

There isn’t too much negative about the Creative Fitness Door Gym. Just make sure you measure your doorframe and the bar will fit. One negative is that there seems to be a consistent theme that this bar is going to make some marks and case damage to your doorframe. This is hard to avoid with no-screw designs. If it’s something you’re trying to avoid, you might want to see what else is out there. Also, some reviewers commented on receiving knock-offs or bars that are designed differently than what was pictured by Creative Fitness. This is easily avoided by buying for a trusted retailer with a good return policy just in case this happens to you.

Final Word on the Creative Fitness Door Gym

At this price point, it is a viable option for a quality chin-up/pull-up bar with a lot of exercise options. It’s well built and provides many grip options and exercises, including parallel bars for hammer grip. I like that Creative Fitness thinks beyond the general design and provides add-ons to expand the use of the Door Gym. Just be aware, you’re probably going to have a little damage to your doorframe, but most bars with this design are going to do the same.

*Update: Again, it seems the Creative Fitness Door Gym is currently unavailable. We recommend checking out the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. which is an identical design. Click here for our full review.



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