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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars & Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 by Jeff

wall mounted pull up barWall, ceiling, and joist mounted pull up bars rely upon using screws or bolts to permanently affix the bar to a strong, solid surface. The only difference is what you’re permanently attaching the equipment to.

We’re grouping wall mounted pull up bars and ceiling/joist mounted pull up bars together because they have a similar basic set up. Fixed ceiling mounted pull up bars are often attached to a joist but also can attach to studs on the ceiling. (For our portable doorway pull up bar overview, click here).

In any case you need to sink the bolts into something that can handle 250-300 lbs of downward thrusting weight, repeatedly, and over a long span of time without experiencing structural failure. In other words, you don’t want your ceiling caving in on your head.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Wall mounted pull up bars, as the name suggests are secured to studs in a wall. The horizontal bars then protrude out allowing for the pull up action. Usually this type of bar is a simple cross bar allowing mainly for pull ups and chin ups.

Wall Mounted Pull Up BarUltimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

With the Ultimate Body Press pull up bars, you’re getting a very solid design with a few different grip options. We just appreciate using a joist which allows for more room to do knee or leg raises. If you’re stuck with only using a wall, the Wall Mount is a great alternative.

Ultimate Body Bars Features:
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Foam grips for comfort
  • Parallel grips for neutral grip pull ups
  • Powder coated finish (gun-metal grey)
  • Mounting hardware

Click here to check out the Ultimate Body Press WALL Mounted Pull Up Bar.

Ceiling Mounted Pull Up BarsCeiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Ceiling mounted pull up bars are a fixed, permanent pull up bar that relies on you finding solid studs or joists in the ceiling of your workout room.   Most ceiling mounts have 48″ on-center mount holes so that the bar can span and secure to common 16″ and 24″ ceiling joists.  And the best ceiling bars come with all hardware and good mounting instructions.  Check out the Stud Bar Pull Up Bar which is built like a tank, supports up to 600 lbs, and has optional settings to hang 14″ or 22″ from the ceiling.

Joist Mounted Pull Up Barsjoist-mounted-pull-up-bar

For this type, you’re going to need to use an exposed joist in your garage or designated workout room. Luckily, lot of garages have exposed joists that you can use to secure a joist-mounted bar. If you’re setting up a home gym in your garage, this could be a best-case scenario. Just make sure that beam has good structural integrity and isn’t full of termite holes, dry rot, etc.  For more, check out the Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar review.