GoFit Chin Up Bar Review

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GoFit Pull Up BarGoFit Pull Up Bar Overview:  

The GoFit Chin Up Bar is a very reasonably priced doorway pull up bar and a great way to start your upper body sculpting with pull ups and chin ups. It is sturdy and strong and is sure to hold up to your workouts. It has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs, so watch out if you are approaching that limit. GoFit states that the bar will adjust to fit door openings from 24”-36”. Some users claim the bar will go even wider, but the manufacturer does not recommend it.

The GoFit Chin Up Bar comes with two sets of mounting hardware so that you can install the bar at the top of the door for chin-ups/pull-ups and you can also install it at the bottom of the door for sit-ups, crunches and propped push-ups. This way you can work out your back, shoulders, abdominals, biceps, and pecs.  The GoFit Chin Up Bar quickly and easily takes your home workout to the next level.

GoFit Chin Up Bar / Pull Up Bar

  • Use for pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, abs, etc.
  • Adjusts to fit standard width (28′ to 36″) interior door frames
  • Simple installation with included hardware, portable

GoFit Chin Up Bar

Technical Info:


  • Chrome plated bar with padded grips for comfort
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Maximum weight limit of up to 250 lbs.

GoFit Pull Up Bar

Doorway Requirements:

  • Width: 28” to 36” wide

Workout Options:

  • Chin Up (Reverse Grip)
  • Pull Up (Overhand Grip)
  • Sit-Ups & Crunches

Assembly and Installation:

Like most doorway chin-up bars, assembly of the GoFit Chin Up Bar is very easy. Mounting and installing the bar should take about 15 minutes. Some users did complain about the mounting hardware saying that they are too big or their design makes it very hard to insert and/or remove the bar. Free standing pull up bars are another option that don’t require using the brackets.

Company Info:

After its founding, GoFit quickly became a leader in the fitness industry by manufacturing a line of products combinedGoFit Chin Up Bar for Doorway with world class educational content. GoFit is sold all over the world, online and in over 3,500 retail stores in the United States. They sell a large line of products like the Chin Up Bar that target strength, balance and core stability, performance and cardio, muscle regeneration and rubber resistance training. Additionally, they have a line of DVDs to empower and inspire the training experience.

GoFit Pull Up BarWhat We Love About the GoFit ChinUp Bar

The price is right! The best things about this bar are that it’s priced low and it’s a very sturdy bar. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of the GoFit Chin Up Bar. Another attractive feature is the Velcro grips. This allows you to move them on the bar to always have a comfortable grip no matter where you set up for chin-ups/pull-ups.  For comparison of a similar product, check out the Sunny Health & Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar here.

Other Considerations

The hardware that the GoFit Chin Up Bar comes with is an important safety component. It keeps the bar from slipping off the doorframe when you’re doing pull ups. That said, you need a doorway that can handle the hardware. It’s not a big issue just something to keep in mind before buying.

Final Word on the GoFit Chin Up Bar

The great thing is that the GoFit Chin Up Bar is reasonably priced. You are getting a solid bar for performing chin-ups/pull-ups. This is a great bar to start with; it will get you working out within a half an hour of receiving it.   Recommended.

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